Tell me why certain Street Fighter games are so polarizing

I’m a relatively new player to the Street Fighter scene, and really only started playing them with the release of Street Fighter 4. I joined Shoryuken not too long ago, maybe sometime in Summer 2009, and ever since then I’ve read a lot of threads on people’s opinions on games in the Street Fighter series. Reading them, it seems like there is a lot of hate from certain players in regards to some of the games.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

I have little to no experience with this game, I’ve played it for all of five minutes. It does seem to be a love/hate game on SRK though. Some people think its the greatest fighting game ever made, others think its complete trash. The only things I’ve heard so far is that it ditched a lot of people’s favorite characters from 2, and some people really hated the parry system.

Street Fighter 4

This is another one a lot of people don’t like. I guess the chief complaint is that its too easy compared to other Street Fighter games. With my experience I still have a lot of trouble doing stuff like DP->FADC-> Ultra so I don’t really see how its easy, however I’m really inexperienced so that’s probably why.

Without starting a bloodthirsty debate on whether these games are awesome/suck, can some people give me a few reasons why these two Street Fighter games tend to be either loved or hated by Street Fighter veterans?

People just have different tastes, there’s no conspiracy behind it. You’re also more likely to enjoy a game you grow up learning, rather than a new iteratation that comes out later.

My theory has always been (and it could be fully wrong) that fighting games are systems we spend a lot of time learning. Players spend year after year getting better and learning the intricacies of the gameplay and all the different glitches, bugs, moves, timing, etc. So when you come around and toss that shit upside down and introduce something completely different, some which spent so much time and energy on the previous iteration tend to dislike the idea of starting over.

Again, I could be completely wrong, that’s just what I thought.

Very simple, the existence of fanboys validates the long old debate of 3s vs IV.

I don’t want to get into this topic because it’s become rather redundant now, but…I see good 3s players become/stay good in SF4, exact opposite vice-versa though.

The games are polarizing because people care too much, and because fighting games tend to appeal to a certain kind of personality. Most of the issues that people have with the games come down to ‘feel’ and are mostly aesthetic in nature.

sf2 HF is the purest form of SF because it doesn’t have anything in it really. Every game these days uses some type of meter and alternate engine mechanics. HF is pure footsies for the most part and that’s what SF was back in the day. If you couldn’t footsie, your ass was trash.

fast forward a few years to 3s. There is no wiff animation on a parry in 3s. You either tap dwn\fwd in order to get a parry. Well, during the footsie exchange spamming parry will eventually land you a parry, its 50\50 and you will guess right eventually. Since footsies were the thing that held SF together, the footsies in this game are VERY different. You can get extremely lucky in 3s by guessing and many people don’t like that. You can guess in other games but there is no real BIG risk for guessing in 3s. If chun guesses right with sa2 meter, you’re fucked for half life.

Everything about sf4 is too easy. Limited offensive chains, easy reversals, ultra’s make up the fact that a player is getting his ass kicked, huge jumps, longer input windows on specials, short cut inputs, and the game is just ridiculously slow. Its made for new players who can’t play any other SF.

its not about different tastes. Its about game design. The way developers make games these days is just utter trash. Every game can be beaten now on x360\ps3, they want you to beat it. How many NES games were just impossible to beat?

Everything is being made easier for the next gen.

Stop ruining threads long bullshit posts. You hate SF4 and 3s. We get it. You don’t need to turn everything into a debate.

Also I don’t think you understand what taste is.

Different people like different things.

It’s crazy, I know.

I will admit that accidental parries have won me matches in 3s

That’s all I can say on this

no, its just different tastes. 99% of SF players I know think the best SF game was the first one they played competitively (the 1% being a few new school cats who jock old school guys). There is nothing objective about that.

You’d think if HF was objectively such a better designed game, people would eventually come to this realization and play it. Instead, a handful of people just regurgitate some Jeff Schaeffer quotes, but don’t play it.

i do play HF, is it as much as the OG’s? no but I do play so you can shut that shit up real quick. I’m probably one of the few people who has gone out their way to play OG’s in their best games to get lessons.

I never said it was the better game, I said HF is nothing but footsies and thats what it is.


I wasn’t trying to say you don’t play specifically, but the number of people preaching the good word of HF is disproportionate to the people who actually play. In fact you’re the first person I’ve seen to have actually claimed to play it at all.

