Tekken vs. Virtua Fighter?!


For PS2 it seems.



I found that in the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom 2ch channel. Someone randomly said “Tekken vs. Virtua Fighter”, and then someone posted with a smile with that image.

Seriously… it could be…

I take back everything bad I ever said about kotaku.

So it’s fake then?

There’s nothing there, whether it turns out to be real or not, you don’t make a thread based on no information at all.

Yeah, you shouldn’t have posted that. That pic seems to belong to someone who is a 3-D artist. Rule of thumb about 2ch: Take everything you see with a grain of salt until you do some research on it. I saw that pic as well and dismissed it upon further research.

Oh okay then…


There was something like before, that both SEGA and Namco were interested about the idea… Tho nothing happened so far. Where does that image come form? I hope it’s not from Kotaku. :rofl:

Lock, ban, delete.



Wow… that was… weird. O.o


Got damn that was horrible.:rofl:

holy shit a picture of akira next to a picture of jin. subscribed

How could a game like this even work anyway? The two franchises play nothing alike.

fuck is wrong with you ppl and not providing any sources