Tell me something about Yun

I’ll start.

His s.jab , walk forward s.jab/throw is a good mixup. You have lots of time to walk forward after a blocked jab.

For ground cc I like to do (, c.fierce (x1-3), c.roundhouse, s.roundhouse, (shoulder, palm) x N

Off of a close (ie a meaty attack, or activate close xx, (land) close s.fierce xx shoulder, palm, shoulder etc…

I like to do random shoulders.

s.short and are my favourite footsies moves. I use them to help me get into s.jab range. Also like to use the jab lunge punch and fierce shoulder every now and then to give them more to think about. (Same with s.roundhouse and c.roundhouse).

I like to walk into their range and then immediately sj into lk/mk dive kicks. Or at least i like to try to. It can set up a cc activation or at least get some damage or force them to block. The main thing here is to try to counter hit limbs.

His c.jab has a more reach than his c.short, so I start off combos with c.short and do the last hit as c.jab. If they block it all you are still in s.short range so depending you can get a counter hit short, and use it to keep pressure.

RC qcb+P, but drum your fingers across all three of them for a stronger chance of getting the move palm strike to come out, do it too fast though you get a RC’d fake qcb+P move (qcb+PP). If you do don’t despair at least if you’re fast to capitalize on that you can get either a command grab/low jump overhead/d.LK mixup

For some reason Yuns RC’s seem easier when you’re not running. Dunno it’s likely just me not used to run->RC yet.
s.LP walk/run forward s.LP/RC command grab should be good, better even than the aforementioned mixup even which is best probably left to Okizeme.

Only his qcf+LP seems fast enough to combo off any of his low jump normals, though for this “single hit” confirm I’d go for low jump MK for its angle. You could likely link his fastest jabs after to combo qcf+MP/HP if the jabs are 2 frames fast or you hit with a HP/HK, at least with my experience playing Nako its like that for her.
(I haven’t tested qcf+lk yet)
(I’m sure you could go for a dp+lp mixup if Yun’s got any)
His sprite is very small during low jump LP, since the timing on qcf+LP is very lenient you can easily sneak this in, but I still like low jump MK.

For some reason Yuns RC’s seem easier when you’re not running. Dunno it’s likely just me not used to run->RC yet.

After the command grab you have to walk forward slightly (and immediately) to “link” combo close s.HP xx lvl 3 Youhou (spell it right?). For some reason its much more reliable and easier to simply go xx lvl 3.

You can play 2-Hit normals in air-to-air situations and probably set up a CC the same way Bison does with j.LP, j.HP… Though I don’t know any Yun’s CC’s off the top of my head. Help!

I think his punch throw can setup free jump in situations with his dive kicks, especially in the corner. Been trying to get this to work on and off the timing seems so varied you have no easy setups for it like Rolento vs Sagat. Still potential though with practice.

Is there a way to get a character to “flip out” during a CC and land an RC command grab as a sort of pseudo reset?

Be careful it’s more or less safe on block but you can be thrown out of it. I like incorporating this into blockstrings cancelling a dp+lp off blocked low jumps or close in blocked B&B’s.

Is there an easy “hit or miss” setup for his dive kick to crossup, or does he have a better crossup besides his dive kick?

i think if you knockdown with jab lunge punch… walk forward a bit… superjump forward -> roundhous dive kick… other than that just memorize the range that makes it ambiguous …

for super after command grab - i recomment

as far as i know once a character is being juggled in a-groove there is no way to get them out of the knock down state.

which rc’s are you trying to do when running? you have to stop the run with a roll, or the time it takes to stop from the run will mess up your timing.

after a punch throw im pretty sure you can do a dive kick and have plenty of time to recover… which means you can do ambiguous hit/hit deep/miss situations…

after a knock down i find in most cases it is better to be outside of throw range but inside of c.short range so you can c.short s.jab and then pressure however… i like the counter hit jab/throw/activate possibility. or c.short (if it hits you can have time to start reset your position so you would have to have it hit right before they would have to throw), walking and and doing his 3 hit standing chain or a throw after this is fun.

being inside throw range you can do your c.short, s.jab, s.short, chain or throw or do meaty, xx fierce lunge punch, or dash back and hope for a dragon/ throw/wiff c.short -> throw/wiff c.short -> c.short, c.short, c.jab xx lunge punch

Yun doesnt seem to be a very popular character :slight_smile:

Come on now… someone has to be able to tell me something about yun.

lol, what’s there to say?
He’s like Yuri in that he’s very good, but very weak
Not worth playing without RC’s, though some would argue against this with K-Yun,
for similar reasons why A-Blanka’s better than K, I argue RC Yun vs P/K Yun.

Describing the differences between those three RC grooves

C-Gives him airblock, corpsehop dash, sitting on lvl2 cancels, free use of AC’s.
A-Gives him corpsehop dash, activate…Generally A groove almost never AC’s…
N-Gives him run, lowjump, a strong powerboost (and the choice to use it), lvl 3’s (though u gotta pop for them) and free usage of AC’s, counter-rolls.

Main difference here, IMO is the tradeoff between his dash, with all mixups entailed including the corpsehop factor, and the lowjump, which gives him those similar mixups (albeit slightly slower) and a cancelable overhead. This is something that essentially remains a part of RC Yun’s game throughout the match and influences the mixups you choose highly.

-Dash to Command grab >low jump command grab, sets up a lot of his CC’s, Super combos, etc.

