Tell your achievement by using Vega

I created this thread to share with other people’'s view on Vega and how you guys achieve by using him until now, and share your story too, how you improved from the very beginning :smiley:

Okay I main Vega since SF4, I loved him already when I fought him in SF2 arcade, I love the way he fight, especially when he jump off the wall and I was like ‘’ wtf is he doing’’ till my ass got surplex in the ground by izuna drop. Oh he is so cool and i’'m so impressed .
After so many years, i heard of the game name SF4 and I did not think about other characters, just bought the game and pick Vega, no matter how weak people claim he is.

My first achievement is using all of his special move and I think it’s so cool no matter what. After that, I came to my local tournament confidently and got raped by Zangief. This time I used special move so much ( wall drive, SHC, rolling ) and did not know how to combo as well as using normal so I lost pathetic.

And since then, I work hard to improve myself,through many losing online battle, I started to know how to play ground game, not air to ground game like before.
In 2009, I knew how to do CH----SC , Cr.Mp to Ex wall drive and won local tournament the first time.
In 2010, I knew how to use more than 4 hits Vega combo and won my local tournament again
In 2011, I learned so many mind game, discovered many setups tactics from Tatsu, Makoto, Jozhear, Meteo2, Satouz as well as safe jumps, so one more time, champion place of my local tournament is in my hand .

But for now, I have to study master degree, so I don’t have time to play like before. I stop playing SSF4 for half a year until now but I always check this forum to see how you guys doing.
I came to Vega forum since beginning, and because I know how hard to win by Vega, so I always feel happy when one of us get the achievement. I know Bebop from the very beginning, after that is Makoto, and then Jozhear, I follow him since he won his local tournament, Calvary cup I think. I’m so glad that he can become one of the best Vega in the world now, we are all students, not pro so it makes sense to be proud of, am I right ?. My works now do not allow me to continue playing anymore, so I wish you guys best luck, and hope all of us, Vega players can get highest achievement.

I play Vega because I think he’s the coolest person in the SF4 cast. That’s pretty much it. Been playing him since vanilla.

My highest achievement to date is making top 8 in a couple of monthly ranbats.

You can be proud of your achievements Claw Strike.

Not every Claw player could claim those, and not every player could claim to master a character as difficult as Vega.

I had to pass though quite intensive studies too, and I hope that with you’ll be able to find a good balance between work… and maybe some more moments with SF players.

My achievements arent quite comparable to yours :

— Mid 2010 : new to Claw, I learn to pull 2 to 3 hits combos reliably
— End 2010, I learn about safe jumps, my execution improves
— Early 2011 : LKST^^EXST, learning about corpse-hops & others follow-up tactics
— Mid 2011 : CH-ST, I design my own safe-jumps setups. I am B rank.
— Late 2011 : CH—SC, I double perfect a Guy player that I could never have beaten mid 2011
— Early 2012 : improving footsies and ground game, learning Plinking with Rose. And now what I learnt from Rose to Claw, to level up my game. Actually trying to double tap those *%!¤ 1 frame jab links…

Good luck, Claw Strike ! =)

yep, since SF4, at some moments I just think : how the fuck can I win with this weak character, so for me, in 2009, just win one more match, that is greatest achievement =))
My brother, who is expert at SF since SF2, told me so many times that if I want to win, I have to change character, my friends also told me so. They always pick top tier characters like Ryu Ken Sagat Blanka Balrog and raped me no mercy. They even said ‘’ If you use Vega, it;s no way you can beat my Blanka’’. But honestly, I don’'t know why I can’t change to other characters, maybe i;m in love with this beautiful fighter . I just work in training room, log in Shoryuken forum to find information which can help me out, but I still lost over and over again.
Some times I want to quit this game because of many loses, so I just stoped playing. But, after relaxing for a week, I came back to play and I started to win. I don’t understand why . However, after playing some days, I lost again and I stopped playing one more time. This process goes again and again until one day, I feel I become one with this character, I can predict opponents movement and react immediately with Vega.

When I played SSF4 the first time, I felt my Vega is so fucking strong, I can beat all of my friends and I started to win consistently online battle agains Ryu, Blanka and even Sagat. My friends do not underestimate me anymore.

So after all, I just want to say with all you guys, my highest achievement is not only some small tittles I got, but also the time I realized the feeling of one loser who’s trying his best to improve and win :smiley:
I think many people here have the same feeling with me, am I right Korbidon, TriasNt, Jozhear :smiley: ?

Making people write stupid shit like this to me.

Oh, and that single elimination tournament I won in Orlando I guess… >.OOOOOOOO

I had. It’s been so long since the helpless rapes of vanilla, and now where when I play with some of my friends they’re frightened that I might actually use my Claw.

But that’s not enough yet, I want my Claw to be better than that, I want him to be able to stand his ground against players such as GiddyFortuneFox, or Gross_indecency. I want him to inspire fear among Ryus and Blankas of GFWL. That would be my next achievement.

I’ve got a friend who has a good Claw in GFWL.

We have sort of competition between us, about how much we could get that sort of reaction. There is nothing as making someone rage-quit after perfecting him. We do laugh about how much hatemails we can get each day. With reactions such as « First hatemail of the day, YES ! (^o^)/ ». Which does destabilize haters actually.

But I’m afraid he’s winning our competition at the moment. He’s trying Hawk, and he has made people quit since the character selection screen. ^^

My very old memories with my friend online in Vanilla =))Record in 2009 =)) After I somehow leveled up my Claw

Bout halfway thru my Vanilla run - Learned to stop walldiving so much and get proper spacing
Picking up SSF4 - Took the time to learn Vega’s most damaging combos and use them consistently
Near the end of SSF4 - Began learning the timing for links and establishing strategies for certain characters
AE’s Debut - Tricks and Mindgames on the kara-throw…and essentially coming into full circle with how I play my Vega
August 2011 - First Tourney attended in Edmonton (Joz placed first here ;P)
October 2011 - Placed 7th in Edmonton ranbat
November 2011 - Attended Canada Cup 2011 in Calgary…did shitty but was still fun XD
Post 2012 patch - Placed 5th in the “Taste of Animethon” Event in Edmonton and squared off against Jozhear. He steamrolled me of course but it was still a fun match for me because I learned much! (Joz takes the whole sch-bang here too)

For now I’ve decided to put the game away (online mostly) due to some life changes I’m making right now. But I feel my Vega has taken great strides since back when I first picked him up. If I ever move somewhere with SF4 offline community, I will no doubt pick this up again to further improve. But for now I take my leave of the game and continue to watch the streams for my favorite Vega players. Peace! :slight_smile:

I was a mere child when SF2 was out and seen it in arcades but I don’t remember playing it as I was really young. But the only thing I remember is that there was a ninja with a long claw jumping off the walls called Vega. And I was mesmerised by this awesome character.

Then came my arcade era. But unfortunately SF2 was too old then and there was only MvC in the arcades in my town. I played it a lot, Gambit was my main the second char did not even matter.

But the real fight game beast in me got out when I saw KOF’94. I had a Heidern-Leona-Benimaru team and people would make queues near me to beat me :smiley: I had huge winstreaks. I even remember staying there from morning till dinner time. My whole back was in sweats and I would return after the dinner. The hard skin in my palm still remains from that time, done by the stick.

Then I had my PC and was playing MK4 like mad. None of my friends were able to beat my Reiko. I was also playing SF Zero 2 also, was pretty good with Rolento. But I had no idea that there were tournaments about this. Cause there were no tournaments in Turkey.

Fighting games died afterwards. I had a PC and was playing games like mad but no fighting games. MK was being only released on PS.

Then SF4 came out. I thought “at last a FG for PC” Then I checked out the cast online and Vega was in. I’ve bought it that second from Steam. And didn’t even tried any other char since then. I only did their trials. Chun, Rose and Dee Jay had fun trials, but that’s it.

My achivements… Well, I don’t remember them year by year.

I was seeing CH-SC as very hard at first, then I got the hang of it. That’s the first step I guess.
I was seeing cr.lpxmore than 1 as impossible then I started to do it.
My third one would be reaching the A-rank on GFWL. Unfortunately after that I’ve lost many points and dropped to 12k
And my fourth is being able to do CH-U2 every time I try now, online.
And my fifth would be overcoming my bad match-ups. A Blanka player formerly raping me has recently messaged me saying “let’s not have any other ranked but only endless. Cause it’s a hard match-up for Blank and you proved it every time”

The thing I hate is I’m still playing with keyboard and I can never, NEVER get used to arcade stick. I’ve tried many times. It is like as if it was not me in my youth that was killing people in the arcades with KOF. My hand just doesn’t accept that device.

And because of that I don’t even try to get into a tournament, cause they won’t accept a keyboard player. Hell, are there even keyboards for PS3? And can you even imagine how they’ll make fun of me? No, sir :slight_smile:

You can see some of my matches here:

Gross_Indecency : I forgot to mention that at the beginning, i was keyboard user like you
But after I got similar to control some hard technique and combos by keyboard, many of my friends changed to play on console and I stuck in the problem of 1 vs 1 on PC, because I have to share keyboard with my opponents when we fight offline , it restricted my ability, I have to get involved with some keys I never used it before, it’s bullshit so I have no choice except switching to stick

At the start, I could not use stick, just like ur feeling. But maybe I feel the feeling of loser so many times so it did not affect me anymore. I have to lost again many times, even someone I never lost to him before. But then, the process of improving my game began. After 3 months, I can easily take contrrol of Vega just like I play on keyboard. After that, I can even use plink, kara throw better. So, just try stick again, Gross.

Your Vega has impressive style, I think if you try again, you will have more chances to practice with high level players on console and then level up your game. It will be not long, believe me.

After watching ur videos, I can say that you’'re strong, good execution !

Thank you :wink:

The worst part for me is the device is too big, there is nothing to put it on, so I put it on my lap and it dances there while I’m playing, so I have to adjust its position again every 30 seconds.

If it was like it is on the arcade machines, I would get used to it already, cause it doesn’t move while I’m playing.

I played a really good Claw in HDR, managed to beat some known tourney players online with him. Tried him in SF4 hoping he would play similarly, didn’t work out. I managed to beat mediocre players with basic cr. mp and walldives, but his lack of a command AA really made it hard for me. I’m not good at using characters that lack a command AA, which is too bad because I really like Vega as a character. If his flipkicks were a good AA then I’d be using him now.

All in all I suck at SF4. Oh well.

Well just started using Vega as a secondary to Bison a week ago. Day one: Read an incoming wake up U2 from a Dudley, perfectly timed KKK back flip and whiff punished him for a perfect.

Hmm from the sounds of things Vega might suit me lol

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Before 2009, my only competitive gaming experience was DDR tournaments, funny enough. This had gotten me used to how to merge into groups of people at arcades and reserving spots on a machine.

In 2009, my friend Zetherin showed me lots of games, and for a couple weeks we played many fighting games, including SF4. I bought a few of them, but started latching on to SF4 because of how the mechanics were more similar to older 2D fighters like Killer Instinct and SF2 (which I only played occasionally vs friends and vs the computer many years ago).

Things changed when I saw the Daigo vs Justin video from 2004. Things changed when I saw the replays from the recent Evo 2009 for the first time. Until that point I had never seen so much hype for a game (other than some foreign BroodWar tournament taking place in Korea). I started following players and started playing every day.

I would try new characters and switch a lot, then switch again when I got bored of them. One week I started playing Vega (this is still Vanilla). I had - so - much - fun - with him. I just never got bored!

However, as I moved up in ranked, things got serious. I was approaching the point where you care about the game. This was the first time I cared about longterm performance in a zero-sum competitive game. This wasn’t some shooter where you K/D disappears after every logout and you fight the same people, and this wasn’t DDR where competitors don’t affect eachothers’ performance. This was your mind and skill directly against other human beings - the most intelligent and bloodthirsty of all video game opponents. And in SF4, the better you got, the harder the opponents were that you had to face!

Controllers were broken. Keyboards were smashed. A stick was destroyed. Even a monitor at one point had my fist buried an inch deep into its shattered glass. Finally however, something happened.

I started beating good Blanka players. Blanka was my bane for the longest time, but I worked hard and found all of the punishes to him. The positioning, how to block, how to counter his tricks and mindgames. Suddenly, I felt what it was like to rise up to your toughest challenges, see through them, and move on. No longer would I ever get mad about losing because I understood that the journey is about seeing yourself rise up to challenge. SF4 forever changed me as a person, because in a world of angry scrubs, I saw the big picture.

And so by the end of 2010 began the next part of my life. As more challenges greeted me, I welcomed them and the frustrations only reinforced the lessons I had learned. I entered into my first tournament, NEC (a major) and lost quickly but saw the true skill of many players and learned a lot. My first local I took third place, even defeating Marlin Pie’s legendary Cammy. Since then I’ve won several locals, and my highest accomplishment would be placing in the top 8 at Apex 2012 and earning a single Evo seeding point. Although I’ve reach very high ranks in all versions of SF4, I think the rankings are rather trivial.

I know I still have a very long way to go, so long that I probably don’t even comprehend the true mastery of the top players. But having that perspective alone is invaluable. Playing with Vega from the beginning of SF4 has given me the underdog mentality - no challenge demotivates me for long, and against the most stacked odds, the only thing I feel is a thirst for blood and glory!

Being able to occasionally give back to the SRK community that has helped me so much (and continues to do so) has also been a wonderful experience that I hope to build on.


Same here, and we saw that Claw Strike felt the same as well.

I think that playing Claw must kinda select this type of mentality, 'cause any other would give up to go towards easier/top tiers characters.

But darn ! It’s hard. Specially if like me, you’re not naturally gifted regarding execution matters. And each time I get another step upping my game, then I go into even tougher opponents which set up another challenge.

Underdog mentality, that’s the word for it. =D

I am a pretty new Vega user in SSF4 but I do love this character and only used him in online games.

My first time using Vega is in 1994 where I played SF3 on FC gaming console (or it bears a different name? not sure. That is how Chinese called it). There were only 9 characters in that game and I was attracted by Vega the first time I used him. Vega’s FBA was sooo cool! Also Vega was the first character I used to beat that game.

After a short while I stopped playing the game (because I entered junior high school) until Aug, 2011 (what a long gap!) when I bought my PS3 and, to my surprise, I found SSF4 available on PS3! I bought this game and picked up Vega again. I felt as if I met an old friend after so many years.

Pretty much from Oct 2011 — Mar 2012 I abused all of Vega’s special moves (in particular, SHC and FBA). I didn’t know this forum, no idea about combo, no idea about footsie. Just keep piercing and flying. I started my online PSN game from the spring break of 2012 and since I kept flying so much, I received some annoying message saying I was “the worse Vega ever”, “only know one move”…

My online battle was deceptively going on well with this stupid style and I reached a 3000+bp during spring break. However it ceased to increase from then on and my pp drops from 1600 to merely 300. Then I began to search online posts about how to use Vega, only to discover that many people thought Vega as a “low-tier character”, what a disappointment!

