Teleport not practical at high level play?

Notice in a lot of tournament matches that Akuma players(Nanachi, Momochi, Yuu etc.) seem to sparingly use his teleports. Is it just not practical due to being too predictable at a high level? I ask because I wanted to try a style with Akuma that heavily incorporates all variations of his teleport to confuse the opponent. Also, yes I’m new to Akuma. So, if I sound like a noob that’s why. Switched to him from Fei Long.

I don’t know of teleport being punishable unless they predict it, so I’d say they just use it sparingly to make it unpredictable when they need it, or are opting for trying to beat the mixup, which Gouki is entirely capable of doing.


A lot of players play specifically in a fashion where they can punish a Teleport if the Akuma goes for it. Almost everybody has an option where they can cross the full-screen and either punish Akuma or go back to pressuring him up close immediately. The drawback though is they have to respect yet another option of Akuma’s and as pherai says, he already had plenty of solid close / wake-up options.

Thanks. So, not too good to use it often then is it? Since people will get around it and pressure me.

The catch with the teleport is that while it is completely invulnerable on start-up, it invokes a whopping 57 frames of recovery for the punch version and 49 frames for the kick variation.

For this reason you can’t just idly perform it and not expect to be severely punished. In fact, the teleport is actually a huge liability in some matchups if improperly used and bare in mind that it can easily be baited. A common tactic is to pressure Akuma in the corner with the fact that he’ll likely teleport out in mind and punish accordingly - Ryu can easily tag us with a super or hurricane kick as we recover from it for example.

Choose your usage wisely. It also double as a huge life saver such as during some Ultra startups (if say for example you can’t afford the chip damage from Blanka’s Ultra) or if you want to back away from some serious pressure to reset the match tempo.

Gamogo explained it. If you get cornered and your opponent reads you are going to teleport in which he spaces you, you are toast.

Best thing to do is change up the amount of teleports you do.

Hell yes it will save your skin. But other times than not, you are screwed.

That’s too simple. If someone never punishes it, why stop using it? That’s the beauty and difficulty of reading your opponent. You won’t know if it’s a viable option until you are playing them, and you need to adjust during the match.

Well, I meant in the case that I’m playing someone extremely good who knows the Akuma matchup well and expects teleports.

On anticipation by your foe the only teleport that is marginally safe is PPP Backwards with a lot of room behind you. Even then there are some characters that can punish it.

It is wise to bait your foe into making the first move where he can’t punish. Though don’t forget Akuma has plenty of other options.

If they keep spacing on you on wake up either do Kick teleport back or backdash on wakeup if in corner and they jump/keep pressure on Punch teleport behind them. It just takes experience and muscle memory and your opponents will have 0 wake up mix-up on you.

Thanks for all the responses. Helped a lot on learning about the teleports and baiting opponents to prevent them from punishing them.

In high level play you see players do everything to prevent a knockdown. It gives the other player a huge advantage. Akuma has some of the best options and it is very difficult to knockdown a high level Akuma player. Thats why you rarely see teleport.

I only use teleports when they are trying to cross me up. After a few failed cross ups because I always get away, and they stop trying.

But yes, NEVER use it in a corner. Good players expect it, and will punish you hard.

Instead, try doing the far/jump/tatsu thing (no idea what it’s called) mixed in with teleports. Gives you the same distance and get away, plus it’s a good mixup.

i’ve never really incorporated this into my game. i’m aware of the option, but it hasn’t been top of mind. i’m glade you’ve mentioned it, as it’s a good reminder.

Thanks I definitely had this happen a few times. Teleported out of the corner only to eat a combo from my opponent.

Agreed. Air tatsu is fantastic for getting the hell out of hairy situations, it often catches people off-guard and is also somewhat difficult to accurately gauge where Akuma will land. I often catch myself using it to jump over and away from opponents that are slowly working me into a corner that exhibit a strong pressure game.

This is good advice from Stoli too. That is, mixing air tatsu with teleports. As soon as you start getting predictable your opponent’s mind is at ease and they will then calculate methods in which to shut you down. An unpredictable and snappy Akuma is a royal pain in the arse to deal with so make sure you mix up your manoeuvre choices and escape methods to keep 'em second guessing.

Teleporting backward while already in a corner can save your ass pretty often in situations where your opponent is baiting forward teleports. It’s still mighty dangerous, but it has it’s place along with everything else Akuma uses.

I saw some guys using Akuma in the arcade againts Sagat
he teleports forward on reaction to tiger shoot, land behind Sagat and do a hp xx h.srk, is it just luck on his part or does it really cant be block/punished ??

he does it a couple of times too, sometime landing infront, sometime in back

I think the Sagat just sucked, or the Akuma was lucky. Not a strategy I would bank on.

It’s really hard to time it perfectly since tigers come out so fast with a fast reset time. I don’t have the frame rate on hand, but I think a good Akuma could to this in theory, but it has to be guessed just right.

This is why I say luck. There are safer methods (like jumping in or demon flipping) that would be better. Teleport right to him, when he DOES NOT tiger, well…GG. Same with teleporting just a tad late. You will eat his punishment of choice.