Telemarketer Counterhit-line


Dear SRK’ers. Are you tired of having your peaceful day interrupted by that scourge of society known as the telemarketer? I’m sure you are. Well, here’s your chance to do some good for your fellow man and to have them do the same for you. Whenever one of these crap addicts calls your phone, drop their number into this handy thread. after that, one or more of the talented members of the forums will see it, and…well, who knows what will happen?

If you need peace, if nobody else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-team.

…Otherwise, follow the instructions.

This thread is for telemarketer numbers only. If you don’t know what a telemarketer is, count yourself lucky.

EDIT: For those who don’t know what the do not call list is:



LOL This is awesome


Please record these calls. Hilarity of this magnitude should be documented appropriately.


I tried to get this one, but I think they knew what they were dealing with and hung up. :rofl: here’s the number:

[details=Spoiler]773 858 6761. no idea who they are, but they think they can help me with my credit.




I just drop the suspected telemarketer numbers into this thread, huh?

…And isn’t that shit illegal for them to be calling you on your mobile number?


If it is, then someone is fucking up.


There’s a “Do-Not-Call” list, but most of them buy your number along with a group of numbers from someone who will NEVER own up to it, and usually run it through some auto-dialer.

now here’s what REALLY Pisses me off about the auto-dialer thing. It calls your house, (Or cell phone), you pick it up, and it will usually GIVE YOU INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO MAKE IT STOP CALLING YOU!!! I am not making this up and you did not read that incorrectly. The last few times I’ve actually gotten an auto dialer, it was something like,“To no longer receive calls from us, press 9 or 0.” Of course, dialing these numbers to give them hell will only give you a busy signal, or hang up on you. Let me get a chance to lay into one of these fucks face to face (or phone line to phone line I guess) . You don’t want to be the person on the other end of the phone call. That’s what this thread is for. Now, instead of one person laying the pain on em, more can do so. Like I said, TELEMARKETERS ONLY!!! They are the douchebags of the world of telecomunications, and they shall receive no mercy nor pity from me.



Got a telemarketer calling from this number: 911

Call them up and abuse the shit outta them.


I got an app that came with my phone that automatically blocks them for me. and yeah they call my cell phone, but rarely. used to get them calling all the time when I owned a house phone.



Pretty sure telemarketers got the green light a year or so ago to start calling mobile numbers. With this next generation giving up landlines for the most part, it was kind of an eventuality.


Nice. if you can find a link to that app, I’ll add it to the first post. I know a pair of friends of mine who would love to have it.



I read at Cracker some guy was sick of receiving marketing calls so he turned his phone number into a hot line service at $100 dollars the minute, so every time a telemarketer recording called him, he earned lots of money and cost the telemarketing companies a lot more XD


Yeah right here.

£300 isn’t exactly making bank but it’s a repayment for time loss.


I must see if this will actually work. If so…



The telemarketing/scam calls I get nowadays are all from spoofed numbers, not sure how they can really be stopped outside of getting a new number.


Someone explain this: one time I got a call from a telemarketer and the caller ID was the my own number! It was my house phone; how is this even possible?


Fuck, we got a mole in here, you ain’t fooling anyone, take that insurance claim and shove it where the sun don’t shine.


They have machines now that can apparently make your number show up as anything you want it to… Theres a scam here going on in toronto where they call you claiming you owe tax money that hasnt been payed. Then they hang up and call from the hydro place claiming you owe money too. It legit shows up as the goverment and hydro on caller id… Which is scary tbh


It’s a masking service. My company used to use them for their supervisors when they had to make outbound calls so the people they called couldn’t call them back.