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sheeeeit, the only reason I watched 2 Broke Girls was… I forgot her name already…the brunette with the gorgeous titty-meat. That girl is real prime-time material. The blondie was cute; she just needed more curves…major hidden potential to be something incredible. I’m also surprised that show was still on… I’ve only been watching it in the syndicated timeslots.

It’s funny that’s how most CBS shows seem to be—always getting the “…ohhhh that’s still on?!” reaction. :lol:


I only have watched certain CBS shows on syndication.

Kat Dennings has the gorgeous mounds of breasteses…however funny she is not.


To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I seriously sat down and actually watch TV.
And I don’t count looking at the TV in a Doctors office or in my Job’s break room as real TV Watching.


Unless you watched it on mute I cant comprehend how that woman’s breasts were nice enough for you to endure 23 minutes of that show and it’s relentless lack of humor. I say relentless because every snippet I’ve seen of that show has them dropping a punchline or making some sort of pop culture reference every 10-20 seconds, with every one of them sucking. That’s actually the most impressive thing about the show to me: how many anti-jokes (don’t know what else to call them) they could squeeze into a 30 minute sitcom.

I’m shocked the show didn’t get cancelled after Brunette McBoob’s nudes were leaked in that celebrity photo hack.


surprised you forgot kat dennings by name. i absolutely concur about how good her rack is, missing it already…


i haven’t heard or seen jokes with tits THAT good though. y’all know it was the McTits that kept that show on the air.
gotta blame the writing team on 2 broke girls, the script was ass.


lol you know millions goin senile when he cant remember the most glorious pair of titties on network tv.


I still don’t know what show you are talking about but at least I know Kat Dennings got blessed by the Mammaries goddesses


sheeeeit, there was another one with Legendary Tittymeat that comes to mind-- Lisa Nicole Carson from Ally McBeal. Curves all over the place with GIANT, serious melons.

Then there was of course-- Baywatch. The true star of that show though for me was Nicole Eggert’s ass and thighs. That was the prime white meat.

-Bitten– I finished season 1 earlier today; on to season 2 perhaps later… it’s an odd thing here; I am enjoying this show despite the werewolves here being so damn weaksauce…they don’t even appear to have a supernatural healing factor (haha these fools get hurt and they just…stay hurt…what the hell kind of werewolf is that? They actually require medical assistance like people :lol: )! They’d all get trashed by the wolves from the CW shows. I’ll watch just about anything that features supernatural creatures though.

That major revelation from the latest ep of The Originals though–



The Hollow—created the werewolves! I didn’t expect them to go in that direction with the flashbacks about this being.

The Hollow appears to pre-date everything, btw… the flashback right away shows that this thing is from 500 A.D… the memory is hazy on this but I think that may even…ah, nope-- quick internet research reminded me-- Qetsiyah was further back in time, possibly the oldest major supernatural character in the TVD/Originals world-- (played by the incredibly fine Janina Gavankar, btw :sweat: ) man, I always love the flashbacks in these shows.

next up for the day-- Lost Girl- another SyFy show I never finished watching earlier; the main character in this one is a succubus :tup:


Bruh…yes. I could never forget her. She was the Pam Grier of the 90’s to me. Immaculate boobs. I think mental health issues forced her to take a step back from acting. Eyes everywhere mourn her loss from the screen.


Oh come on…they could’ve done one more season.


hmm, not even john stamos can save this one…


I didn’t even make it through S1, so… yea.


A Show being canceled on Fox isn’t news.
Fox allows good shows to get canceled left and right. Prime example Fire Fly.

Problem is they blindly allow policy (instead of the policy makers) to dictate how shows get change to different time slots and shows getting canceled.


Some new Fox shows coming that isn’t The Gifted…

[details=Spoiler]From Emmy Award-winning executive producer and creator Seth MacFarlane (FAMILY GUY, “Ted”) and directed by Jon Favreau (“The Jungle Book,” “Iron Man”), THE ORVILLE is a one-hour science fiction series set 400 years in the future that follows the adventures of the U.S.S. Orville, a mid-level exploratory vessel. Its crew, both human and alien, faces the wonders and dangers of outer space, while also dealing with the familiar, often humorous problems of regular people in a workplace…even though some of those people are from other planets, and the workplace is a faster-than-light spaceship.

