Temecula/Murrieta Players

When, where, and how are you playing Street Fighter 4? We should have a weekly meet up to get some real practice in.

Does anyone know if they are gonna have any fighting games at the new arcade opening up this Friday?

The new arcade has three unhooked fighting games. Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, King of Fighters XI (supposedly), and some other game. I’ve talked to the people who work there and they are trying to get SFIV.

Where is this arcade?

Holy shit, Murrieta/Temecula has an arcade scene?

Temecula Town Center by the Laundry Mat and 24 Hour Fitness. Its also a lan center. Mostly shooters, music games, and racing games for now. They have a forum to where you can request stuff.


Cool, thanks.

I went there on Friday and didn’t see any fighting games at all. I must have missed them. I was hoping for some CvS2 and MvC2. Forget that place, we should just get together an play SF4 at someone’s house.

They didn’t have them hooked up. Nothing too exciting though. For now just like hochinz said, group gatherings is the thing to do for this area.

If I can get enough interest, I would host some meet ups on the weekends. I live in Old Town next to all kinds of good food, and I have a nice 50in HDTV to play on. I also have a smaller SDTV if someone wants to bring an extra XBOX360 or PS3.

If people actually meet up, lemme know cuz I don’t want to keep driving all the way to AI/Super/Denjin/FFA for competition…

Oh, and I play pretty much almost everything (fighting game-wise) that’s being played (or has been played) in tournaments at a pretty decent level, so yeah.

Cool cool. I live off of Temecula Parkway right by Stater Bros and Pizza Factory.

No wildomar love in this thread :frowning:

I might be down when I’m back home for the summer.

Hopefully the arcade will get better within the next couple of weeks.

I might be interested in some weekend meetups.

Git ‘R’ Done

Sure I’d be intrested in some meetup’s as well. If your willing to host let’s get together some time and play. I live in wildomar i’ve mostly been practicing at my house or my friends houses in the area.

Where’s everybody at?

Someone should throw a tournament over the summer when I come home. I’m off of Clinton Keith :rock:

Andy Dick getting arrested for groping a minor at BWW on Murrieta Hot Springs FTW

So, update on that arcade? Any news? And seeing how I somehow can’t register for their forums, someone tell them to get Tekken 6:BR if they can; they’d be the only arcade within a 70 mile radius to have a machine, not to mention the last time Temecula had a decent arcade, Tekken was a pretty big money maker for them…

that, would be AWESOME if they had t6:br, sf4.

what up tgs (:

if this arcade does get any fighting games, please, pm me.

i know a pretty good c viper player who would be interested too, and i’d def be down to roll, seeing as how i’m here in perris.

fucking i.e. getting shit together since 1985.

p.s. was also considering getting a tourny scence goin for fighters for evo practice. what’s evo some ask. here, you check it out www.evo2k.com