Tell your anger/frustration stories and habits


Share your habits, emotions, or stories when you have raged while playing online or offline… This will be funny :rofl:.


I have a bad habit of throwing my xbox 360 controller when some straight up bullshit happens online.


that’s a expensive habbit at 50 bucks a controller


I dont get too mad anymore, the online play is completely bogus.
But if I do get mad its only when I get beat by Ken, he’s a bs characture and I should never lose to him. :slight_smile:


I get mad when I play online. Period. And then things get smashed


… really?

don’t get me wrong i feel you on the flowcharts, but ken gets way too much hate because of the way flowcharts play him. it leads to people not being able to handle or even comprehend when they get worked by a ken who actually plays with skill…




too much focus attack from me


We Sakuras tend to do that.


not as bad as how I treat my 150$ TE stick :rolleyes:

And I only get mad playing online… If I lose in person, it’s all grace and good sportsmanship… Somehow, noone has ever beat me online without being a lagging motherfucking piece of shit son of a bitch cocksucking… you see where this is going.

Uncanny how that works out :rolleyes:


When my SE stick craps out. Lk executes on its own :frowning:


My xbox kontroller once didnt block, so I destroted it


I’m at this weird place where I’m either way better than my opponent or my opponent is way better than me. It’s like, either I am winning effortlessly or I’m getting stomped and have no hope of ever winning. As a result, wins are unsatisfying and losses are demoralizing and very frustrating. I can’t seem to find another player who is at roughly the same skill level as me though I’m certain such players exist. I wouldn’t consider myself good, but I’m no flowcharter either. Some kind of intermediate level or something.

I don’t rage quit and never will, but I have left player match sessions in frustration after only 1 match. If I lose, I will sometimes scrub out and decide to find another opponent. I know I need to play better players in order to get better, but like I said, it feels hopeless and I get too easily frustrated.


i generally rage at myself after a close loss. if i get destroyed i usually pick apart what they did/i should have done. The worst raging is when i flash kick or ultra at the end of a match and get knocked out of it by something stupid and lose :frowning:


Ditto… thats weird isnt it.

I’ll get all dramatic and pull my hair and scream noooooooo like my mom just died… its very funny


What he said. I actually enjoy fighting Ken the most out of the shotos, since he’s FAR more mixup-oriented. Sure, he’s got the DP, but good Ken play doesn’t involve fishing for DP-to-Ultra or tossing a thousand air fireballs.


i agree, ken is really fun to play.

Hmm, i always rage when i lose to sagat. character does too much damage and whenever i get TU fadc ultra i jus feel like taking a break before i break something. Champ mode sagats also think theyre hot shit for some reason whenever i play one and we end up on opp. sides of the corner they taunt me while theyre spamming yet i dont find them too hard it is pretty annoying and cocky they do that while running away.


I play Bison. LOADS of frustration.

After five matches I usually have to stop because people can pretty much do anything to me and I have to eat it.

Also when did the habit of doing mid-screen LP shoryus come up? It’s annoying as hell.




My execution generally sucks, so I get a lot of df+lk Chun backflips when I meant to Ultra. I rage so hard at myself.