In the 25th century, Earth is part of the Planetary Union, a far-reaching, advanced and mostly peaceful civilization with a fleet of 3,000 ships. Down on his luck after a bitter divorce, Planetary Union officer ED MERCER (MacFarlane) finally gets his chance to command one of these ships: the U.S.S. Orville. Determined to prove his worth and write a new chapter in his life, Ed finds that task all the more difficult when the First Officer assigned to his ship is his ex-wife, KELLY GRAYSON (Adrianne Palicki, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” “Friday Night Lights”). As the new commander, Ed assembles a qualified, but eccentric crew, including his best friend, GORDON MALLOY (Scott Grimes, “ER,” “Justified”), who has problems with authority, but is the best helmsman in the fleet; DR. CLAIRE FINN (Penny Johnson Jerald, “24,” “The Larry Sanders Show”), one of the Union’s most accomplished physicians; BORTUS (Peter Macon, “Shameless,” “Bosch”), an alien from a single-sex species; ISAAC (Mark Jackson, “That Royal Today”), an artificial life-form from a machine society that thinks biological life-forms are inferior; navigator JOHN LAMARR (J. Lee, FAMILY GUY, “The Cleveland Show”), whose casual humor cuts through even the most dire situations; ALARA KITAN (Halston Sage, “Neighbors,” “Goosebumps”), a young, inexperienced security officer whose home planet’s high gravity gives her superior physical strength; and YAPHIT, a gelatinous creature voiced by comedian Norm Macdonald (“The Middle,” “Saturday Night Live”). Somehow, Ed and Kelly must put the past behind them and, with the help of the crew, navigate fascinating and sometimes dangerous adventures in outer space, as well as the tumultuous and captivating day-to-day personal relationships with their colleagues.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Starring Craig Robinson (“The Office,” “This Is the End”) and Adam Scott (“Parks and Recreation,” “Big Little Lies”), GHOSTED is a single-camera, action-comedy about the unlikely partnership between two down-on-their-luck polar opposites tasked with an even more unlikely mission: saving the human race from aliens.

LEROY WRIGHT (Robinson) is a cynical skeptic and former missing persons detective, who, if we’re speaking frankly, thinks that “aliens” are a big ole bunch of B.S. and that people who believe in them are certifiably nuts…People like MAX JENNIFER (Scott). Max is a genius “true believer” in the paranormal who’s convinced his wife was abducted by aliens. At low points in their lives, both Leroy and Max are recruited by CAPTAIN AVA LAFREY (Ally Walker, “Colony,” “Sons of Anarchy”), a take-no-prisoners, former Air Force test pilot and head of the Bureau Underground, a secret government organization investigating paranormal cases. Lafrey, along with her staff – BARRY SHAW (Adeel Akhtar, “Unforgotten,” “The Night Manager”), an overly friendly forensic pathologist, and DELILAH WARD, a highly opinionated tech specialist – will support Leroy and Max in their quest for answers. Now, this heroic group of underdogs will look into “unexplained” activity in Los Angeles that often leads them to scary, thrilling and hilarious places, as they attempt to uncover the truth and keep the earth rotating on its axis for at least one more day.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Focusing on three doctors at different stages of their careers and a dedicated young nurse, THE RESIDENT is a provocative new medical drama that rips back the curtain to reveal the truth of what really happens, both good and bad, in hospitals across the country.

Meet DR. CONRAD HAWKINS (Matt Czuchry, “The Good Wife”), one of the best doctors at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. Charming, arrogant and only a third-year resident, Conrad does everything in the most unconventional way possible. Along with treating patients, Conrad believes it is his job to burst the illusions of first-year residents, like DR. DEVON PRAVESH (Manish Dayal, “Halt and Catch Fire”), and turn them into real-life doctors. Devon is an innocent idealist, who wears his finely tuned moral compass and passion for science like armor. With Conrad’s help, however, Devon quickly discovers the reality of his chosen profession is not what he imagined, and that ethical lines are often blurred. Nothing, not even the best medical school in the country, could have prepared him for what he’s about to learn. As Devon accompanies Conrad through the hospital’s halls, he meets distinguished chief of surgery DR. RANDOLPH BELL (Bruce Greenwood, “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” “Mad Men”), the face of the hospital and its most sought-after doctor, whose diminishing skills, and the errors they cause, are covered with the help of allies under his command; DR. MINA OKAFOR (Shaunette Renée Wilson, “Billions”), a rising star surgeon from Nigeria who is threatening Bell’s dominance, but who also is in the U.S. on a visa; and NICOLETTE NEVIN (Emily VanCamp, “Revenge”), one of Chastain Memorial’s most respected nurses and Conrad’s on-again-off-again romantic partner. While Conrad opens Devon’s eyes to the stark realities of hospital life, the once-optimistic young doctor soon realizes that the practice of medicine is a business, like any other. Not all patients are angels and not all doctors are gods, but one thing’s for sure: expectations are meant to be shattered.[/details]

From executive producers Will Ferrell (“Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,” “Elf”), Adam McKay (“The Big Short”), Lon Zimmet (“Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt”) and Steve Levitan (“Modern Family”), LA TO VEGAS is a single-camera ensemble comedy about an airline crew and the eccentric passengers who, every weekend, take the roundtrip flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with one goal in mind – to come back a winner. Welcome to Jackpot Airlines, a budget carrier whose junket flight from LA to Vegas and back again, is filled with dreamers looking for that big score.

