TEMPE, AZ: ASU Memorial Union Guilty Gear Teams Tournament

What: Guilty Gear Accent Core 2v2 Tournament and Casuals

When: April 12, 2008

Where: The Fiesta Room located in the Memorial Union building at the ASU Tempe campus, next door to the Union Stage

301 E Orange Mall
Tempe, AZ 85281

Map: http://www.asu.edu/map/interactive/?...pe&building=MU

Fees: $20 per team

1st: 70%
2nd: 30%

Registration begins at 3:00 PM
Tournament begins at 4:30 PM
Casuals all throughout the tournament and after till 8:00PM

99 seconds on the timer
1/1 Double Elimination (may be changed to 2/3 depending on amount of teams)
Macros are allowed

Two-man teams, single match format
No more than one character of each kind of on a team. (i.e: no Slayer/Slayer)

Game Newton rules:
Team 1 Team 2
Player A Player A
Player B Player B

Team 1 PLayer A vs Team 2 PLayer A
Team 1 Player B vs Team 2 Player B

If Team 1 wins both, they advance. If games are tied 1-1, winners from each match will face.

Make sure to bring your own controller/stick. They will not be provided at the tournament.

EDIT: updated venue information

oh god how did this get here I’m no good with hypeputer

Ten more days until the tournament!

one question… where the hell can I park, or um how much is parking gonna cost?

It’s a pity I won’t be around to see the tourney. I’d enter if it didn’t cost money–since I’m garbage at GG–but it would be nice to at least watch some stuff. Oh well.

Good question!

Campus map:


Parking is available at Structure 1 on Apache and Normal Ave, across the street from the MU. The rate is $2 per hour to a maximum of $8 total.

There’s also a lot at the Foundation building on College/University, but I don’t have info pertaining to its cost handy.

There’s also metered parking on Forest Avenue near the student services building.

Free parking might be hard to come by. I understand that there’s a theater near campus that people have used as an ad hoc free parking lot, but I can’t help but think that’s risky.

I believe that there are some residential areas to the South and West of the main campus. The MU itself is very near the SW border of the campus, so free parking might be just a block away.

Slight change of plans: The tournament will be taking place within the Fiesta Room and not Union Stage as originally planned.

As the Fiesta Room is located right next to the Union Stage, this change shouldn’t have much effect on anyone’s travel plans.