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I wonder what this means for it’s sport shows…


Didn’t we have United Paramount Network?


Anybody catch Legion, the new xmen tv series?


gonna check it out over the weekend… i skipped over it looks… weird kinda trippy lol also checking out apb.


It’s one of those shows where you have to pay attention. Usually when I’m watching tv, I’m working on designs, writing, etc. I can’t do that with this show - too much going on and there’s a lot of minute details that you can’t miss or overlook.

That being said, I really liked the first episode.

Changing topic, I got hype about that new Castlevania series on Netflix until I found out it was animated. Still might check it, but I thought it was gonna be live action.


Taken…the TV Series.


uh? wasnt he part of a team seems implies this nigga been doin the 1 man army thing forever.


sheeeit, I was only halfway on board with Legends of Tomorrow, watching an episode or 2 here and there…until lately getting caught up with season 1 on netflix… holy shit this show stepped it up big time as the season went on… I’m definitely glad this show made it to a 2nd season now. There’s some awesome shit that goes on once it really picks up the pace a few episodes in. I remember noticing in the beginning and on Arrow…this guy they have playing Vandal Savage is absolutely perfect for the part, imo. As usual with the CW, there is some considerable hotness/eye candy-- Hawkgirl is absolutely RIDICULOUS…then there’s times when Sarah actually looks alright (she’s inconsistent though…also needs more bootymeat) then Vandal’s daughter shows up later; she also looks incredible…some PRIME white meat right there :tup: …then there was that time-traveling assassin broad that showed up that went by the name “The Pilgrim”…a bit on the thin side but still quite nice.

Later on in season 2, I see that Vixen is a regular part of the lineup too… there’s been 2 hot actresses playing that character; I’m not even sure which one I prefer. That character’s powers are quite interesting… I’d definitely go for a deal like that. The only downside seems to be that I guess she cannot have more than 1 animal power active at a time…? I’d also rather have the power just be a natural element of who I am, as opposed to having to wear a magical talisman for it.


I’m done w/ the CW DCU shows for now. Usually there’s at least one that holds them all together, but the Flash go real stupid w/ Barry being this selfish prick I’m supposed to root for and Arrow just wasn’t interesting. LOT… meh, never interested me.


how is flash selfish?


At the beginning of this season (which made me stop watching), he was being told OVER AND OVER not to mess with time, that he’s messing up everyone else’s lives and he kept doing it. He was completely unlikeable and didn’t care to watch anymore. I’m sure at some point he redeemed himself, but they lost me with that. It was just a dumb arc altogether.


I still watch Flash regularly, but this season 3 simply isn’t as interesting as 1 and 2 were. The only real point of interest for me is seeing my honeydip Caitlin dealing with the situation of her powers and trying to avoid a destiny of being an evil person. This week should be interesting though with Grodd finally showing up again.

*I’ve finished season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow just now… goddamn what a “thrill ride”, man… :wow: :clap: I think it’s proving that superhero/comic book stuff is probably better suited to the television-show format as opposed to feature-length movies…characters can be more easily developed since you have several episodes and seasons to work with the material…and those moments of “major revelation!” and betrayals can be that much more epic. The stuff that’s out there now with Flash (at least the first 2 seasons) and Legends…it’s been more entertaining to me than MOST big-budget superhero movies of the past several years. Movies are just so limited in terms of the time, now that I think about it… you’re looking at maybe 1.5 or 2 hours of running time…(*3 hours+ gets you into Peter Jackson territory, and I doubt anyone wants that anymore; I certainly don’t.) Translate that to tv time and that’s only 2 or 3 episodes…that obviously isn’t enough time to develop situations and characters to any level of satisfaction.

I’ll need to keep tabs on the actress who was Hawkgirl in season 1 there… she’s way too gorgeous to NOT be consistently on my television screen :sweat:

*Almost forgot—VAMPIRE DIARIES!
-It’s still disappointing me how this series is wrapping up here… I’m surprised with who returned in last week’s and the most recent episode though… I’m also hoping 1 or more of the Mikaelsons appear and get involved at least for the grand finale…it might be a fitting end for at least Elijah (the first of the “Original family” that showed up) to appear.

-annnnd I’m betting at least 1 character will die permanently for shock value, of course… my money would probably be on Caroline.


you gotta chalk that up to be a young dude. hes a young hero who makes mistakes. but ya def dont watch if that plot bothers you…lol…time fuckery gets worse.


Episode 1 of Riverdale and GODDAMN the hotness :wow: CW delivers once again… they never let me down, man. First shot of Betty…she just has a pink bra and titties are looking absolutely ridiculous. Veronica just showed up too… she was always superior to Betty, imo…at least in looks.

It’s still quite odd that they produced a show like this using the silly ass Archie characters.

*haha Archie just zoned out on whatever Betty was talking about because Veronica just walked into the restaurant. Game’s over, Betty…dismissed. GREATNESS has entered the room.

*BONUS - there’s a redhead girl on the show too… she isn’t as hot as Veronica though. So far Veronica is the absolute CHAMP on the show. From the credits I notice Marisol Nichols is in this show too… it just keeps getting better, folks. :clap: Yeahhhh they got me reeled in with this already…might even warrant a blu-ray purchase later once that’s available. I need to get caught up on this asap.

*heh, Archie’s bangin’ the music teacher (also hot of course; it’s CW… no ugly women allowed) apparently…

YESSSSS and we have a lesbo kiss between Betty and Veronica! :woot: They hit us with this on the first episode, folks.



^ Fantastic news!! Saw Dave when he came over to London…


Naaaani!?!? When was he in London?


Observe The Perfection

Lawd have mercy :sweat:


I went to the Sept 9th one.



Duck Tales reboot: