Tekken x Street Fighter: No Gen?




Seems that the voting for Gen is barely 1% damn!!! and go figure its the boobs of SF that has the highest votes. sometimes Fans are funny


First of all

Note : The outcome of this poll does not guarantee or determine which characters will be implemented in the game. If you have any other suggestions regarding the character lineup please make sure to send a message to TEKKEN Director, Katsuhiro Harada, via twitter @Harada_TEKKEN.
Gen would make sense in that game. And the poll doesn’t seem to be that important. There’s still a chance that he can be in the game considering how well he fits there.

And. As much as I would want him to be in that game I’m pretty sure there’s still gonna be a nice choice of characters for us gen players.


if he is in there he will be probably the only character I will learn to play to the max, unblockable setups lol!!


I never liked Tekken gameplay so it’d be the first game with Gen I won’t play…


that is if Gen makes it in


of course


This may actually be cool. Gen in SF x T would have been a horror. The matches with high health points characters are already extremely fast and short.


Wouldn’t gen make the most sense to put in txsf compared to most of the sf roster? It would be silly if he didn’t make it in my opinion.


If he does make it into tekken x SF, I wonder how they will interpret Ogas in a 3D stage. I’m curious about Vega too for this.


Gen users have to buy a third party 3d joystick and plug it in the second player port. The 3d joystick will enable full 3d aerial control for Gen during the Oga.




A huge 3rd party controller. Also looks like a home trainer for 100% gekiro timing.


Karin at the top?

Da Fuq Japan


They want to hear the Karin theme again. Can’t blame them for that, it’s awesome.


theres this tekken character who resembles gens style. he has 9 stances i think. they clearly copy pasted some of gens animations for him too. i forget his name




do you mean lei, you mean the jackie chan alike character?


yeah. thats his name. anyway all the styles and shit. and some of the same animations. closest thing you’ll get to gen in that game