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holy shit this show, man… so I’m finally watching Preacher episode 3…they didn’t shy away from showing…



…that one girl that tried to kill herself. The scene is quite depressing for a variety of reasons… but whoah… blood spray and brains all over the place. It was kind of funny that “Arseface” guy was trying to scoop some of her brain matter back into her head…

damn, man…the insanity of this show …I never read the book, but I love how crazy this show is…it’s also funny to see people’s reaction when you describe it and the basic gist of what’s going on in the story.

*whoahhh now there’s a freak in a dalmation costume?! hahah “…and doggystyle…that will be $12,000.00” This show, man :lol:

Ruth Negga continues to look absolutely tasty in each scene… I think her fine little ass needs a spanking. :sweat:


you gotta add the good info…its from the writers of GOT…they havent been winning in the minority department from jump. This is not helping at allll.


HBO didn’t handle the announcement or the criticism well either. Hopefully the backlash at least makes them think twice about the writing that goes into this show.


Game of Thrones?


The strain is back… I havnt watched it yet. Its in my downloads but im binge watching breaking bad, while only stopping for GOT and Rick and Morty.


yeah. hbo gettin mad cocky these past few years. to the point when got became the most pirated torrent on the web and hbo goes…and we still got mad numbers we dont give a fuck.


Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars comes this fall, oh man we all have been waiting for this! Who is Ramsey going to bring back??? So interesting! Too bad Keith passed away, he would of been a solid choice. Bonnie was cool, Petrozza should of won Season 4, man there’s too many good picks. Paula needs to come back, but not Elise fuck that hoe yo!!! Top 3 my ass. Russell is crybaby, I hope that fucker doesn’t make it either. Oh man, this is so good.

Yeeeep Josh needs to come back


You know I’m down for more Hell’s Kitchen Ramsayisms…


Long time Simpsons composer Alf Clausen fired in cost cutting measure…



So I finally finished my breaking bad binge watch… fantastic show plenty of ups and downs with downright gangsta shit at times. Onto the strain… i’m up to episode 3 its meh but ive started so ill finish. For the next binge: the defenders.


hope they get help from Cary Fukunaga


Nic needs Cary. They are like Mobb Deep together


Elise confirmed! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Lmao why Ramsey?

Van confirmed!


lol he’s got like 4 or more shows. Top Chef, Hotel Hell, and Kitchen Nightmares are all good.

“Fuck me!”

Chef Ramsey reminds me of that 1SG or CSM in the army let alone a drill sergeant


The Strain - Nooooooooo!!!
The Mist has had a couple of great episodes recently, the crazies corrupting the masses is it what I enjoyed most about the movie.
Ray Donovan, this season is gonna be a tough watch, still compelling writing.
Halt and Catch Fire is back, I have a love hate relationship with this show. I love the characters but these guys single handily creating the information age is just getting more and more unbelievable.


Classic intro song…


So I’m checking out the new season/episode of American Horror Story…heh, they’re really laying it on thick with last year’s election results here… some of the characters breaking down in tears… it actually seems like intentional comedy here— one character says “How dare CNN not give us a trigger warning before announcing this…” :lol:

On another note… my baby Sara Paulson continues to look gorgeous… such a shame she plays for “the other team” in real life.

Holy shit annnnnnd on the 2nd scene here we go with some creepy clown shit out of nowhere. Oh how I’ve missed this show :clap:


Well here we go… THE STRAIN series finale is on now.

It’s no surprise that they basically wasted a lot of time this season, and hardly anything major happened until these last 2 or 3 episodes. I just want to see how it all ends. At least Quinlan will get to be awesome as usual.

ha, and just as I was typing… 1 “red-shirt” is already done…haha that dude didn’t even last 2 minutes into the finale here.

*I wonder how much involvement Guillermo Del Torro had with this show over the years here? I’ll bet it gradually faded away over time… most people probably forgot by now that he had anything to do with this.

Interesting… some quick info--


fkn zack with ANOTHER nuke lol

strain done I guess? pretty good series overall.


[quote=“Geese_Pants, post:3028, topic:134250”]

You know I’m down for more Hell’s Kitchen Ramsayisms…


my face hurts from laughing :rofl:

he called someone a DONUT :rofl: