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I forgot all about this show. Stopped watching after (I think) S3. It wasn’t so much that it wasn’t entertaining, but the seasons were too long. Everything was so drawn out. If OUAT had 13 episode seasons instead of 22-23, I’d probably still be watching it.


I’m getting strong Hannibal vibes from American Gods


Signed up for a free one month trial of HBO to watch Westworld. It was awesome, but what else should I check out? I’m already current on GoT and Silicon Valley have been for a while now. Older recommendations are cool too


My favs - The Leftovers, The News Room, True Dectective, Broadwalk Empire, The Pacific


True Detective S1 was amazing.


yes it was… shame S2 couldnt match its greatness… also american gods is good.


So the Originals got renewed for a 5th season, along with iZombie for a 4th. cries sweet tears of joy


So, why couldn’t TVD get renewed? You think that TO will get cameos from TVD in its 5th season @Million


iZombie is also a good series the eventual zombie vs human war is gonna be interesting.


Hell YEAH, man… I was hoping it would continue. :woot:

Vampire Diaries was still good, they just made 8 the final season…I don’t think they had much choice though since Nina Dobrev left a season or so earlier, annnnd I heard that Ian (“Damon”) intended to leave as well. Losing either one of the Salvatore brothers… I don’t think the show could’ve survived that loss. (a big portion of that female target audience probably would’ve dropped the show at that point, I’d imagine…y’know most of them were probably watching just to check “Damon” out on a regular basis…it must be nice to go thru life with a look that is on such a level. I’d bet money that dude has never had to put much effort into getting laid or getting into relationships.) Story-wise, I am not sure what you could even do in the absence of both Elena and Damon, since they were such a huge part of anything that was going on in there. They continually wasted Tyler Lockwood’s character (a shame there; I would’ve written him to be the new main villain, perhaps towards the end–with how many times he’s been screwed over and generally shit on; a big heel turn would’ve made sense for him…and as a hybrid, he had the power to be a threat), the Mikaelsons are over in New Orleans on the other show.

*iZombie-- eh, I still just watch on occasion since Rose McIver is such a fine little piece…hottest zombie possibly of all time there…there was some good full body shots (though unfortunately fully clothed) on the latest episode


I don’t know if you’ve seen the last new episode of the Originals, but they teased a few characters from Mystic Falls appearing on the show.


yeah, apparently Alaric is in for sure… perhaps Caroline will show up too, hopefully


Yes yessss not really a spoiler since we’ve known she will be here since about last week

my baby Davina is back on the scene on this episode of Originals! That girl - Danielle Campbell- is seriously one of the hottest I’ve ever seen on television. :wow: There is absolutely no flaw.

*ah, she dropped some knowledge on what the Hollow is now… complete with some interesting flashbacks.

DUUUUUUDE this revelation about the Hollow!!! :wow: Oh yes this is awesome :clap:


Good riddance…that show was terrible.


lol everything on cbs is terrible but if i was an actor…id be suckin mad dick to be on one. they seem to all be guaranteed 5 seasons minimum.


American Gods is great so far. Anasi’s intro was way better than I expected.

That wasn’t in the book but I appreciated it.


the same people made it.


Vin Diesel is eternally a meme waiting to happen


NBC cancelled Timeless but then reversed their decision, so we’re getting a season 2 :smiley:


They probably got Timeless confused with Powerless at the time…