Tekken x Street Fighter Discussion


I didn’t want to make this topic since it wasn’t revealed yet, but since it was hinted to come out this year and since E3 2014 is next month (and since there wasn’t a “proper” topic on the game… was it?), I thought it was appropriate to make this topic.

The game is still a thing, it is not canceled.

What will you expect the game to look like? Who do you hope is in it? Do you think it’ll be revealed soon? Talk about it here :slight_smile:

Tekken 7 - Discussion

I’m really hoping that this game is the game that revitalizes Tekken. I just want more people to play with I guess :y
I wish that this game is a PS4-Xbone generation exclusive so that we can take advantage of next generation sweat particles and GRAFIX. I want Baek to be in it, but he’ll probably be cut due to unpopularity. If that’s the case, please bring Dragunov ;A;


The 3D models (even at this early stage) look better then SF4 at least.


I hope Karin is in this one


if this game does get made I wonder if projectiles would be unblockable, in the tekkenverse projectiles are unblockable.


It should just play like SF EX but with Tekken chains. Problem solved.


A bit before Tekken Revolution was revealed, Harada said he wanted the female characters in TKxSF to be “cute”. I’m guessing they’ll look like how the TKR females look like now



My reaction if they reveal this @ E3


I’ll be honest, i always felt that the girls on TTT2 lookd kinda “ugly” when compared o lets say T6 for example


Yeah they looked really weird in TTT2, glad they changed their looks now


This could actually bring a lot of street fighter players into this game, more than any other SF character. The cross over appeal (bringing SF fans in addition to the tekken fans) is probably the most important thing in TxSF being hugely successful.


The regular projectiles would be blockable, but I think you can charge your projectile in a way that it becomes unblockable. At least that what I know from seing Eliza gameplay.

I’m actually curious to see how would the voices be. If everyone would have a voice according to their country or if it just everything in Japanese.


I hope he gets selective next time… the only “improved” one in these imo is Asuka. Most look like sex dolls. Tekken doesn’t need to have a Dead or Alive syndrome develop now.


Well the majority of the girls mainly got looks from their past games like how Xiaoyu and Nina have their TK3 looks


I’ll believe it when I see it, and if it’s next-gen, it’ll be the game that prompts me to get a PS4.


Would be my same reaction lol


Must have Juri and Adon.


Must have Dive kicks along with hop kicks =p


Ryu gonna dominate the Mishimas with cr.mk - hadoken

Everytime I think of Street Fighter characters in Tekken I’m like. SF characters don’t have that many moves compared to the Tekken casts 60+ moves and I’m like thats a lot of stuff to compensate for lol


Never realized how buttugly Nina looks in TTT2 lol.

If Karin is in (God I hope so), does this mean that Harada would buy the license for her or Capcom?

Regarding projectiles, it makes sense to me if projectiles were a part of a characters’ strings instead of by itself and without all the start-up lag.
For example, one of Ryu’s strings could be 2, d+3, qcf+1. Strong punch, his trademark low mk into fireball cancel. Of course, he would have other strings into fireball too. Should probably give you the option to do it by itself as well.

I’m really excited to see how the rest of the SF characters would look in the Tekken universe. That artwork of Ryu and Chunli is flawless and I wouldn’t expect anything less from the in-game models.