Temperature in Ceasars Palace (Over 100F in Las Vegas!)


What temperature will it be inside of the room in ceaser’s palace? I have never been there and am not sure how large evo really is. I’ve read that it has surpassed 100 degrees fahrenheit in Las Vegas.

How cold does it get during the night, would a light jacket suffice?
I am also concerned of how hot it will be in the hotel section we’ll be using due to body heat since there are a lot of people.
I understand it is a large hotel, but am unsure of how much air conditioning they could actually put to use.


uhhh during the day it hits anywhere from 100 - 120 degrees, and the lowest during the night time is MAYBE 80. Soooo no jacket needed.


I’m sure inside the hotel a light jacket would be ok.


Last year the tournament room was fucking GIGANTIC and it never really became that hot if I remember correctly. Last year it was 100 degrees at 3am so you seriously don’t need any form of jacket.


Yeah pretty sure there is zero need for jackets of any kind in July Vegas.

Also don’t worry about being too hot inside the hotels. They have a tendency to crank up the air conditioning really high. It can make for a pretty sharp contrast when you’re arriving from the scorching hot exterior, and enter a relatively pretty chilly interior.


my party just went over there to eat breakfast and the entire place is pretty good on the a/c, I never thought having to go 2 flight of esclators to get to the ballroom would be kinda epic :slight_smile:


If there’s one thing Vegas gets right it’s top of the line air conditioning/filtration.