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no scraping would be a 20th season of 16 and pregnant


Joss wants a black female to play Buffy…


^haha, of course…that shit doesn’t surprise me anymore at this point.

*hmm…that makes me wonder though if there has ever been a black girl named “Buffy”? There was some big-booty broad some years ago going by “Buffie the Body” (always posing for mags like Smooth and King, Just for Black Men, etc.) but I assume that was probably not her real name anyway.

Surprisingly, I was never a fan of the Buffy show, even though I’m probably the world’s #1 fan of supernatural stuff, especially if it’s vampires… I enjoyed the movie and that was about it (*Kristy Swanson was the hotter version. Sarah was cute and definitely hittable but not quite on par with Kristy, at least back then.)… I’ve seen maybe 2 or 3 episodes of the show.

The Originals is nearing the end now-- only 2 episodes remain and it’s all over :frowning_face: At least Hope goes on with her spin-off show (“Legacies”, I think is the name)
Sadly I have not heard any news on The Lost Boys tv show…not a damn word of it anywhere since last year; so I am losing hope on that one making it to air.
Ohhhh but I heard there’s a new one— Vampire Chronicles on Hulu! I heard that news just the other day and instantly became interested…looks like Hulu gains a new sub just like that.


Knight rider re-runs have started on Twitch:


On the one hand…I like Fraiser.
On the other hand…I’m content with how it ended.


the dad just died…why do this? he broke?


Seth reminiscing…


Anybody watching Strange Angel, it’s really good.


Hell, yes! Looking forward to the new season.


I recently watched the entire The Americans series on Amazon Prime. It’s about a married couple who are Directorate S KGB agents in the early-to-mid 1980s, towards the end of the Cold War when shit was getting intense. They are undercover agents who have been living in the US, outside of DC for 20 years, collecting intelligence and sometimes assassinating political figures, all the while posing as American travel agents. They’ve thoroughly assimilated into US culture, complete with a nice house and two children (who have no idea their parents are Russian spies!), and are “friends” with a counter intelligence FBI agent living across the street.

The show is amazing, with outstanding performances by Kerri Russel and Matthew Rhys. But it’s probably the most anxiety-inducing show I’ve ever seen. Definitely TV MA, it’s got some very violent scenes and there are very adult themes, and disturbing situations throughout. And it adds some historic context to what’s going on with Russian interference in the US election process. It’s a show that sticks with you for a long time after you watch. Highly recommend.


This show is pretty underrated given it’s a period piece but the slice of life/espionage theme is very compelling. The narrative is alright with some filler every now and then but the nuanced performances by the leads are terrific, especially one of my all-time favorites, Keri Russell.

It went out on a high note and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


…oh well.


It didn’t hurt Michael Bluth’s career when ancient Valerie-a dug too deep.


I started HBO’s Sharp Objects last night. Finished the first episode and I like what I’ve seen so far. Amy Adams’ character is a fucking mess.


yeh it was a great show but maybe one season too many.


Veronica Mars is coming back…again.


heh, sheeeeeeit, I only watched Veronica Mars because she’s so damn hot.

Lately I’ve been finally catching up on True Blood; watching on a daily basis since I recently bought the blu-rays. There’s some redheads on this show that are serious prime-time hotness. Deborah Ann Woll is definitely a new favorite that might end up in my Magnificent 5 rankings soon…the girl is incredible. Anyway, DAMN I hate that it’s taken this long for me to get around to watching this show. Of course it’s right up my alley with all the vampire and other supernatural stuff in there… and this is definitely a good representation of them, I’d say.

I’ve given up on the damn Lost Boys tv show ever becoming a reality… I haven’t heard any news on it since several months ago, sadly.


Anybody watch Salvation? I’ve had to fast forward through a lot of the love triangle bullshit but they really did a good job with the ending, even though it may have been obvious a couple of episodes before when they shot the rail gun. Predictions

it’s from Tanz but from the future


The Boys series teaser…


Is that Carl Urban lol? okay I’ll watch