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ugh, not sure how i should feel about this…

if they can secure jessica alba at least, i would def try and watch it.
otherwise, no me gusta


Just watched the first couple of episodes of House Cards, I can tell already this season is gonna be amazing.

12 Monkeys retains best scifi show on TV.


lol Cole’s son looks more like Ramse


The Originals–

This girl playing The Hollow is looking hot as HELL, goddamn. A shame she probably won’t be around that long, since she’s like the “final boss” this season, and they will probably figure out a way to kill her…even though currently, she’s the most overpowered, unstoppable thing on the show.

Freya dove into the mind/spirit whatever of Elijah where she’s trying to find him in his memories… and they did a flashback to revisit that badass scene from season 1, where he saved the witch Agnes from Niklaus…only so he could kill the bitch himself. I can’t say enough good things about this show… I love everything about it.

*also—my honey “Rebecca” (the delicious Claire Holt) is back on this episode!!! :woot:
*Oh and Claire can also be seen in that new movie 57 Meters Down.


Drunk Rick method acting :lol:


I’m cautiously optimistic…


i saw this on my feed and i was like:
What. The. Fuck.


Who would like play Spike?
Keanu too old now?? Joseph Gordon Levitt looks the part but he’s only at his best when he plays characters with a lot of charisma IMO. Although saying that, apparently the director of Brick was inspired by Spike Spiegel and cast Levitt for the lead role

Maybe we need a Brit

Asian pick Ludi Lin from Marco Polo (not seen Power Rangers is he any good as the Black Power Ranger?)


They need Kanno and the Seatbelts doing the music again.


I was unaware of this. I am pleased.


y’know, there’s certain things that I don’t think should be brought to live action… Cowboy Bebop is one of those things… part of it may also be the fact that I’ve seen the series over and over and over again forever since it’s one of the few good shows Cartoon Network didn’t jump at the chance to cancel like they usually do. I wonder if it would also be new stories… because if it’s just a rehash of the things we’ve seen in animated form 1000s of times now…then fuck that. Even great stuff gets tired and stale after you’ve seen it so many times.


argh! but why?!

some things you just GOTTA leave the fuck alone.
watchmen is one of them
dignity plz


still cant believe there are more seasons of the big bang theory than there were friends!! wtf that show needs to die already.


Well, I don’t watch it all the time…but BBT puts the lovely Miyam Bialik on my tv screen…along with Kaley C., and…whoever the short blonde girl is…so at least for those reasons, the show is alright with me.

…yes I would pounce-attack Miyam without the slightest hesitation…had a thing for that girl since her older show Blossom. She has that nerdy-girl hotness factor that is absolutely irresistible to me…the world needs more girls like that. :sweat:


bialik is an ugly ass hoe. even mrs wolotiz is better looking


never watched an episode of Big Bang, I think I’ve seen pretty much all the best bits in GIF format =/


keep your braincells…dont ever watch that show


yeah, so far I don’t recall actually laughing at the show at all… so yep, another show I only watch because of the girls that are on there.

I was listening to music from Penny Dreadful earlier, and watched that incredible intro sequence again…it’s one of my favorite intros of all time, easily…and I highly recommend that show to anyone who for whatever silly reason missed it. (*there’s only about 2 minor gripes I had with the show, which of course are definitely spoilers; 1 being an anticlimactic resolution concerning a major…character…and the other being how another certain literary classic character never got fully explored since it ended with season 3 where he was introduced…surely they had plans for “the good doctor” in a season 4 that sadly never happened) Behold the greatness:

:clap: It’s so good I intend to add this to my collection…

…and yeah, call me old fashioned but I still prefer to actually own shows and movies that I care enough about. It’s not good enough for me when it’s on Netflix or any other streaming thing… because you know those rights eventually expire, and one day your favorite show suddenly isn’t on the streaming service anymore. When you own the shit just like the good ol’ days…it’s yours permanently, as long as it’s in proper working condition.


It’s why I got the boxsets for Chuck before they took it off Netflix, because I knew that was gonna happen.

Only t.v. series I own on box set too.


So HBO is developing a show about a world where the Confederates won the Civil War.

Am I the only one tired of shows and movies about or containing slavery?


Meanwhile…coming to Amazon Prime: