Any temecula/murrieta players out there?

i’m up here probably once every two months, i never been to an arcade here tho. are there any?

if theres a decent arcade… i’ll go sometime. and theres also a really good mvc2 player in temecula. (ray basto)


Ray Basto!

Theres a pool hall up here called Qclub, thats where I play. They got cvs2 and mvc2, had 3s, but from some reason took that one out.

Has the Q Club finished fixing up their shit yet?

ray bastos got that area pretty much DOMINIATED

Yeah, especially when he’s the only real Marvel player around here.

Hey, I live in Murrieta. You wanna play? I mostly play Marvel

Almost, they have a grand reopening on the 21st of this month I believe.

Honestly I’m relatively new to mvc2 still, but a game is a game and I’m sure it’ll still be fun, so sure I’ll play.

What game do you play?

I should have been more clear, I’m new to the whole 2d fighting scene. Marvel interests me the most though. I’m sure you’ll kick my ass in pretty much every game.


I’ll be at Qclub today at 2 if you want to play. =)

Hey Ray, where in town do you live?

Los Alamos, Murrieta. You?

I lived on Hancock, but now I’m up in French Valley, by the airport. I’ve lived in this godforsaken place for like thirteen years now, but I lived in Mira Mesa when I was younger. Let me know whenever your down to play.

Yo, I live in Elsinore and I’m at the qclub all the time.drop me a pm and we can get in touch whenever.

If you’re new to 2d fighters I’m probably going to be closer to your skill then RayBastro or TGS. T wiped the floor with me in Marvel and used me for parry practice in 3S.

Speaking of 3S it might be gone and it might not. Last I knew it was by the door…or it might be getting fixed, the alignment on the buttons was all screwed up.

Yeah, I’m down to play whenever. I was talking to the guy who runs the whole arcade there and he told me he was going to take out house of the dead and bring back 3s.