Tekken's Bound system should be adapted to SF4


The Bound system is really quite innovative, and I think Capcom could make good use of it. It makes it a lot easier to do juggles, but pros can utilize it in a much deeper way than a casual would, making it a feature for everyone. I seen new players complaining about doing juggles in SF4, and saying it was a bit too hard, and didn’t look very flashy. Adding a Bound system would solve that, making it easier to juggle as well as making the combos look flashier. This would draw in lots of new players, including Tekken fans. I hope Capcom will consider this for SSF4, or maybe for a possible “Turbo” Edition of SSF4.


Its like a nightmare that never ends


I think no one should ever have to use the system again.


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Why? It’s a very innovative system, it doesn’t break the game, it makes it better if anything. Noobs can do flashier combos, while pros still outrank them by using the Bound moves much more efficiently.


Because you are trolling.


Save the trolling for May when the forums will be flooded with people who might actually care for it


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Discussing features of fighting games in fighting game discussion is trolling? Would this be better posted in general discussion then?


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pretty sure its the same person over and over making new accts. from different computers.


Hell yea. Capcom should also reduce the buttons to 4, one controlring each limb of the fighters, and add sidestepping as well. Instead of ultra meter lets just make characters get really strong when they are about to die. It totally be the bestest game of all time




That’s stupid, no one said anything about changing the core of SF’s gameplay, just adding a single feature that could enhance it. This shit is why 2d fighters started dying out, because people aren’t open to change. Same reason why SF3 failed so poorly, people are stuck on past shit, and it has to play the exact same way too. SF3 was one of the best 2d fighters, but people shunned it because it had parrying(Omfg I have to actually learn a new way of playing), and because it had new characters, not just the same cast redrawn. Then again I guess it doesn’t matter to you, I’m sure you’d rather Capcom just keep remaking Super Turbo, but throwing new characters in. Then you wonder why 2d fighters are damn near dead.


Discussing features is fine.

Discussing things you want developers to do, but probably never will, is not. Versus threads, “Cvs3” threads, things like that. Shoryuken is all about the community and the path to becoming a better player. Wishful thinking has very little to do with becoming a better player, and as such we wish you would take it to gamefaqs where it belongs instead.

tl;dr stop trolling


How about if you have nothing to say on the topic, leave the thread? Just because people want to discuss something you don’t, doesn’t make them a troll. You must be American, I noticed they tend to hate people actually having mature discussions if it’s a topic they dislike.


How do you know what Capcom would or wouldn’t do? The Ultra system had a lot of detractors when it was revealed, I doubt anyone would have ever thought Capcom would add such a system to a SF game, but gasp they did! Since you apparently know every feature the devs will and will not add, mind telling us what Capcom has in store for a possible SF5?


americans can smell bull shit a mile away


How is it mature to say that one game should have another’s fighting system. They are two different games. Why have the same game with different characters? What’s so mature about it?


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Ridiculous. Art of Fighting had “super moves” before SF did, so did Super SF 2 Turbo become Art of Fighting with different characters?