Holding (or, more to the point, barely holding) these voyages together is RONNIE (Kim Matula, “UnREAL”), a long-suffering flight attendant who tries to keep her cool (oftentimes, with little success) whether she’s dealing with a bi-polar bride-to-be or the dead body in Row 13. Managing the revolving door of bachelor parties and 21st birthdays gets even trickier when Ronnie develops a “location-ship” with COLIN (Ed Weeks, “The Mindy Project”), a regular passenger and an economics professor, whose son and soon-to-be ex-wife live in Vegas. Further complicating her job every weekend is CAPTAIN DAVE (Emmy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Dylan McDermott, “The Practice,” “American Horror Story”), the narcissistic pilot whose fighter-pilot dreams never quite worked out; BERNARD (Nathan Lee Graham, “The Comeback,” “Hitch”), the always-positive career flight attendant who thinks there’s no flight more magical than the LA-to-Vegas; ARTEM (Peter Stormare, “The Big Lebowski”), the genial professional gambler who serves as the plane’s resident (but unofficial) bookie; and NICHOLE (Olivia Macklin, “The Young Pope”), the sweet-natured, part-time stripper who’s a lot savvier than people realize. It won’t be easy, but this unlikely group of miscreants and dreamers will eventually go from being strangers on a plane to a supportive, if unconventional, family…from Friday to Sunday…whether they like it or not.[/details]


Olivia Taylor Dudley in The Magicians:





Catching up on the Blacklist - still a few more episodes to go but… :looney:

I thought this show was almost done telling it’s best stories, then I watched that Mr. Kaplan origin story episode. WOW.


big bang theory spin off trailer dropped…i refuse to share it. its basically the autistic wonder years.


The Originals!

So…of course they were unable to stop The Hollow’s plan for now…(can’t stop the ‘big bad final boss’ before the season is over, naturally). This thing appears to be THE solid top tier in the TVD/Originals world, man…let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with so far:

[] Magic power that appears to be beyond that of anyone else we’ve seen so far… I’m assuming even beyond Dalia and Esther Mikaelson, and Davina.
] possession - she/it can apparently take over anyone and use them as a vessel… so even if you killed the physical body o whoever she was “wearing”, it would just jump to someone else.
[] Illusions? Yep…it can make you see whatever it wants you to see, apparently. When confronting Nik earlier, he got fed up and killed what turned out to be 2 ordinary random people he didn’t know were there…so you could kill what you think is an enemy, then Hollow reveals that was actually a loved one you just murdered… Lord Aizen would be proud. Naturally, they’ve avoided abusing this power for the purpose of the story. (you can’t have a villain be too clever or else there’s no way the “good guys” would win, if the villain is overpowered like that)
] It cannot be killed by any conventional methods…apparently even while in someone else’s body. Rick blew up Sofia-Hollow with a goddamn vehicle-explosion… she’s still perfectly fine. :lol: (the actress for “Sofia” is hot as hell, btw… would’ve made a good casting choice for Wonder Woman, just based on her look, imo)
] Oh, and then there’s the psychic shenanigans… Hollow can see into your mind too.
] There’s also that little advantage of being in spirit form…at least initially…meaning physical attacks don’t work, obviously.
Funny thing is-- this is only baseline… she/it wanted to be reborn as a physical being partly because that would apparently boost her power even further. I think there was another reason besides raw power; I’d have to look at it again. I also like that this thing has no redeeming qualities… I hate when they try to show a soft side to a main villain; Hollow doesn’t have a sad flashback story… she has been an evil thing from day 1.


Ok yeah…as I figured this show Lost Girl has hooked me. I already had a good first impression when it debuted years ago; I just never kept up with it then since there was way too many other shows…no room for much else at the time.

*the lesbo doc that examined the main character “Bo” (the succubus)… HOT as hell, holy shit… and of course since Bo is also hot… Lesbo Doc can’t resist…she got unprofessional for a moment when first examining her, suddenly remarking “…my God you’re beautiful…”…ohhh it was a delicious moment. Go ahead and play with each other, ladies… I certainly don’t mind watching the fun.

Bo’s friend is cute too, though she has absolutely NO ass.

*There’s a lot of different magical things on this show already… just on episode 2 here --Bo and her friend run into a guy that is a Will o’ the Wisp (’-the-wisp) …they also have to deal with some strange headless assassin. The visual is funny…the guy calmly removes his own head before attacking.

This early in the series, Bo still can’t fully control herself during feeding sessions… she typically gets carried away and ends up killing the person because she cannot stop when she’s in that “mode”. She also fully heals up from just about anything after feeding on someone…it also seems to boost her strength. She met another magical “fae” dude- (who seems like a werewolf…?)–she can safely feed on him occasionally since he won’t actually die from it. Heh, 2nd episode and they’ve hooked up already…

This is also from the wonderful era when SyFy shows started showing nudity…so we most likely get a shot of her glorious booty cheeks at some point :woot:

*niiice–episode 3 starts with them naked in bed…damn no booty shot though…