Tekken6BR: Japan vs Korea

sup. YES i know theres a tekken forum but its practically dead, so im asking here. hope thats cool. and yes i look through the tekken forum for my questions.

-the best country for tekken6 is what? japan or korea? this’s been bugging the hell out of me cuz i was never in that deep of tekken scene so i dont know anything about it. but these couple weeks i got nothing to do so i got into tekken a little so this question pop up.

-what does tekkenlord, tekkengod all mean? do they mean one is better than the other or what?

-whos the best tekken6BR player as of to date?

thats all the questions i have. im serious about these cuz i got nothing to do but wait for freaking ssf4 thats why im mashing on tekken for fun you know… so dont start cussing at me and shiet… i know how SRK are…:clown:


America, fuck yeah

1: It’s widely accepted that Koreans are the best, but Japan has been coming up as of late. I think someone who pays more attention to the international scene can answer more compentently.

2: They are all ranks. Like how Arcade SF4 has Master/Grandmaster ranks if you have enough BP, BR has ranks starting from Beginner to Tekken God. There isn’t any numerical points the gauge skill though.

3:I don’t know the Japanese ranks off hand, but last I check a Bryan player named Sun Chip has the highest rank in Korea(Tekken God). I think Knee beat him down in a first to 10 a while back though…

Hmm, at the global championship two Koreans, Nin(360 tourney) and Jcdr(PS3 tourney) won. However at SBO '09 a Japanese team won. I think more Korean players are known overall though.


i try finding vids of japan vs korea but it doesn show. could you tell me if nin and knee were in the SBO team?

i knew about that site since i was 18 dude… i look all over the place over there but couldnt find anything so i ask here. i just wasnt that into tekken back then and still now, but since i got nothing to do… i thought i ask some questions. just to keep update.

Korea for sure.

If you guys are going to bring up players, link me to some high level matches of Kaz/Lili/Bruce.

They actually don’t really play quite the same game, strangely enough. Korea is on +1 health or some shit.

malgu beat knee first to 10… why do i see him as tekken lord only? i thought his rank should go up not stay that low.

if Japan beat Korea in SBO 09 team… wouldnt that make japan better? we all know SBO is the biggest hypest tourny out there.

Well I dunno. Korea was the end all back during TTT up to early Tekken 5.

I think Japan has really turned it around. Us too. Canada still sucks.

I remember someone debunking that. Can’t be sure though.

That’s a very good point but the tourney is single elimination and I think Koreans had to use Japanese sticks. I’m not saying one’s better than the other but I’m relatively certain Japan can take matches off of Koreans.

[media=youtube]rvE_q4y497s[/media] <— two-fer

Go to the guys’ profiles for more.

I think this is the most recent Japan vs Korea footage available:


i dont know why… but that vid dont tell me whos better. the vid dont got knee, nin, or rain in there… call me newb without nin or knee go at it vs the top of japan then its hard. i know JCRD n NIN won the global international but i dont think jcrd is near knee or nin or even rain level…

from what i see… there are mad top players in korea its crazy. they all beat each other… no one is really better than the other. or is that not true?

A single vid of two great players can seldom tell who’s better and there are many more great players besides the three you’re familiar with. Also it’s JDCR; and not JCRD.

The first two statements are definitely true but I think there are some that are a little better than the average Korean arcade rat (even if not by a whole lot).

I’d say Korea, followed by Japan, then the rest of east asia, oceana then america somewhere down the line…

East Coast USA holds it’s own in Tekken. I think to a certain degree the players can compete with Korea and Japan. Don’t underestimate the USA talent in Tekken. Remember at Evo 2k5 the USA did beat Japan in T5. The USA is a definite contender on the international scene. There are a lot of East Coast Tekken players who are really good, and are unknown and never mentioned as top competitors. The West Coast is really overrated, as it’s been proven that East coast is the standard for Tekken play in the USA (and I believe they could give Japan and Korea a run for their money as well).

If you knew about that site since you were 18, you’d know that that’s the tekken equivalent to SRK - meaning your question might be better answered if you started a thread there instead.

from what i see… american the only one who can give japan/korea a hard time. europe… i dont know…

if you had read my posts u’d know i wasnt that into tekken back then…therefore i didnt check up on the site daily…hence dont know what goes on up to date…


yes i know that… i already got my answers… if u just wanna be a lil smart ass about it we can play that game. :slight_smile:

Having attended FRXIII last month I can cosign this post entirely.

Isn’t Texas really good, too?