Teleporting sagat?


i just got off playing a match against someone in champ mode, me using dhalsim and them playing as sagat. he jumps in on me and i counter it with a focus attack, crumpling him, as i dash out ready to go into an Ultra>super combo to win the match…

…the ultra animation finishes… and sagat is led down on the opposite side of me!! the ultra goes completely the wrong way and then i lose the match when i had it in the bag! has this happened to anybody else? is there any way he could have tampered with the game at all (ps3 version) as that has got to be the most bullshit loss ive ever had since playing this game.

Yeah bro, it’s called online sfiv.

welcome to the joys of online gaming.

its called online mostly. its rare occasion for that to happen.

yea ive just been sending messages to the guy who did it and hes like ‘oh u were falling for the same stuff over and over so i kept doing it till u figured out how to beat it’

hmm yea right i guess i shud give up now since i dont think anybody ever is going to learn how to beat teleporting sagat. isnt he good enough already that he doesnt need a teleport??? ULTRA GOD Sagat…

Sagat has a weird cross up glitch on his wake up and that was probably it.


thing is tho it wasnt even on his wakeup, ive gone through possible scenarios and it doesnt make sense.

like he was defo on the ground when the focus attack hit as it sent him into crumple stun, making it impossible for my sim to have gone under him before he hit the ground when i did the dash. so he should have easily eaten the ultra as he was in crumple stun. the only thing i cant remember is if sagat was already laying face down on the ground or still on his knees after the ultra animation finished.
either way its stll retarded…

did you dash forward or backward? I’ve seen some pro sims back dash -> ultra after a crumple and it catches even when the opponent is laying down. maybe they choose to backdash because of this. Also were you very close to Sagat when you knocked him down?

online lag

Tiger teleport.

Sometimes lag is a bitch. I was Ryu and did a medium kick low and Ryu made the noise of the kick, but no kick came out and I ate a massive combo as a result…oh well, I am sure you have taken advantage of lag at some point in your matches and do not realize it, it happens to all of us.

he the king for a reason

Thailand’s most forbidden technique
The Jaguar Tiger Knee of Dead

This makes alot of sense. Try dashing back next time to avoide bugs.

Edit: I once countered blankas ultra( with gouken) then cancled to ultra lol bugs happen sometimes.

Sagat should totally have a teleport for reals

and Healing

and two eye patches… adds a whole new meaning to double blind :smokin:

They don’t call him the king for nothing chap.

youtube “lag switch”

uh how could this be lag, SF4 doesn’t have rollback or anything that would cause characters to teleport.

If lag gets really bad the game just stops until it can catch up. It doesn’t move characters on the screen.

maybe the op just didn’t use the correct words when explaining.