Tekken vs soul calibur


Please post this in the video forums, since this is really only a video and discussion around said video, or else people will think this some announcement or something. EDIT: Oh whoops this is in the video forums also

Will need some users opinion on the results as our group who created d video is curious about players mindsets, we even get other users to contribute !:slight_smile:

…The fuck is this movie maker shit?

I was gonna hold back on the language since you’re probably underage, but this -

This channel is specially made for making vidz based on fighting games, whether it’s old school or new generation fighting games…combos,match or tribute videos…i can confidently say that i played before all d fighting games in d world!! some r dumb, some r acceptable & some r wonderfully awesome!! after experiencing much, it’s time to share :slight_smile:

  • convinced me otherwise

Like i already said, we have a group of us who make d vid as well as d channel.so, we don’t probably spend all day doing stuffs like this so what do ya expect? As for the movie maker, we actually prefer quality of the combos/juggles we made then d quality of d vidz…regardless, it’s still viewable…majority of comments shows favouritism for d vid so wadya talking about?

How old are you, brosef

I want the truth

straight garbage

we have a group of us, age range of 22-30

d forum poster which is mi am 25

we have a group of us, age range of 22-30

d forum poster which is mi am 25

Youtube is so nice to let the mentally handicapped post their vids like equals.

Screw it if u don’t wanna give your opinion, making harsh remarks must be very common in your culture…no offence but u showed me your true colors:)

Welcome to d internets.

Since this is a video thread, I recommend you move the discussion to the video thread in the video section

btw it was horrible

that shit is TERRIBLE. why the fuck do you claim it’s cassandra vs lars when all it is is a very badly edited combo video. Terrible video quality, terrible music and terrible editing. looks like a 12 year old with no talent put it together, which is why echo black asked your name.

cool music

When Lars was walking in slow motion with that music, it looked really awkward, but It made me think about you.

How many users on youtube actually posted HD videos lol? d music is really classy & d 2nd half of d vid was finishing in a rush by my friend. speak more classy thanks!

I got trolled.


lol That didn’t come out well. What I meant to say is that when Lars showed up with that music I expected him start explaining about KOF basics, that the music will always be related to that KOF guide in my mind.
Kinda like how Ky’s korean theme always reminds me of EVO because of the 2k3 trailer.

But it’s ok. If you want some love as well you can just ask :3