I started to learning Vega seriously from Apr 2012. I found this forum and found the pinned “Vega beginner guide”. It is soooo helpful! I also watched the SSF4 tutorial on youtube posted by VesperArcade, learning terminology such as link-into, cancel-into, option-select, karathrow, plinking, etc. Also I got my first MadCatz fighting pad and began to switch from PS3 controller.

The learning progress was pretty slow and even if I could do combo easily on trial mode, it was so hard to launch them in real game. I began to realize that combo had to be incorporated with footsie. But Vega’s footsie requires keeping a closer distance with the opponent. (It was so scary! I never tried to be closer to opponents because I was still abusing FBA!!!) Keeping closer distance requires you to be constantly watch out for and block jumpin/crossovers and further requires you to remain calm at the pressure of jumpin/crossover/blockstrings. The most difficulty thing about learning Vega is, imo, that all of these techniques must be used at the SAME time!!!

Finally, I do believe a good Vega user has to be mentally very strong. Never panic and insane. Remain calm all the time. I think using Vega is a way to improve my personality as well. So no matter how many difficulties I meet and will meet, I won’t give up him.

Now: I got two psn accounts with 1800pp and 4500bp B-level Vega. I can dodge many jumpin/crossover from mid-level shotos and most of the time maintain a safe distance with the opponent and do footsie and try to combo. I constantly do CH->FBA->Corpse hopping as reversal and sometimes lkST->EX-ST as AA. However, the most commonly used>FBA is still a little bit hard to me (is it due to the reason that the combo is too short? Maybe a longer combo is easier to do hit-confirm?)

To do: learning more footise techs for karathrows, and be more fluent in puling out 4 hit combos such as>>FBA. Keeping practising combos is a forever topic.

If that can ease your feelings, there is A LOT of B rank Claw players who do not know an other way than spamming FBAs or fullscreen RCFs/SHC to attack. Most of them built their PP/BP when game was out and when competition was on a much lower level. The problem being that IMO, if you fight against a player who’s good at anti-airing/defense in general, you’re just opening yourself. Replays I saw of their play were just shameful, and that’s part of the reason why I decided to send myself replays. To raise a bit the general image of Claws players. X_X

cMP EX izuna, is only a matter of charge, and remembering to go up forward and not just forward (which does an ST). Just like cMP or cMK LP-RCF for example. Basic combos… which are core B’nBs of Claw’s arsenal.

It’s easier than cMK cMP EX Izuna 'cause while a cancel (comboing into a special move) can be done without waiting the end of the first move… you have to link cMP after cMK precisely at the right time. Harder, but very useful once you get the hang of it.

Your next target should be practicing CH-ST (not that easy but not that hard too, same principle than LK-ST ^^ EX-ST). But more importantly you’ve realized that solid fundamentals/footsies were the key. Just as I said, you’ve got an advantage on most average Claws now. :wink:

Yeah, indeed. After I kept experienced good anti-air opponents, I thought this style might only work for low-level players. I can still recall the first time I watch high-level claws on youtube. I thought “what the hell are they doing? Doing FBA so sparingly???”

It does ease my feelings but I have said goodbye to those bad styles for a long time. if you told me about this 3 months earlier, I would feel much better :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Yeah, I do need to practise A LOT on combo basics and I am doing that. A problem with cMP->FBA is that, it seems that you must be very quick to press KKK immediately after pressing mP, even before you know your mP would hit-confirm. Therefore if I simply pull out this combo every time when I press cMP, once cMP is blocked, the FBA afterward is almost a waste of meter. When I saw mp hit-confirms, it is too late to combo it into FBA. This is my dilemma now. Any suggestions?

Yes, CH-ST is also a basic that I shall practice and I know it is very important. You are absolutely right that I mess a forward-up with a simply forward so sometimes my>FBA becomes>ST and my CH->ST becomes CH->FBA. To simply put, practise!

Hit confirm with cr.MK or cr.LP and then use cr.MPxxEX FBA.

Yeah, that make sense. cr.MK may be a bit hard but I will try cr.LP first.