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Final season of The NewsRoom trailer

Really sad that this isn’t getting more seasons, one of HBO’s best shows

There’s already too much stuff for me to keep up with everything… I’m on board with Sleepy Hollow, Dancing with the Stars, Teen Wolf (though I’ve missed several episodes yet again), Gotham and The Strain… but now my older shows are coming back with new episodes–> Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals… and then on top of that ya got The Flash! There’s also “Beauty & the Beast”, though I doubt it has much of a future, really… then there’s the miscellaneous shit I enjoy watching, like Dr. Drew on HLN, which annoyingly has a prime spot at 8 pm every night (obviously that’s in the way of sooo many things…and they stopped repeating it later at night…now the channel just puts Forensic Files repeats on from 9pm going forward.)… and this isn’t even counting the stuff I already have lined up on Netflix.

*sadly, I’m guessing “Friend Zone” is now a thing of the past on MTV… I haven’t seen or heard of it in a long time.

I think television is better than it has ever been…but now the problem is that there’s actually too much stuff to really keep up with… not enough time to watch all of it, unless you’re already retired, or you are a kid with the luxury of having summer vacations and all that jazz.

wtf why arent they doing more season!?!

The line-up over at CW’s Saturday morning section was stale… but at least it was something… now it’s all over:

The only thing at this point I suppose is really Nickelodeon, for TMNT. CN doesn’t really count for much anymore since they murdered their own Saturday morning line-up quite a while ago. (*I still suspect they were actually sabotaged with a mole several years ago, and he’s been working his “magic” of killing them from the inside out ever since.)

cartoon network and nick are the last bastions of cartoon heaven.

October 2014 - TV premiere stuffs of possible interest:

remember to check your local TV listings for showtimes

Wednesday, October 1
Criminal Minds - CBS

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt is part of the cast

Stalker - CBS

Thursday, October 2
The Vampire Diaries - The CW

Gracepoint - Fox

Bad Judge - NBC

A to Z - NBC

Reign - The CW

Friday, October 3
On the Menu - TNT

Star Wars: Rebels - Disney

Sunday, October 5
Homeland- Showtime

Mulaney - Fox

Monday, October 6
The Originals - The CW

Tuesday, October 7
The Flash - The CW
IIRC has a thread, likely will update with link later on

Supernatural - The CW

Town of the Living Dead - Syfy

Wednesday, October 8
Arrow - The CW

American Horror Story: Freakshow - FX

Friday, October 10
Chelsea Handler - Uganda Be Kidding Me (live) - Netflix

Sunday, October 12
The Walking Dead - AMC

Talking Dead - AMC

The Affair - Showtime

Comic Book Men - AMC

Wednesday, October 15
Top Chef - Bravo

Saturday, October 18
Transporter: The Series - TNT

Black Dynamite - Adult Swim

Friday, October 24
Grimm - NBC

Constantine - NBC

Monday, October 27
Two Broke Girls - CBS

Bizarre Foods America - Travel Channel

Mike Tyson Mysteries - Adult Swim

Tuesday, October 28
Degrassi, The Next Generation - TeenNick

Benched - USA

Thursday, October 30
Elementary - CBS

i know i shouldnt be as hyped for tyson mysteries as i am…but i dont give a fuck. FEMINAZI’S BE DAMNED!

Top Chef: Duels
Dale vs. Tiffani
How you gonna say you got this/your own challenge (Dale), then almost fuck things up, to the point of narrowly winning?
Vegan challenges are usually interesting, however. Especially when you consider the pedigree of a chef that isn’t versed in the cooking style.

Jennifer vs. Nyesha
Despite her record in ‘bacon & eggs’ challenges, I wouldn’t mind if Jennifer prepared such a meal for me, lol.
Great duel challenge and contrast of styles between the two challengers, though.

Stephanie vs. Kristen
WTF… Really?!
Despite the ‘closeness’ of judging, did people not see the disaster of the eventual duel winner’s dessert course (sinful) and realize the overall impact it could have on the entire meal offering (especially considering the duel theme), even with the earlier presented two courses (the second course being a highlight round winner for the duel winner).
I can somewhat forgive the over-emphasis on flavor stuffs versus technique, but I tend to favor technique, though.
This needs a rematch, IMO.

