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Hell’s Kitchen RvsV has been fun. I’ll quickly recap some stuff:

Good call on Gizzy, she’s likable but 0 confidence to be a head chef. What the hell was that last dish though? Her palette needs some work. We will never know how well Chris could have been, dude was totally mindfucked so yeah another good call. I was surprised by Kevin, I just knew that dude would be in the black jacket but he tried to be too much of a leader instead of letting it flow naturally, once Ramsey saw this, gave him the boot. T suffered the same fate, no communication at times, and let the team down. Jen is jen.

I don’t know why people don’t like Trev, Scotley annoys me more than him. With that said, Trev is a bit cocky, so I can understand that part. He makes amateur mistakes too, it amazes me he got this far. Bret is passionate, but I dunno man. Not head chef material to me, sometimes he’s out of control.

Mia has talent, she will be in a black jacket. Ariell is dangerous this time around, that’s another black jacket. Those two for sure will be BJ or my head will spin.


Hmm…still waiting on that New Gods project.


its interesting to see someone who bombed her last movie do sumtin like this. i wonder if oprah helped her land this


Good call on Scotley. Wtf happened to this dude? In the beginning he was energetic, helpful, and caring. Then midway he just stop giving a fuck. He was letting the smallest shit get under his skin, I dunno. I noticed the change once Gizzy left, maybe that had something to do with it. I really liked having Roe around and it’s a shame Ramsey had to push her out.

I DON’T hate Trev, but the guy is really getting pushed around. Lost control of his station and let Jose push him off damn near, I’m surprised Ramsey didn’t notice this. Normally, that’s an outta boot out of the competition this late in the game. He’s just mediocre in a lot of areas, I can’t see him being the head chef

Top 5 is looking like Ariel, Motto, Mia, Heather, and a toss up out of Bret or Kanae. I’m actually surprised Kanae made it this far, I’ve been underestimating her.


sheeeit, I was thinking this thread was just gone, actually…

holy crap, man… I had heard about the new Charmed being super “woke” but I didn’t know things were this bad… this shit is hilarious :laughing:

It seems like it has “infected” the full lineup of CW shows at this point…they’re doubling down and going hard on the extreme “lefty” shit…with most “MESSAGE” scenes being about as subtle as a blast from a shotgun.

*as with any CW show though… at least the girls are smokin’ hot…so I will probably always watch just for that.

*edit–I found this while searching around to see if any vids were made about that show “Legacies”…but apparently no one out there even cares about that shit enough to make youtube videos about it. :rofl: …but yeah it’s the same thing, but not quite as “on the nose” as Charmed looks to be. There is one scene though where the goodie 2 shoes (aka lame as hell) vampire “MG” just out of the blue says “…and I’m a feminist, soooo…”

*edit—sheeeit, if I were writing things on Legacies…one thing to do would definitely be to have Hope Mikaelson “die”, which triggers her vampire side…she’d wake up a few minutes later with full access then to all 3 aspects of her lineage, instantly being big-time top tier… all the advantages of being a Mikaelson vampire + werewolf + witch power. Game-breaker status there, folks.


Caught up on Hell’s Kitchen…Mia and Kanae are fine!

Anyway, agree on Scotley . I’m not a fan of Trev, but for real Scotley was getting way too cocky and talking way too much shit as the days went buy, and I’m glad Ramsay called him out on it.

I see the black jakcets:


Still rooting for Brett to win…but he’s too emotional and it will end up costing him.


Syfy uploaded the first episode of Deadly Class…


This is the most anime TV show ever lol. I’m fuckin sold. Literally 2 manga running with a similar plots atm but I know this was a comic first that predates the mangas.


YEARS late but I finally finished all of True Blood (my regular place finally had the blu ray version of season 7 so I just bought it a few days ago)…goddamn what a show… it’s the new undisputed champ of vampire/supernatural shows for me…things got extremely bizarre around the middle of this series but I was still loving it…then it ended up finishing strong with some major shockers and interesting things in terms of the lore in the final 2 seasons or so.

Most finales to shows are disappointing or downright terrible, but I was ok with the series finale here. This show is definitely a valued piece of my collection…definitely watching it all again and again later. Finales to great shows are always a bittersweet thing too… even if it’s a great ending…it’s unfortunate that you know that’s truly the end right there.

*one nitpick though… I still don’t like how at the start of the final season, a certain major character got killed off-screen…(*you don’t see it happen…they just look over and that person is already a clump of bloody mess on the ground) that never really sits well with me.


Anybody catch the finale of Timeless? :sob:




Damn…the men have been trash this season on Hell’s Kitchen.

Yeah Trev fucked up on the taste challenge…but the bullying was really unnecessary.

Yeah it’s looking like all four remaining ladies will get black jackets.


For some reason, I like Trev more than Bret, but Ramsey got it right. The thing is that Bret did something you never, ever do during dinner service. That’s like a big fucking no-no. To me, Bret just seems fake. I dunno if he’s that passionate or putting on a good act sometimes. It’s hard to tell.

Bret CAN cook circles around Trev though. Trev did much better in S8, but he’s still inconsistent asf. Nothing really has changed from then until now.


The Boys trailer…


Anybody watching Project Blue Book?


Wow @ Syfy getting the TV rights…


yeah, I’m interested in Project Blue Book, but I ended up missing episode 2 and 3 so I need to get caught up before the new one tonight… the concept is fascinating to me, especially since “Blue Book” was apparently a real program that was kept “top secret” for decades.

*sidenote—it’s unusual to see “Enzo” from Vampire Diaries playing that part of the Air Force dude, putting on a general American accent…ha, Enzo and “Damien Darhk from DC” working together.

THE PASSAGE <—this shit is awesome, folks. Vampires. It’s action+horror (and I guess sci-fi?? This does have a more scientific take on vampires, which they just call “virals” in the show). Check it out; Mondays, 8pm Central on Fox…last night was episode 3 so this one is fresh; easy to get caught up on.


I plan to catch up on The Passage…partly because of Caroline Chikezie.

Had a thing for her since supernatural.


This seems so 90s…


The Nineties weren’t that dumb.