Although i’ll admit you can get extremely lucky in 3s by an accidental parry and guessing, you just can’t see deeper than that. If you are against some idiot who loves to play the 50/50 game and guess there are numerous ways to punish him for it. Breaking down a guessers game is simple, all he does is guess. And they can wiff a parry. I’ve punished endless guessers by just waiting an extra second to press a button. Or by just sitting in his face without pressing a button, a guesser will make a mistake right away if you don’t let him play his stupid interpretation of 3rd strike.

Because it’s the internet

Mountains of truth. There is really no one real answer to the question. Some people hate sfiv because its too much like sf2 some hate it because it is not enough like sf2. Some hate 3rd strike because of parries some hate it because… yeah pretty much everyone hates it because of parries.

People complained about SF II and wanted something new from capcom back in the days and when capcom tried something new with SF III and put new chars in everyone cried.

I heard that if you push light punch + light kick you can actually punish parry spammers.

Just sayin’

well, you are wrong here. It is not 99 percent anyways. I started with SFII in arcades when it first hit. Those days when there were many players hording around the machines and you had to put your quarter up and wait what seemed liked forever. I played SFII pretty much every day of my life back then. Had 3 arcades rgiht near me in the early and mid 90s.

I played Alpha, Darkstalkers, VS games and Tekken long before SF3, and I was in the arcades alomost every nite for many, many years. All I did wasp lay fighting games. The first Sf3 was ok and I barely played it. Double Impact was only in a mall a good ways away so didn’t play it much. When 3S came out I still played other games more.

It took me a long time to really understand and appreciate the depth and ingenuity of 3S, and I have been playing it competitively for many years now. and I am honestly am STILL learning stuff believe it or not. I didn’t start competitively with 3S, but it is my definite favorite.

When I see fools (yes, they are 100% fools to 3S) post on these forums about “guess” parrying and its easy or winning matches this way it just makes me shake my head at how ignorant these people are. If you are winning matches by “guess” parrying then you are either the luckiest bitch on earth or your opponent sucks.

I play GGPO pretty much every nite and not one player who is any good (only newbs suck on GGPO of course but i welcome any new players to 3S) and there is little to no “guess” parrynig on there. Only when you have a predictable opponent will you might try to guess when to parry and get lucky. You still have to know what to hit with and when after you parry though. Don’t always think you can parry a jab and land a big combo though.

Bottom line, if you play against a good opponent (someone who knows 3S well) you are NOT going to win trying to guess where and when to parry. The whole guess parrying thing is pure nonsense stated by scrubs on the net that know jackshit about 3S.

BUT this kind of mentality and the fact that most players don’t like losing is what prepents players from liking 3S. And also it takes a lot of time and dedication to get really beastly at it. Many levels to the game. Example- A new guy comes to GGPO 3S and plays me. Loses to me about 10 in a row then starts tautning and quits. I ask in the room what was up with that and he said he was sorry and that it was his first day on GGPO and he hasn’t won once (what did he expect???)

Ono actually made a statement that could be taken as a negative or positive comment depending on how you take it- He mentioned something about how he will not make a third SFIV because he doesn’t want it to just attract the top hardcore players like 3S. (even though I doubt a SFIV will do that)

So 3S is very pro and there is a lot of misconstipulation about it and thtese things prevent players from liking it.

SFIV watered down everything I worked hard for over the years in other fighters, so of course I hate this shitty game. Probably why most others dislike it. The ones that do like it are many, and that does not surprise me at all. Its easy to play and win at. It is also a bore fest in every regards.

All the incredible characters of SF in SFIV have been made into puffed up walking jokes. They have no personality or class and everything they are is just “borrowed” from the previous games. The games takes great characters and lessens their awesomeness. That’s why I don’t want to see any more SF3 characters in it.

But in the end it is just what you prefer, and I prefer 3S and will continue playing it.

LOL that and mix up your game. I have played a lot of great …uhh… “parry spammers” lol and throwing always works. ;p

I guess there’s some truth to “whatever game you play first is your favorite”. Street Fighter 4 was my first SF game. However, playing it has made me go and visit all the past Capcom fighters I wouldn’t have played normally. I really wish Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo would come to the Wii virtual console, I’m pretty sure they have SNES ports of every version but that one on there now.

I’m kind of on the fence about ultras really. On one hand it puts a spin on things and let’s the loser come back, on the other hand if you make one mistake you eat a ton of damage. Regardless its in the game so I’ll learn to live with it.

This is an entirely new question, but I watched a documentary on fighting games once. According to it, Third Strike didn’t do well in arcades because arcades were practically dead in America by that time. Is there any truth to this?