"Tekkens" with good anti-airs?

Which Tekken characters have good AA’s? (I refuse to play SF chars in this game, the Tekken character combos are just way too much fun). From playin this game for the past few days it’s quite obvious 90% of people in this game pretty much just try to jump in all the time to start combos.

Currently I use Kazuya and Law. Kazuya has an OK anti air with his c.F but you need to time it well. Law as far as I know doesn’t really have any good one. His c.mk can slide under but that’s not really an AA. His dragon stance punch can sometimes anti air but it’s not that optimal. I wanna explore more “Tekkens” but it would be helpful if anyone can list their anti airs if they know of any. Thanks.

edit: p.s. yes I called them Tekkens

Dragon Uppercut is a better AA for Kazuya, unless if they are directly over your head or trying to cross you up, in which case mist step is the safest option

Lili’s Andante is probably the best anti-air in the game.

Tekkens is a term that needs to stick around forever.

Julia’s LK DP and cr.FP are good. Nina’s cr.FP is good. Bob’s cr.FP is kinda funky if they’re too close since he moves forward a bit, but gets the job done otherwise. His DP is pretty good too, I’ve heard, just not on wakeup or anything like that.

Ogre’s HP Ancient Power >

Seconding Lili because of Adante.

Law has a backflip that looks like it may be worth using as an anti-air. Test it out or something.

laws backflip is ok, but you really have to anticipaite a jump in…hard for me on reaction

From what I have seen Lili seems to have a couple of strong AAs. Cr FP is really good and then there her UA Andante. Yoshi also has some really good AA and A2A attacks.

I feel like Julia has a really good one, and Hwoarang (spelling?) as well.

Hwoarang’s Skyrocket is so good :smiley:

I think Kazuya’s Standing Forward is a good one as well, but not alot of priority though.

Law doesn’t need an anti air. Reversal fury fist and drop half their health bar.


His crouch fierce can aa but you need to ms.cleo them.

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Bob Cr. HP is really good

asuka’s ex falling rain is pretty much un-contestable. too bad her meter free AA’s are so situational.

Julia has amazing AA with LK DP and c.hp, empty lunge to get away from crossups. Lili has maybe the best aa in the game with Andante. Kaz has good AA with MS Upper and c.hp. Ogre bubble hits all around him an is great AA. Haven’t tried the others yet.

I can’t get it to work. Shamefully, his st.LP seems to work really good :blush:

I really need to find some characters with a better wakeup-game … Juri and Law seem to have none, at least Heihachi and Asuka have their counters.

I guess Kazuya’s EWGF would fit in the realm of solid AA since it’s invincible?

Jin’s c.HP looks visually like it should be an ok anti air. Haven’t really played him yet to see. From watching Floe play he mainly just put orbs on the screen as pre emptive anti airs.

Since the game allows you to convert air hits into combos…people should look into using aerial normals for AA and convert off those also. Don’t totally revolve yourself around typical grounded AA’s.

That is without a doubt the best anti-air in the game.

Its almost instant, it has invincible frames, its a pretty big explosion so it has some good range for an AA, it can absorb projectiles, it hits on both sides so it stops cross-ups.

Why do people keep calling them “The Tekkens”?