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Well, u got Lucifer solving crimes in LA. Lets like act like that fellas…



Hyped for this…



I just got caught up on episode 4 (“Whose Blood Is That?”) of The Passage …BRUHHHHH this show… hell yeah, man! :+1:

Congrats to Carter for snaggin’ that cute ass little PAWG Rachel…the flashback in this episode shows us where it all went horribly wrong for him though

The psychic abilities of the “virals” is quite the interesting take on that aspect of vampire lore. They can get in your head and from that point on just show up whenever to speak with you…even when they aren’t physically close by, apparently. The last few moments of this episode kicked ass, man. Carter on the tail end of the flashback scene but with Fanning there in his mind, telling him he only has a few more seconds to make this choice he mentioned earlier…he did and the resulting thing that happened was awesome. This is definitely my top priority show at the moment.

Project Blue Book-- I’m just now realizing Ksenia Solo is that cute blonde that befriended the physicist’s wife. (*she has quite the nice Russian-sounding accent she can fall into, and happens to be a native of Latvia…so it’s now pretty clear what her character might be about if they didn’t already say so earlier. I first saw this cute little thing as the sidekick Kenzi Malikov on the show “Lost Girl”)



One to watch, “from the writings of Bruce Lee” i.e the original Kung Fu script that Hollywood screwed him over and was turned into the David Carradine version. There’s some great talent involved in this, directed by Justin Lin and Johnathan Tropper (co-creator of Banshee).



That’s interesting…






Like invincible I am hesitantly excited and cautiously optimistic about this.

The boys is seriously fucked up. I’m wondering how much they’re going to omit from this series.

Just from the first few issues alone there is a lot of murder, sexual assault/borderline rape, and drug fueled orgies that includes a dude being fucked with a strap on.

It fucking hits the ground running with all the fucked up shit and debauchery. It’s so fucking good though.

Karl Urban is in it. So it’s got that going for them.

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Nick reviving All That with Kenan Thompson as executive producer.

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it’s a relief to know that The Lost Boys tv show is still on… CW ordered a pilot episode recently…now, the concern of course is whether or not CW show-runners will be heavy-handed with the girl-power/diversityx1000 thing as they have been lately… there’s already talk of the Frog Brothers now being the Frog Sisters instead:

…buuuut, I don’t really see this case as a deal-breaker. It’s not quite as ridiculous as the drastic changes they did to Jimmy Olsen, for example.
hell yeah, man… get some of my theme music going here…



I’m so hyped for this…hope Peele and CBS scores.



iTunes has all of 24 on sale for $29.99. It’s normally like $140 I think.

Super tempting. :thinking:



Critters is back…



Good Omens trailer…

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Ended up picking of the complete series of 24 (includes redemption) along with breaking bad for $30 each off iTunes. Will likely binge one of them while I’m still in the hospital. Thinking 24.



That’s a bargin. I’m meaning to go back and do a nostalga binge. Last time I did I watched the whole of Next Generation, Voyager and Deep Space 9. Think I’m going to binge Fringe and Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles



Yeah. They’re usually $120 each I believe. The only time I’ll buy digital “box sets” is when they go on deep discount like this.



I have doubts about this…



Lmfao this is fuckin still happening?? Everytime I read an update I keep thinking it’s a joke



Finally getting around to watching Happy. It’s so good. I love it. I’m so happy that Christopher Meloni went back to his dark comedy routes. His chemistry with Patton Oswald is on point too even with it just being Patton proving the voice for Happy. I really dig everything about the show though. The dialog is dark yet charmingly funny. I love all the set pieces, the secondary characters are really well thought out too. You can tell this is a huge passion project for Meloni who serves as executive producer.

I’m about halfway through season one and like I said absolutely love it. I picked up the Trade Paperback for it as well so I can read it after finishing Season 1. It should be a quick read. It was only a 4-issue series.

Anyways. I highly recommend it. :+1:



I bought the trade after watching the show…it’s hilarious.

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