-lowjump to overhead (whatever normal you choose) xx lungepunch/whatever is just as fast and is arguably safe®->no worries about low shorts/forwards catching your dash-in, and you still keep those same mixups with the dash, though they are slower. Lowjump, command grab is slow enough that I wouldn’t advise that at all unless you’ve beaten the idea in your opponent’s head that you’re invincible or something.

After determining what his stronger mixups are

Perhaps its optimal use of his meter.
I think here that’s
N/A (tied, because N’s balance of using meter matches A’s “restriction” to CC’s)

I know I’ve done this before though. I think following a counter with Hibiki in the corner, jumping up activate HP sometimes knocks them into a flip so they’re unjuggleable for some reason. Next time I’m in training mode I’ll double check.

Well after a knockdown I’ll usually go for a run up RC Palm, since that move alone is safe and destroys a good chunk of guard.
Perhaps the shoulder move (dp+MP/HP), meatied and RC’d would be a good bet. Blocked you and your opponent are more or less even on advantage, connects you get a launch.

I disagree with the part about rc’s. But then again I dislike rc’s.

I find his rc palm and grab are the only moves worth rc’ing. His shoulder goes under enough things and for it’s range it should go through most moves anyway. Sagat c.fierce comes to mind…

i like rc palm anti wake up sometimes although i’ve pretty much stopped rc’ing. It’s definitely a great move but I find only to knock them out of dragons and get a huge counter hit (the option of doing good guard crush on block like you mentioned is great too). I guess it also has the advantage of scaring people off wake up dragons allowing you to do moves that give you better frame advantage.

As far as I know the shoulder does not have too many hitting frames, so using it as a meaty would not work too well, I think the full body invincibility would wear off much before the hitting frames.

I like, xx qcf+fierce against wakeup if i can land the hits. If not the gives you lost of poke string possibilities.

Well, if not RC’s then you’re stuck with K/P, and for damage purposes probably K, though with P you get low jump and dash, best of both worlds?
S of course isn’t really an option for this character, though there are some arguably good S characters (Still pale by comparison to top tier characters in top tier teams)

Hmm… Never knew the move itself went low enough to evade the d.HP. Gonna have to try that.

Yeah the d.MP strings are good, just regular old generic strats for most (if not all) characters up close.

On RC’s though, let’s look at it this way, the P-groove arguement generally applies for all characters. Even Iori though he’s best in N and generally looses out on a lot of stuff in theory you could play him easy like in P. That’s just P-Groove for you.

Then there’s K-groove, where life plays a factor in this. You can’t whore life gaining supers with it like Nako can in K, you get life back with all the JD’s and stuff but chances are you’re not going to JD everything and you’ll eat a combo here or there.

On what those two grooves have VS RC’s…

RC lunge punch gives him a ranged invicible counter poke he can use at least initially to convince the opponent that footsies isn’t worth it against him. Then again considering how weak Yun is persistance may win out against sense.

RC Palm and RC grab work wonders on guard and corner/dash/run strings with less thought/guesswork involved.

Those other two grooves can’t really do that, you have to risk option selects and such based on the opponent’s reactions.

Weighing in risk vs reward, RC Yun owns.

Though, RC Yun vs P/K would be problematic perhaps, considering he has no multi-hitting specials like RC Elec. But hey, that’s matchup specific almost, except for K which does see a lot of play of course.
Control those situations and avoid them when practical and you’re good to go.

Don’t know what else to jot down about Yun, perhaps matchups?

Ya if you or anyone has anything matchup specific I’d like to hear it… I havent played in a couple weeks so my matchup specific probably wouldnt be too good off the top of my head.

Like i said earlier i beleive in one of my first posts I like random shoulders. Free CC as i play a-yun.

I like to try to use footsies to try to make people use moves like c.fierce more often, I dunno how successful I am at this. It just makes the timing of dp+fp (i almost always use the fp unless i am faking with the jab) slightly safer… or at least that’s wha to try to accomplish.

Against cammy it took me a while to figure out what range yun wants to be in against this matchup. She has better range pokes, close s.fierce, bigger throw range, cannon spike… I found i really like his s.short range. At this range you can use s.short to hold your ground, or to walk forward slightly etc… s.short walk forward a bit… trying to get counter hits to move in closer etc…

Being at his max range of his qcf+jab move is good too, as you can use it to get you in closer and is hard to react to. This i a move I dont see the point in rc’ing as it makes it take longer to come out. Also you have to adjust for your spacing, which im sure that it isnt all that hard i just never bothered to. I think it gives them that extra few frames of freedom which allows them to continue walking forward/backwards to mess up your spacing as well. (the few frames during the roll, when normally they would be stuck in block for example against a non rc move)

If I didnt think about this now at work I’d go absolutely postal I think. Oh man sitting in an office all day gets tiresome…

I used to run N-Yun/Chun/Guile but that’s a really hard team to get a good handle on and keep your edge without constant practice.

So against specific characters let’s start with A-Blanka or C-Sagat.
I’ll do some testing at my place and let you know what I find Yun’s got at his disposal vs those two unless someone else wants to contribute.

I never got that CC with Yun btw which involves shoulder’s and palms. Is that sequence done only in the corner?

No, it’s full screen… easiest way to set it up is

c.fp, c.fp,, xx shoulder, palm xx shoulder, palm xx shoulder

(fierce punch palm and shoulders… if you can find videos of ken playing he does it)

If they jump and don’t hit anything you can do activate, command grab, s.strong, s.roundhousexxxshoulder, fierce palmxxxshoulder to corner, then end with close or mp shoulder into whatever.

also in the corner i like to do close s.fiercexxx mp shoulder as a counter hit set up or, c.lp,, far s.rh as poke string to get a knockdown off of the far s.rh