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I wanted Ben to win, but Ramsey made the correct decision. Ramsey has a history of doing this too, such as not choosing Petrozza from Season 4 and going with youth.

Michelle on the other hand is really talented. It wasn’t made apparent to me at the beginning because that’s when Ramsey normally boots out the younger contestants, but there’s a reason he kept her around and I finally understand why. She can work the kitchen, and when you can get somebody like Elise to put out food for you, that’s gotta be special lol. Congrats Michelle.


…for real?


Anybody watching Homeland? I thought this show jumped the shark 2 seasons ago but this season has been nuts :fearful:


Westworld Season 2 trailer

Can’t wait for April 22.


Meat-eating orchids forgive no one just yet.

Fucking sick.


I watched the season premier of Westworld Season 2 last night. I like how Dolores turned into

The Terminator.


Wow…for real??


So Fox pulled the cord on Brooklyn '99…the constant schedule changes were telling.

Hope it gets picked up elsewhere.


Not surprised at Quantico…but surprised at Designated Survivor.

…Brooklyn 99 is saved by NBC!


Can someone please save Last Man on Earth! it shouldn’t have ended on THAT cliffhanger :frowning:


Roseanne fucked up…


What did Roseanne say exactly? The tweet was deleted.


She called former President Barack Obama’s advisors Valerie Jarrett a cross between the Muslim Brotherhood & Planet of the Apes…among other things.

I didn’t know that Wanda Sykes was a writer on the show…she quit earlier.


Yikes. Good on ABC for cancelling it then.


Roseanne can’t own her racism…


Season 2 of WestWorld needs to win some awards, this is some brilliant TV.


Good for the show…


Interesting to see how they write off Roseanne…


Not surprised they would pull that move. They’ll retain the majority of the cast and writers to keep most of the show as is, but axe Roseanne almost completely from the picture in one fell swoop. But 10 episodes means it’s a trial run since they’re not confident they can pull it off it successfully and still have a ratings juggernaut. She was the face of the show but royally fucked it up for everyone, so this is a middle ground approach to make up for it.


Fucking hell.

MTV is really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Sheesh.