Tell me something about Guile that only you or a few people know



I’ll start. Guile actually gets knocked back further than other characters. Many Ken players have to take one of their LP’s out of their BNB to account for this otherwise their DP will whiff.


If you backhand immediately after a back throw you get a safe jump in.


Even on 3frame DP’s?


Neutral jump lp works pretty awesome as an immediate Air to Air attack.



Upside Down Kick can be used to directly counter Chun-Li’s Hazanshu on reaction.

Hazanshu moves her hitboxes forward early in activation causing her to immediately be ‘close’ to you before she visibly reaches you. Possibly works on other attacks that behave in a similar fashion but I haven’t noticed any yet. Most of the time it will hit clean but will occasionally whiff. If it does hit clean, it tends to hit late in active frames which gives you an additional frame(s?) to work with for linking. For example, in AE 2011 you can link to close st.hp even though this shouldn’t be possible.

Bonus: UDK beats alot of Abel’s crap but hilariously it can also cause a point-blank Breathless to whiff due to the duration of throw invincibility. I’ve only seen this once when I did UDK on Abel’s wakeup and he did wakeup U2 which pushed me the full distance but never actually grabbed.


Guile’s EX FK can be avoided (close range) on wakeup by any shoto without taking any chip damage.
So watch out if you wanna chip someone out who has 1% health left, EX FK would usually do the job from very close range, but it can be avoided by a dash back.
The timing is another thing and only 1 out of 100 shoto players actually know this.


You can bait and air back air throw Chun’s wake up ex bird kick with a meaty neutral jump. If she bird kicks at the last moment she will catch you.

Crouch hk and stand hp can cancel into super.

Banka hates couch techs.

Gen gates stand hp

Try crossing up Rufus with jump lk then immediately cross up the other way. Punish.


Or jump back…


I’m not by a console right now, but does Guile have a safe neutral jump after his forward throw?


If rufus does EX messiah in the early frames of guile’s, the EX messiah will fly over guile’s head allowing guile to punish with df+hk > FK > FADC > U2. It’s very risky, but if you are 100% sure the rufus is going to wakeup with an EX messiah, go for it!

Also, rufus’s like to do EX messiah after blocking guile’s crossup lk, so do crossup lk > and the EX messiah will go over guile’s head. Kill him!

FYI, guile recovers 25f before his opponent after his forward throw, so no he can’t safejump after it since it requires a minimum of 40f to safejump with guile.


Thanks Gilley, frame data I had was hard to read!. That’s some cool Rufus tech though.


j.lp is Guile’s most high-priority jump-in. is the best normal for tagging wall jumps / wall dives due to it having a combination of the highest and furthest hitboxes while remaining active for a good period. is an excellent tool for getting people to jump. I use it to hide a down charge and then flashkick after they walk forward and jump. For some reason, everyone instintively jumps on it.

You can do the same thing with

Guile’s only real solid frame trap is c.lp > wait a tick > s.hp. If you score a counterhit, you can combo a sweep. More practical the UDK for high level play, since most players have already caught on and crouch tech with strong.


Walk flashkick (only get a half step) but it works wonders when you whiff cr.jab twice and take a half step forward into flashkick.


Guile can kara boom and flash


Is that a question or a statement?




I dont play guile, but I dont understand why not more of them FADC through fireballs into ultra, its so strong.
Dont know if they arent aware of it.
db hold, FADC, b, f, ppp


It’s dangerous. You can do it with U1 and super as well. It’s shenanigans but often it’ll catch a poke from an aggressive player.


its a huge risk and both ultras have slow startup. Very difficult to buffer this and see that you can safely execute before hitting buttons.