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so yeah the only show I have been watching was Black Mirror but man that San Junipero episode was the most boring episode I watched but the " Internet " loves it




Man, these eliminations are weaksauce. I’ve seen people get kicked off this show worse than that. I know we are getting down to the wire and things are tightening up, but come on.

Van will be missed. I don’t know why the blue team keeps throwing Milly under the bus like that, he’s been very consistent so far. I like this Benjamin more than the one in Season 7, this dude looks focus asf. Barbie is not a great cook, but she’s not as bad as the red team makes her out to be. Seriously, like everything is overblown over there. Barbie needs to go to the blue team, and Robyn back to the red.


I saw this show from SyFy…Happy!

SyFy also put up the first episode on YouTube:

Some obvious Crank references…I enjoyed this more than I should.


Barbie no! Damn man, these girls are livid lol. Benjamin still my top pick to win it all.


Red team fucked themselves over hard…Robyn is riding the men’s momentum.

I want Robyn gone.


The fact that Robyn is still in and Vann gone is all sorts of wrong lol. She’s had the most chances out of everybody so far. It’s just fucked up.

My top 3 is probably Milly, Ben, Elise or Jen


Leverage is one of those shows that I got to appreciate after it was canceled…


I loved Leverage when it was still airing new seasons. It’s one of those shows you don’t expect much from, but it surprises you in a lot of ways. I’ve always said the chemistry between the crew is what made the show work. Everybody had a different type of bond with each individual member, which was really solid writing.

Nobody talking about Runaways though? Just caught up and they’re doing the comic justice so far. Not as angsty as I expected.


Animaniacs yall.


Alright lets see if Ramsey eliminates Robyn because her service was bullshit.


edit2- 911? No exorcist?


Exorcist ended late November…may come back.

I was actually hoping the blue team would fuck up dinner service…because Robyn would finally be gone.

If Robyn somehow earns a black jacket next week…I’m gonna have to kick someone.


I have to kick someone…WTF!!!


LOL. Omg that was so fucking tense man, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Robyn is…I dunno man. Listen, I’ll give credit where credit is due, and she had the stronger dish in the end, so Ramsey got it right. It was just sooooo close between her and Jen. I still don’t think she can win this thing, but congrats on the jacket.

What happened to Elise? Talk about a meltdown. No more drama, no more outburst, bye felicia!


I’ll admit…those challenges were intense.

I’m meh about Elise going.
I personally don’t want that drama when it’s black jacket time…but before Robyn!!!

I’m hoping that being in the Black Jacket team exposes Robyn…and she’s eliminated per the course.

I see now the case for Benjamin…dude keeps getting better.
The final 2 is hard for me to call this time.


Yeah, I picked Ben, Milly, and Elise as my Top 3. Michelle is fairly decent at times, but I figured Ramsey would keep Elise longer for the ratings LOL. All of Season 14 made the cut so congrats to them.

So now I think it comes down to Ben, Milly, and Michelle.


Ben has returned to being cocky LOL, and he still can’t communicate just like he did in Season 7!

RIP Robyn, no shocker. Milly kinda went HAM at the end there, calm down bro. You’re up against ROBYN lol that’s an auto win.


Man…Millie losing his cool at elimination over Robyn…I had to shake my head.

Millie is way better than Robyn…he didn’t need to “keep it real” in front of Gordon.

What’s amazing is that I never saw him pop off when he was competing in Food Network Star.

For what it’s worth…it was cool of Ramsay to let Robyn keep her black jacket.


Poor Milly, the passion is there. He’s not ready, but what a great opportunity for him to study under Ramsey in London. That actually might be a bigger reward than the Vegas prize lol.

Michelle had a bad service, I’m not sure what Ramsey is thinking. It should be Ben vs Nick, the most technical chief vs the most calmness chief.


Congrats to Michelle for winning Hell’s Kitchen Allstars.

I would say that Ramsay chose youth over experience…but I feel Benjamin lost control of his team.
He gave Robyn too many chances to fuck up the meat…and to basically force Ramsay to intervene?

I hope Millie follows through with Ramsay’s offer…he has great potential.