What’s up everyone, we just launched a new site and getting it up and running. Definitely feel free to take a look at the original content, news, tutorials, etc.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 videos at E3 2011 event

Street Fighter X Tekken at E3 2011 event

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How about you guys do your own “level up your game” style show akin to what Rip is doing in So cal. I know Norcal has probably among the best Bruce, Bryan, Julia, Chreddy and other players in the country, something that so cal won’t have. So I suppose you guys could do dedicated tutorials for those characters and help the community level up in that regard in parallel with how “level up your game” do their own.

But slick site guys. Love the interface!


TTT2 vids are on their way. lets just say they are coming by the shit load. around 8-9 hours worth total. keep checking back at the site and we’ll have more and more vids up as soon as they get done uploading.


part 3 is up. jinpachi looks like so much fun. SPIRIT BOMB.