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im in love with brooklyn nine nine lmfao.

Is that the sci-fi cop show from JJ Abrams and co.?

Blacklist was…okay. Megan Boone does it for me. Basically Starling/Lector relationship premise between Boone and James Spader character, but terrorists/spies instead of serial killers.

Top Chef Masters - Finale


Congrats to Douglas for winning.
I did like the Asian influence he often had in the dishes he prepared throughout the course of the season.

I was rooting for Bryan to win, though.
If there happens to be another season of All Stars, I think that Bryan has a good chance of winning it, if he were to participate.

Paella Gnocchi sounds like a really interesting dish.

Battle of the Sous Chefs was a nice compliment to this season of TC: Masters, mainly for the interplay of Master/Sous stuffs in a number of challenges.

The Challenge: Rivals II - Final Challenge


Good shit to CT & Wes for winning.
I was rooting for Cooke & Cara Maria to win, considering the lead they had for part of the second phase of the Final.

The voting format of the opposite sex teams voting a male/female team into the Elimination Round, was interesting and a nice change-up for this season.

Thoughts on this season?

Did anyone watch The Voice? I just so happened to catch a few minutes of it, and E.G. Daily (Tommy Pickles) was a contestant.

The moment she started singing I said “oh shit!”, I mean she was just that damn good. Looked up her career afterwards and found out how much singing she’s done in the past, sucks she never got any serious recognition in all those years.

Makes me continue to think about how many talented singers go unnoticed, or are mostly underrated by a large mainstream audience.

‘Bunk’ on The Michael J. Fox Show is kinda cool.
Casual work-mode in effect.

Watched some of the Thursday night shows on CBS:

  • A ‘blonde’ Kelly Clarkson was on the premiere of The Crazy Ones, with Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

  • Amber Tamblyn was interesting to see on the premiere of Two and a Half Men, mainly for the character that she played.

Elementary - S2 premiere


Inspector Lestrade makes an appearance…
… as does Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft.

The hating between the brothers…
Sherlock to Mycroft: "Exercise requires energy and ambition… You lack either."
Mycroft blowing up Sherlock’s stuff was WTFLOL.

Watson demonstrating how to wield a baton… Damn.

3-D printing… What?

October 2013 - TV premiere stuffs of possible interest:

Wednesday, Oct. 2
Top Chef: New Orleans - Bravo

Thursday, Oct. 3
The Vampire Diaries - CW
The Originals - CW

Scandal - ABC

Beyond Scared Straight - A&E

Monday, Oct. 7
Hart of Dixie - CW
Beauty and the Beast - CW

Tuesday, Oct. 8
Supernatural - CW

Wednesday, Oct. 9
Arrow - CW

The Tomorrow People - CW

American Horror Story: Coven - FX

Thursday, Oct.10
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - ABC

Sunday, Oct. 13
The Walking Dead - AMC

Talking Dead - AMC

Thursday, Oct. 17
Reign - CW

White Collar - USA
Covert Affairs - USA

Friday, Oct. 25
Grimm - NBC
Dracula - NBC

Thursday, Oct. 31
The Returned - Sundance

we use the teen drama thread to discuss vampire diaries

That thread is for ruining Vampire Diaries. Fucking TIS gives a play-by-play of the show as it airs, without spoiler tags.

lmfao. no one who frequents the thread cares which is this point is just me tis and million. just go in after you see the show…we mostly just talk about the hot girls anyways.

sleepy hollow is great so far. awesome monsters so far too. that demon thats controlling things so far is fucking creepy as shit, great production on that shit.

^ This dude thinks Breaking Bad sucks, I for one don’t believe him when he says a show is awesome.

lol, but it is terrible. i was considering rewatching the series and ripping it apart step by step in the bb thread just for shits and giggles, but its all good, sleepy hollow is still great so far. i thought it was going to be like grimm, which is super wack, and trying to slightly improve, but nah, the first two episodes are creepier then most of anything ive seen in supernatural, and i watch supernatural all the time.

check it out for yourself (sleepy hollow). dont start being mad at opinions like a teenager. breaking bad fucking sucks to me, so what. im not the first person, or the last to think that. shits over now, so who cares.

also, @shaftagent, why dont you like sleepy hollow? i was kinda surprised that harold from harold and kumar is in there.

I was fooling around, I probably will watch Sleepy Hollow but it’s not at the top of my list, I think I’ll just wait till the end of the season and do a binging weekend along with Arrow.

Anyone caught The GoldBergs last night? Dunno if it was the premiere or whatever but shit was hilarious. Mom has that MILF vibe and the daughter not bad either.

Looking forward watching the Dracula series up in NBC this October.

Jack Bauer will be stepping onto Bond’s home turf -

short quote

Vampire Diaries and the Originals tonight. I am so girl-excited!

Just finished Orange is the New Black. The season unfortunately ends quite abruptly like House of Cards, but it is easily my favorite new show from the last two years. Very solid cast and a fresh twist on prison comedy with a healthy dose of drama without being heavy handed with both.

^ watched 2 ep the other day. kinda liked it :coffee:

Waitin for:
Walking dead
Supernatural and Arrow.

Also hoping for a new season of house of lies.

I think sleepy hallow is gonna be my guilty pleasure for TV this fall. I like the


headless horseman is a horseman of the apocalypse angle

I’m pretty excited for season 2 or arrow, especially with the Amanda Walker and Flash episodes