Tell us what got you inspired to play fighting games?

Ok seeing as we have many new people here at shoryuken, and some of them are just starting and investing time in fighting games and some of us have been playing fighting games for a while, the idea of having a thread where you tell us a short story of how you came into the fighting game world would be interesting to read.

I realize that there are many known names here in the community
but it would be nice to hear about the other lesser known people that make up this fighting game community.

Well I look forward to hearing stories from newcomers and old-school veterans.


As promised here is my short story of how I got to know fighting games

Way back in the 90s back in elementary school one day I was walking home
and hear all this loud noises coming from a store, curiosity got to me and I ran to the store to see what the fuss was about I saw tons of big kids surrounding a weird looking box with a tv in it. I was just consufed that was my first ecounter with an Arcade Machine, now I still did not know why eveyone was concentrated on the machine and why everyone was so hype
I made my way through the big kids and when I finally got to see the screen
I saw two cartoony looking dudes one looked like a karate guy and the other a military guy i was like cool, I was amazed watching the screen and hearing “hadoooooooooookeeeeeeen” “sonic boooooooom” I remember that day I got home a lilttle late cause time flew as I watched kids play this amazing game. So from that day on everyday after school I would stop by the store and watch the big kids go at it and when I finally got enough courage to play I got destroyed so I just went back to watching.

I remember around that same time Mortal Kombat 1 got released, and that game was getting mad play also.

From that day forward I always enjoyed fighting games, and when we moved to the USA my favorite place to hang out was Portland Lloyd Center TILT were there was always competition.

I used to be an arcade rat. After my saturday afternoon piano lessons, my mum would take my sister and I to the mall and while they were looking at clothes or god knows what, I’d run down to the arcade with a pocket full of quarters.

World Warrior had just come out and I would stand there and watch people play it. I liked Guile, and wanted to main him. There was this one guy who looked like he should have been a member of AC-DC, and almost every time I was there, would be holding court on the machine, beating the crap out of people. People would line up, put their quarters on the plastic, and lose them just as quick. When SF2 was finally announced on the SNES, I begged my parents for an SNES and the game, which I got for Christmas that year. In the meantime, I read up on strategies in GamePro and EGM, while still continuing to go to the arcade.

But remembering that one guy, and all the people lining up trying to beat him but failing…that stuck in my mind. I wanted to be that guy, kicking the crap out of random strangers at a dark arcade at the far end of a mall. It just looked like a cool idea.

Fast forward, I still get inspired to play them because of the competition. My brother and I play them hardcore when I go home, so int he meantime, I practice, learn new things, etc. Because it’s fun to me somehow. I’m a musician too, so bettering myself at a particular skill appeals to me.

very interesting read, thank you for sharing.

daigo vs justin

long story short,

my lil bro my sister and i, always liked the martial arts, we praciced them since we were little, so naturally we liked the games related to them, we started in sf and mortal kombat back in the 90’s, there was an arcade in the park of the suburb where i live and they had sf on it, i was lucky to have arcades very near to my house :P, now, because we are 3 siblings, we always seek for games for more than one player, thats why that game like fighting games, car games, and the likes that have a competitive spirit are the top on our preferences, we played almost every fighting game that came to arcades/console, but wasnt until gg on ps1 in 1998 that we begun to play truly competitively in tournaments and started to be more serious about them, about the frame data, srategies and all related to this great genre of games

As a kid I loved Mortal Kombat 1/2/3 and Street Fighter 2. And World Heroes on an arcade machine in a public bath (arcades are rare, if there even ever were any, in this country).
Man… 10+ years and I still suck at them :rofl:
Although my passion seems to be more about playing as many as possible these days, I do try to become more competitive too…
I don’t know why, I’ve always loved this genre… Pitting a rooster of interesting characters against each other and the thrill of battle against another player. It’s just so good.

I don’t exactly when it started but that first time I played SF2 in the arcade I fell in love. Remembering the feeling of doing my first hadoken. like i had accomplished something. Then seeing that first Mortal Kombat fatality after that it was a wrap. No other genre of games gets me excited like fighting games do.

Girl with giant key axe

im asian and grew up around fellow asians playing SF so it naturally appeals to me. keep getting my ass kicked when i was a little one.

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…and thats how the cookie crumbles…

My first true fighting game experience was Street Fighter II’: Champion Edition for the Genesis. I was very young at the time and never quite got the hang of pressing start to switch between punches and kicks (ugh). Later, I got really into Mortal Kombat, and basically cut my teeth on MK II. I still remember using Sub-Zero; the instructions for MK games back then showed the QCF moves and being ONLY a down, forward. I tried for a while to quickly press down, then forward to perform his ice projectile… And finally - FINALLY - I rolled from down up to forward and nailed it every time. My 10-year-old eyes were opened.

Fast forward a number of years: Marvel vs. Capcom was released for the DC. I loved Marvel stuff to death, and I still remembered playing SFII CE back in the day so a friend and I snagged a copy. Played that sucker non-stop… until MvC2. A lot of my friends/rivals are astonished to learn that I really got serious and honed nearly all my early skills on MvC2. To this day I love that game. It got me interested in checking out the Street Fighter series in general, and it all took off from there.

