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Kill Shovel Knight, get Reboot.

Seems legit. :coffee:


I’m having déjà vu, I’ve asked you this before


we got a ducktales thread. also hyped


VAMPIRE DIARIES-- series finale on NOW!

It’s been one of my favorite series of all time, folks… such a great 8 years on this one. They’re starting off with some kind of behind-the-scenes backstory stuff on the show.

It would be great if there was 2 hours on the finale but I think they just have the regular 1 hour episode whenever it actually starts. I will miss the hell out of this show… I already have 2 or 3 seasons on blu-ray now.


Samurai Jack
…coming back.

random hiatus comic strip for lulz.



Started watching killjoys… there was to much feminist stuff to make it through two episodes though.

Sucks, seemed legit interesting but there’s only so much big guys getting beat up by small women shit I can take.


heh, that reminded me of the silliness in the recent CW Beauty & the Beast show… Kristin Kreuk played the main character, and she was a police officer…there’s numerous scenes of her kicking ass like she’s a superhero…when we know she’s tiny… the girl probably weighs around 110 lbs. at the most…and we’re supposed to believe she’s clearing entire rooms of bad guys like a Batman character :lol: I only ever watched that show because her and the best friend/partner were hot (*though best friend/partner was a bit inconsistent…sometimes she looked odd)…her little sister on the show was cute too.

*RIVERDALE-- I’m checking another episode out now… #4… the ladies on this show are RIDICULOUS. No other show can fuck with it on that front…not even close. The redhead is looking better in episode 4; in fact she looks even better than Betty at the moment…and Veronica, played by my The New Queen, Camila Mendes… that girl is out of this world. I hope she stays famous forever.


Yeah I’m definitley checking out that riverdale/Archie and the Jugheads things out. The chicks are hot so that’s cool.

Also loving 12 monkeys th series. Amanda Schull from center stage is some poon tha I’ve been crushing on for near 2 decades. Nice to see her in her late 30’s around my age and still sexy as hell.

Plus it’s a good show.


I’m enjoying the Lethal Weapon show way more than I ever anticipated.


same…which means it has 5 episodes til cancellation


When something is recommended…well then it must be good. Searching as we speak, thanks for the recommendation :slight_smile:


Glad to see Legion get renewed…all sorts of WTF in this show.

Looking forward to American Gods too.


Cant wait for AGs too… looks like a great cast.


That last Designated Survivor though…

Pleasantly surprised with the new crop of shows this season.


THE ORIGINALS is back right now! Hell yeah


Oh shit…


American Gods episode 1 is out. So i’m liking it!


audio book:


Bizarre that this thread is so…barren…? No one talks tv around here anymore? I think it may just be we all like different stuff, perhaps…

Anyway, I was watching more of Bitten via Netflix a while ago… the wolves on here aren’t as awesome so far as in the world of the CW shows, but at least it’s something to get my supernatural “fix” sated…along with the bonus of the lovely Laura Vandervoort (heh, has this girl ever played a normal human character?). This one episode I was just watching showed off her gorgeous naked ass once again, as she transformed back to human after saving her boyfriend’s life…I think this is episode 11 or so… that must be quite the shocker, to go from thinking your girl is cheating on ya with this mysterious dude she previously lied about being a “cousin”… to thinking her family is being threatened by some mafia guys…to realizing she’s a werewolf.

Anyway, back on how they measure up to others— the CW werewolves would tear these guys up, no problem…and I’m talking about baseline version without moonlight rings (in CW land, they can get a moonlight ring that gives them full control over the transformation)…but I still like the show since it is another supernatural thing to watch.

One troubling thing about this show though… they seem to use pure cgi for the wolves every damn time… and it’s not quite good enough to look like something that is truly there in the scene, y’know? I think most people criticize to the extreme, often saying something is either amazing or it’s trash… I think this is just…not a good or convincing visual…but at the same time it’s not the worst I’ve seen in recent years; it would be nice if they chose to use some practical effects or even a real wolf in certain isolated scenes…I am not sure how much more expensive that is in terms of production values though, so maybe cost is the issue there. Whatever the case, I’m still enjoying this show despite these few annoyances here and there.


Last week’s episode of Billions was dope as fuck, never been so entertained by people watching the stock market before. Looking forward to tonights, everybody is going to be saying FUUUUUUUUU!!