Telling the difference between a real and fake Saturn dpad

I’ve gotten myself into the predicament of buying both a series 2 and USB saturn pads and like an idiot end up mixing up the real and bootleg dpads. Looking at both of them i notice in the back one of them has the number 9 or 6 behind it while the other one doesn’t. One of them looks alot more glossy than the other. Also in the front one has a more shiny finish while the other seems fairly matte. Anybody that can help me get out this hole i dug myself would be really appreciated :smiley:

Take a screwdriver to the back and open that bad boy up?

Well i’ve both of them open with both the dpads lying infront with no idea which one is from which

Zeetes needs to chime in but I can’t ever recall a shiny Saturn dpad. They should be matte afaik.

My Saturn Dpad is shiny and it’s an official Saturn pad…

While not directly on topic, how much is a Sega Saturn pad (for Saturn) worth? Tried to gauge it on ebay and all that pop up are the USB Saturn pads.

I like to pay $8-12 for them depending on condition. I’ve bought a handful of them for modding. They don’t typically go that high because of the availability of converters.

Okay, was hoping I didn’t overpay. I won a bid for a parts-only Saturn with 4x saturn pads for $29 yesterday.

My USB pad doesn’t have any #s on the back.

I eventually found out which is which but i’m writing this off as a failed experiment because with the new dpad the pad is super stiff and there isn’t much give for your movements.