Lately, the story has me going from die-hard pad player (since I began on a pad) to stick user. It’s like re-learning to write your own name… A new challenge which I hope can substantially bring up my game.

full parry

Eventho am not long here on SRK, I’ve been playing fighters since i was 8 years old. I started in an Arcade which was 10 mins away from my house. There it was…sf2.

Now the Arcade machine was pretty worn out, the Fierce Punch buton didn’t work and sometimes the stick hung so the guy would walk forward all day, but it was the shit for me. Thinking back when i still thought Kens Shoryu and Tatsumaki are unbeatable…good old times.

Don’t know where to start. But overall I was an arcade player since before I could remember. My father use to run shit back in 1984 when I saw him get this high scre in Centipede at a laundromat arcade. Since then I was addicted to arcade games.

Throughout the 80s I wuld waste my 5 dollar a week allowance on arcade games. The first fighting game I played was Karate Champ. And of course I could never beat my father.

The first fighting game I remember liking was Yie-Air Kung Fu. I remember I could mash and still get far. Loved the game until I discovered Double Dragon.

My father was antiquated at this time as he didn’t enjy new games like Double Dragon so he stopped going to the laundromat arcade with me. Eventually me and my mom mved from my father (long story) and my new “arcade” was Sam’s convienient store.

While this store had Double Dragon, it had two new games. Final Fight and Street Fighter. I remember loving Final Fight. Street Fighter, not so much, but other kids liked it.

When I first tried Street Fighter, I couldn’t get past Mike. So my mother put in a quarter hoping to jump in and help me. Little did she know the game pitted us against each other. And in my first comeptitive Street Fighter bout, my mother beat me 2 rounds to 0. Yes I lost my first ever Street Fighter match to my mother. My career was already off to bad start.

This was back in 1989. In 1991 I went to Cool Crest Golf center and saw Street Fighter 2. Knowing I didn’t like the first game, I wasn’t expecting anything different. I choose Dhalsim and spammed low fierce and got a 5 win streak. I fell in love with Dhalsim and Street Fighter II.

The rest is history

My main inspiration for playing fighting games was the competitive atmosphere that I first experienced when I played SF2. EVERYONE used to crowd around this game back in the day, and there was no other atmosphere quite like it. Taking peoples quarters was so satisfying.

And back then, SF2 was really revolutionary for the arcade genre. The game had a certain presence about it, and and there was definitely a lot of hype around the game when the newer versions came out. Those who remember when Champion Edition came out know what I’m talking about.

Back in the days, 7-11 used to have arcades, and almost every one had a SF2 cabinet because it was such a money maker. I even ran into SF2 games that were modded illegally to allow moves in the air and other glitches.

But the game that got me really excited about fighting games was SamSho2. It was rare to find in arcades back then. And the intensity of the matches exceeded SF2, mainly because of the traditional music, eye-catching art and presentation, balanced character roster, and stylish samurai battles to the death. I loved this game and still do.

Capcom’s SF2 inspired me to play fighting games, but SNK made me love fighting games because of the diversity and depth of its titles, mainly KoF and SamSho.

A loooong time ago my mother bought my brothers and I a Sega Genesis. I can’t remember if we got it for Christmas or what, but I remember having it. She’d buy us the games that were being heavily promoted at the times, so we ended up with some classics like Double Dragon 3 and Rocket Knight Adventures.
I don’t even remember her bringing it home, but I remember seeing Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition one day and putting it in. Since we had 2 controllers, my brothers and I would sit down and jam on it forever. He’d pick Ryu, I’d pick Ken, and that’s just that way it was for the longest time. Eventually I stepped out of my comfort zone and went for Guile, and in time we explored the full cast of World Warriors.

I didn’t get heavily into SF2, but one day my older brother brought home CvS1 on Playstation and we seemed to get back into the style of playing fighting games all the time. He picked up Alpha 3 and I got MvC1, but to be honest, we didn’t really know what we were doing or that fighting games are as deep as they go. A few years later at a friend’s house, I played a little game on Dreamcast called 3rd strike and figured that out.

As I was introduced into the world of cancelling, comboing, kara-throwing, and all the other advanced tactics of Street Fighter, I became obsessed with finding out how to utilize everything in the best manner and how to apply my skills to gameplay. That obsession continues today.

Rainbow Edition was comedy gold:


3 words

clayfighter: judgement clay


first games were prolly sf2 and ST and KI
i think it was the fact that im more of a stand alone player have been my whole life im not a team player. so if you can put me 1v1 i excel and i dont mean make spreadsheets son.

back during the olden days, i loved playing SF2 on a friend’s snes

after that i sort of went away and played PC games, but then later a friend showed me how awesome MvC2 was. i thought it was neat, but another game then caught my eye: it was the GGX PC version demo.

sure only Sol & Ky were playable, but it had me at HEAVEN OR HELL. DUEL 1. LET’S ROCK.

Got into fighting games because of SF2T on the SNES. Got hooked ever since. I’ve been going off and on after the 90s crazy and I’ve been back full speed. This is due to online enabled play and playing others on the college campus. (Who knew that there was people here that like SNK and ASW games?)

No big, interesting story from me. Street Fighter 2 in the beginning of 90s was pretty much the WoW of now. Everyone played it and I found it fun myself. I bet by the end of the poll it’ll be the majority with the last choice.