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That’s what I hate about the new school Ramsey, he doesn’t have the patience as he once did. Any signs of weakness or exploits then BOOM you’re done, Dave would have NEVER won Season 6 underneath this Ramsey. Lots of chefs over the years got sent home even when they clearly showed potential over the field. For the sake of ratings, I get that sometimes he does this, but over the years it has gotten way overboard. I love HK so much that I’ll never stop watching either way though lol.

Ben is cool. He wasn’t one of my favorites, but I like his personality. He definitely showed that he matured a lot from Season 5, and that is my biggest pet peeve with this Red team. It’s just a bunch of out of control girls jocking for popularity, and I don’t see any black jackets on this Red team. I don’t. When I look at the Blue team, there’s Vann, Jarret, Benjamin on a good day, Milly, and etc.

It will be interesting to see who actually goes over there when the gender switch happens.


Van Helsing is back!
Electric Dreams has been disappointing, this week’s ep The Commuter has been the best by far. Hopefully, the next episode with Steve Buscemi is even better.


X-Files Season 11 trailer…


So glad they are bringing the X-Files back! :33 skully


Well, despite not getting caught up on the end of season 2 like I planned, here I am watching the premiere of season 3 Supergirl. Heh, they have “Nathan Petrelli from Heroes” on here now. I still see that guy as that character, even when seeing him in old shit (*like I just recently found out he was in “Near Dark” back in the day)

Of course my honey Supergirl herself, her sis and other girls on the show look absolutely incredible as usual.

“James Olsen” continues to be hilariously miscast. It’s really quite the joke… like if you had a Batman movie and put an elderly homosexual midget from Kenya as Bruce Wayne/Batman…or a fat Mexican woman playing Daredevil. That’s how “off” the shit is, imo.

Martian Manhunter spin-off show… someone at CW should really make this magic happen. This character is entirely too awesome to not have his own show.


Manda had to refire her station SIX times and she gets to stay? BS man. I hate that bitch, she just seems snobby.


Yeah…still Ashley looked like she really didn’t give a shit.

The men are beasting this season.


I sometimes wonder how the show would have been if it started out on the CW.


I hope Elise rips Josh to shreds…


Interesting switch! Get em’ Elise!


Forgot about Red Dwarf. Season 12 is already 3 episodes in… and you can barely tell anybody aged.


Damnit Josh…during service no less.


That guy was a disaster, Ramsey had no choice.

Ironically, the first guy to EVER be thrown out of HK during a dinner service was a guy named Josh in S3 :lol:


I don’t actually agree with Ramsey’s decision. A good chunk of the blue team could have been up there tonight.

Vann served raw pork, Jarred lied and showed no fight, and Robin is just not that good. If I were Ramsey, I would have sent BOTH of them home, that would have been the correct decision. I also agree 100% with Giovanni–that was a bitch move by Robin.


Jarrod getting the boot was funny to me…he was bitching to his exit.

Agree on Robyn being mediocre as fuck…she’s all hype.


Amazon doing a LOTR series


so much bad producers in hollywood


My pick Giovanni got sent home…crap.


Bad call by Ramsey again. Robin couldn’t even open the fucking Oysters correctly, so how do you pick that over Giovanni’s lack of detail? If that’s the case, then Milly should have gotten sent home too. Gio can cook CIRCLES around Robin, and that’s a fact. I hate when Ramsey does this, he starts thinking long term with his restaurants and trims down all the older contestants.

Anyway, it was still a good epd. Things are heating up!


Ok, kinda late on this: So apparently, the internet’s opinion is the new MacGuyver sucks…but on it’s own merits…DOES it? I watched an ep about putting out a fire in an african oil field, and it seemed ok, even good at times.