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yeah, from watching the Aftershow of it… now I’m wondering how The Strain would’ve turned out if Guillermo continued to be involved… apparently he kinda walked away before season 1 was even over! :lol: Odd… I thought season 1 was good… good enough to at least keep me hooked and interested in the future of the show.

My only disappointment right from the start was in how weak the common vampires are. They can be killed in such normal/boring ways… like they aren’t much different from zombies. If you shoot them enough times they’ll die… you don’t even need special bullets either. They can even be killed just by hitting them hard enough… like you take a baseball bat to their face a few times…they’re done, just like an ordinary human…or if you run over them with a moderately fast-moving vehicle…and really, that’s just lame, man.

I do enjoy the idea of there being a hierarchy of the species… but the vampire should always be more difficult to kill than a normal human…even the low-level ones. This is one of the things CW’s shows got right… over those shows, you have only a few very specific ways to kill them (the usual- stake to the heart; burning to death in the sunlight [with no enchanted object protecting them], or cutting their heads off), and anything that falls short of that is ineffective.


Im gonna watch it after work. Does it stack up to the book ending?


I finally finished it… there’s quite a few differences…well, spoiler tag even though few other people seem to care about this show/book story (and for whatever strange reason; only a few of us even read this thread)

[details=Spoiler] like for one, my honey Nora was still alive to the end. Also; Gus was killed…and damn he went out hardcore, man… stood his ground trying to shoot down Stoneheart helicopters while getting eventually torn up in a hail of gunfire.

The Occido Lumen was even more important…since it lead them to the site of Master’s origin…which I guess he needed to be killed there for it to count. The final battle scene with Eph, Quinlan and Master also seemed more exciting and eventful in the book, imo. Also-- Eph was NOT turned in the book, and he was the one to set off the bomb…not Zach. The remains of the ancients were also there at the origin site.

The show also never referenced the connection with angels, if I recall. They probably would’ve done so if the show had more time… 10 episodes is quite a short season. It would’ve been cool to see that flashback that showed you exactly what “Master” is. It is possible that Setrakian’s line in the show kinda hints at that—when addressing Master through Eichorst… he acknowledges that he is an ancient evil thing that has hungered for us “since the beginning” (the beginnings of the human race)…something like that.[/details]

Minor differences to nitpick–
Women in the “blood-camps” had their heads shaven; either the showrunners or the actresses themselves didn’t want to do that level of detail for this, I assume?
Quinlan-- in the book he does look more like “Vaughn”. That whole situation is still funny to me…from what I hear, Vaughn was indeed supposed to be “Quinlan”…but something about it wasn’t working out or they didn’t like how that was shaping up…which is why Vaughn and his crew were unceremoniously killed off…and the character got re-introduced with the actual name “Quinlan” later. Notice that (like some other things)—there was no further reference to Vaughn at all for the rest of the series…haha like he and that crew just never existed :lol:

*edit-- I did enjoy the re-designed Quinlan more though… it is more like DMC or Blade, with the cool trenchcoat to go with the sword/gunslinger style. (*random—BRUH, how awesome would it be for someone to mod in a “Quinlan” look for Dante in one of the DMCs?! Holy shit, man… someone should just make a Quinlan game in the same style… I’d buy it.)




Wait what?

I thought Sabrina the Teenage Witch was lighthearted comedy?

When the hell did they reboot it as dark and edgy?


Probably following a similar route as Riverdale…


not everything in archie comics is lighthearted anymore.


I grew up on the reruns of the live action tv show and watched some of the cartoon.

I didn’t really read Archie comics like that to begin with, so all I knew was the show. I didn’t even know she was part of the Archie universe. But I doubt my 8 year old self was paying that much attention.


The show had good material to work from, and was marred by weird choices, like retconning Quinlan, and diverging from the source material. In the end, the show was intended for a limited run. While it jumped the shark for me at the end of Season 2, I think the producers had to deal with crafting a story that fit the constraints. It’s better to end a series than to have it canceled a la Firefly, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, or Dracula.


The cancellation of Dracula is still one that hurts me… besides always loving vampire-related shows and movies (aside from that one notorious book/movie piece of shit that will go unnamed)… I genuinely enjoyed that show too. I should’ve seen it coming though since it was on NBC, and they are quick to cancel anything that isn’t pulling insane numbers.

*I went on and skipped to American Horror Story episode 3… for some reason it’s a hassle to see episode 2 (*On Demand service here only offers the Ad-free version, which costs extra money and fuck that… I can see episode 1 OR 3 for free but not 2? Yeah I was too annoyed by this to bother.) This season is kind of silly at the moment… I’m mainly watching to check my honey Sarah Paulson… and it looks like that actress who was “Mary Carey” from Popular is on there as the blonde neighbor…? Hahah it’s funny that she’s married to a fruitcake…(they have marital “issues” as a result)



Anybody here watch Narcos? One of the location scots got murdered in Mexico.
People making dumb decisions in pursuit of authenticity, this was 100% avoidable.


I’m gonna check this out…


I’m glad Hell’s Kitchen is back. Van needs to win this, totally a chill dude! Elise is still a bitch, but she might have improved in the kitchen!


I believe Elise was brought back just to start shit…her flexing those arms though.

I legit marked when I saw Giovanni, Millie, and Van.

So The Exorcist got renewed? I did not see any advertising for this at all…and I was semi regularly watching Fox all summer.


whoah I forgot The Exorcist as a show even existed… never got around to watching that… I’m slightly interested but I have so many shows already taking up my time.

On another note, apparently an Underworld tv show is in the works…and with that being another vampire/wolves kind of thing of course I’ll be all over that like flies on shit.


is anyone watching orville? I know its a mcfarlane show and all, but im finding its a great alternative to star trek discovery. Hits alot more to than the traditional followings of a trek show


I called that bullshit elimination on Hell’s Kitchen…still a bullshit elimination.


Didn’t see that one coming, but good call on Ben. Health problems, slow, and he would of been a liability for the blue team down the road. Unfortunately he did not age gracefully.

Elise was MY pick to go home though, she had the worst service. It’s not even about me hating her all that much; raw steak, raw pork, whatever man. That shit was distinguishing. There’s a lot of chef’s on the Red team that actually think they are better than what they really are, or at least what they have shown to be.


I know Ben wouldn’t have lasted long after seeing he has diabetes…but to be the one to go on the back of how bad Elise did?

Elise started crying when Ramsay was calling Giovanni over.