Art vs. Kevin
Southern folks likely appreciated this episode, particularly in the tense of old school vs. new school.
I’d like to see Kevin vs. Hung in a protein breakdown challenge. If you’ve followed TC over the years, one should recall the speed in which Hung broke down three chickens (IIRC) into parts during a relay challenge.

The Knockout - Finals
Welp, shit…
Interesting format, where winners make it into the final round and compete for the opportunity to re-enter the main competition at the TC: Duels finale
It appears that none of my picks are making it back in to the Duel Finale.
Considering the two favorites as picked by Wolfgang, it’s like picking the lesser of two evils.
Official winner will appear on TC: Duels finale show.

random culinary theme: US chefs cooking SE Asian food stuffs

All in all, my picks went on to win the duels, for the most part, with only two one major upset(s).

TC: Duels finale participants


Winner of The Knockout finale (Tiffani or Mike)

Who I’m rooting for to win:

Who I’m okay with winning:

Who I think would be a surprising winner:

Don’t care for:
Winner of The Knockout finale

Person of Interest
Jesus doing work, yo.
Watch him go Outlander status and hunt down Samaritan like it was the Morwen(?), or something.
Cara Buono was a nice surprise, especially with the English accent.

Criminal Minds
Jennifer Love Hewitt was a nice surprise on the premiere episode, and the short-ish do is nice, as well.

reason(s) to watch:


Shemar Moore approves of JLH assets:

full body pic:

couch boobs 1:

couch boobs 2:

random musings:
You’re The Worst was a fun show to watch.

ANW: USA vs the World (Japan and Europe) was an alright watch.
If ‘the World’ is the tagline, the ‘scale’ of the competition needs to be larger; needs more global teams to participate, versus being an invitational of sorts. But that will only happen if the competition goes global, overall.

Stage 3 stuffs, were WTFLOL, considering the stigma.

Props to Team Europe though.

I hope the Strain gets canned, dude had to think up a win quote before actually winning.


So the Master looks like he is one of 4 masters, at least that is interesting.

Stop giving the kid lines. >_<

edit: lol Actor who plays Ef was an alcoholic in House of Cards too.

I know :frowning: Maybe they get too much heat from high up Republican & Democrats or they just want to pump all their money into Game of Thrones.

I was already quite sleepy last night so I have to get caught up on the season finale of my precious The Strain… I’ve seen bits and pieces of the episode though…

…and it was a bit disappointing to see that E’s wife Kelly was NOT flying. I know this sounds off the wall, but I was waking up and probably still half sleep when I saw the scene the first time… at first it looked like she was kinda floating outside the window or something, but nope–she was indeed standing, perhaps on a patio or whatever. Heh, now the kid is traumatized—his hopes of seeing Mom again are forever ruined. Really, I’d probably be excited to see one of my parents that way if it were like how vamps are in other shows and movies (because I’d then want them to turn me so I can get the cool powers+immortality too)…but in The Strain, vampirism isn’t automatically something that’s awesome, unless you are chosen by Master himself to be one of the elites. Basically, she’s just a re-animated corpse that feeds on people, and is used like a puppet of The Master vampire…they don’t even appear to be truly in control of their own actions…like the Master can occasionally assume control of them all whenever it is necessary. I’d rather still have my free will intact along with the cool powers and immortality.

Speaking of the vampire stuff I love so much–THE ORIGINALS– premiere is 22 minutes from now, and Vampire Diaries of course premiered last week… on TVD, the vamps are still locked out of Mystic Falls due to that spell that still lingers from what the Travellers were doing…also, Tyler has apparently reverted to being just a regular ol’ pre-curse activation werewolf… I forgot about that. This is one of the results from the aforementioned Traveler magic that canceled out all other magic in the town. Sidenote— I’m glad the Travelers are gone…those characters were terribly lame and boring.

damnnnn so I just noticed—Originals will be up against Gotham! Terrible… Well, Originals takes priority for me, and I’ll have to get caught up on Gotham online later.

Are there a lot of hot female vampire sluts on this show?

Yes, I am that superficial (And if you dont go to Image mishamsh, now you know lol)

Unfortunately there is hardly any hotness on The Strain if that’s the show you are asking about-- there’s Mia Maestro as “Nora”, who the main character “Eph” has hooked up with. Mia is gorgeous. “Kelly”, his ex-wife is cute/hot as well.

You may already be aware though of what to expect out of The CW network. The girls on Originals and The Vampire Diaries are goddamn RIDICULOUS. Danielle Campbell is being shown right this very moment in Originals… and that girl is an absolute 10 out of 10 for me…completely absurd hotness. The line-up of sexpots on both those shows and CW shows in general is STRONG…the other networks can’t really hang with all that. Just off the top of my head— Originals has Danielle’s character, then there’s Rebecca Holt (“Claire Mikaelson”, part of the “original” vampire family, hence the name of the show), Cam (hot blonde regular human girl…Cam’s ass is surprisingly good; she has “black girl in a rap video”-caliber ass!), the girls playing the young witches, oh yeah it’s good. Vampire Diaries is giving us The Bulgarian Beauty herself, Nina Dobrev, in addition to Kat Graham and Candice Accola, and now the blonde girl that was previously on the first season of Hemlock Grove!

*whoah— CW Legendary hotness Shelley Hennig (formerly “Diana” from The Secret Circle–she’s currently a were-coyote on MTV’s Teen Wolf) is in that new movie Ouija.

haha, Marcel is recruiting for new vamps right now— man if only this shit were real… I’d be down for the cause immediately, no hesitation. Vampirisim as presented in Originals/TVD is so incredibly badass…really not much downside at all, especially in New Orleans in Originals, since the vamps basically run that whole city.

*whoahhhhhh AWESOME moment with Elijah just now-- Guerra Wolves thought they were safe… I won’t spoil the details but that was another legendary Elijah scene…holy shit I need to sit down for a moment after that one… the hype train just went off the rails, folks.

I started watching Hannibal recently. Didn’t have my expectations too high because it’s on NBC, but it’s actually surprisingly good. I like that Mads Mikkelsen doesn’t try to do his best Anthony Hopkins impression - he actually does his own thing. Some things irritate me about the show, but it’s not bad. They actually manage to fit in quite a lot of content in a relatively short amount of time. Also, they show more gore than I thought they would. If you enjoy the story of Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs/Red Dragon) then you’ll probably like it.

Season 2 is on a whole other level of craziness

THE STRAIN–It’s funny that “Brenda from 227” got the hell out of dodge several episodes ago and hasn’t been seen since.

*I was too tired last night and fell asleep before finishing the episode AGAIN so I am finishing it now…

SPOILER**—eh, I suppose spoiler tags are still in order, though it’s a few days old at this point…



I’d agree with what most are probably saying though, regarding the final moments involving The Master. The crew had all the time in the world to FINISH HIM! …and yet these losers managed to let him escape. I know they were in shock that the sun did NOT finish him off, since that’s kind of the way things are supposed to go involving vampires… but they STILL should’ve tried to cut his head off or something while he burned in the sunlight…sunlight was basically doing enough damage to daze him a bit, which would’ve been a prime opportunity to stab him with a silver sword or cut the head off, to make damn sure he’s dead.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the S.W.A.T. Vamps™ crew. Apparently that is something that was NOT in the books…?

Tonight, precisely 1 hour and 15 minutes from now --> THE FLASH, folks. Hell fuckin YEAH.

Watched the first two eps of Star Wars Rebels. It has potential. Won’t have the terrible slow start that Clone Wars did plus it doesn’t have the absolute feeling of inevitability that Clone Wars had.

Though for most of the ep the name could’ve been called Aladdin: Star Wars Edition.

whoah I forgot about that smokin’ HOT ass broad in The Flash…heh, and Barry is super-FriendZoned there.

…annd full body shot–yep she’s good to go. “Iris” is the character’s name.

oohhhhhh "we’re kinda like brother and sister" — TERRIBLE. That’s something no dude wants to ever, ever hear from any girl he’s attracted to. That right there is one of those phrases where you just put the controller down, because you’ve definitely lost the game.

Million, we got a Flash thread. Also, Barry deserved it, he friendzoned Felicity in the same damn comversation.

Oh by the way @Million, the actress who plays Iris is Candice Patton. You know, in case you wanted to do your patented “research”

Is the Driver worth catching? stars David Morrissey

Edit: Watched it, great short series. Very intense, especially that opening scene with the police chase