Template (art) Designing Service?

My services for free artwork are currently full. Some have asked me if they could cut ahead by paying a service fee… Well at the moment I’ve made a commitment to finishing the free art. If you are still content on getting artwork commissioned PM me with the title “Requesting Commissioned Design”. The official thread is going to be located in the Trade section here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=180603

The requirements

  1. Art Samples Supplied (preferably).
  2. Cabinet Layout Specified.
  3. Design Direction
  4. Reliable Communications (AIM or E-mail quick responses)
  5. Patience
  6. The ability to accept another’s art influences.

The cost of having artwork designed for you would depend on the difficulty/time required. At the moment I’m not charging anything, however… When describing your desired art, please treat it as though you will be charged a fair amount for work and processing. This means that you need to be specific about what you want, or what you don’t care about. A professional service, even one which merely photoshops, will charge for every step it takes to complete art. Work be done for you regardless of whether or not you like it, which means that you will be charged as such in a paid service. Make sure you entitle yourself to the right to have your art done correctly the FIRST time.

An example of something extraneous would be… cutting out several images from a heavily designed background. I don’t settle for shortcuts when I make cutouts, so either they are perfect pixel by pixel or I won’t stand by them.


Removing these two guys from their backgrounds would require some precision work at higher resolutions, so the fewer of those types of jobs the better.

This isn’t the trading thread, so no real prices for services but since it involves the detailing of an arcade stick, I thought I’d try to gauge any demand here. It’s possible I’ll just do them for fun! I’d love to do one simply to clarify what I can do, and what I can’t. Advice is welcome. I can craft self styled art for anyone for free for a little while, but I will soon be starting a service (that can and will ship laminated print outs) and I take these services quite serious. :smiley:

Completed Template for Zombie CPT:


Image is in reality 300 PPI high resolution. Enjoy Zombie CPT!

Great idea,

I also do Photoshop work with Madcatz TE, SE, and Hori Hrap designs. PM me, PAYPAL Donation appreciated but not required for all custom designs. I can give you the .psd or a .pdf for Kinkos printing. You can either give me the images or I can find them for you. I do not draw original art though.

Here some examples that I did in Photoshop. PM if the above poster gets too busy to do yours.




We should totally open a business :D.

LOL That would be fun.

I think Capcom would shut us down though.

I’m interested, I want a piece for a T5 stick, template can be found here…


Not sure how to resize it but the width should be approx. 13" across I think. No need for the start and select button on the top right. I don’t care who or what you put on there but I prefer to go with a violet color scheme. So basically anything you want as long is the overall theme is violet in color. Let me know how much it will be and depending how cost, I might have some more in the future. Thanks!

I would love to get started on this. I can get you a HQ sample tonight or tomorrow morning. After that, we can get started on details. I could use this as my sample art, so it probably wouldn’t cost anything right now.

The user above me is willing to do it for donations only however, so I’ll see if he wants to handle this before I take it :smiley: I’ll be willing to do commissions when I get my rep higher and my samples garner the cost.

I would totally be interested in a service like this.

Unfortunately I haven’t decided on the joy stick I want the template for. Either the madcats TE stick or a combo 8 way layout stick from http://www.electric-trouble.com/.

I do know what I want for the art. It would be fairly minimalistic with a black background, featuring a large metroid on the left hand side and the Metroid logo in the bottom right. This would be paired with a green bubble top joystick and translucent red buttons.

Also something thematic surrounding the buttons would be good as well.

If anyone is willing to take up this offer let me know.

edit: 95% chance I’ll go with the te stick

I’m working on 2 projects now. Cool ideas people, keep them coming.

I definitely thought of trying to provide this same service just to do it. I always have had a passion to design thing which led me ti getting a degree in graphic design :D.

This is one I did for myself. Forgive the low res and watermarks but that is only because i don’t want someone to just take it off of this post and use it. I would post it on the stick but with the backup on my clear Seimitsu PS-14-KN’s I havent been able to mount it. Hope people like it :smiley:


Hi guys, i need some artwork for my Tekken 5 stick that i will be finally modding since my sanwa stuff will be coming in from LL this week.
Image i want to use-

Can you please take the button labels off(ex, X,O,Select, start). As far as the artwork goes, i would really like to have Krizalid more on the left side of the stick and would prefer the actual joystick not go through him. Also would like to get most of his body used.
LMK what you guys can do, thanks alot.

What is the exact size for the SE artwork on the template?

The more the merrier.

I think a little competition will help our designs look better.

But we can help each other too.


I expect one of the OPs to come by and make this look like shit :v Fullsize is here, if for whatever reason you actually want to use this.

Don’t doubt your artistic talent – It’s not about how much crap you do to the picture, it’s about how much style it brings.

AFAIK that is exactly what he wanted :smiley: – If it’s offical SNK art, that’s even better.

i wouldnt mind helping you guys out with request but i do need source images and general colors before i can do anything example of some of my work not the best made for personal use:

This is the sample layout for Zombie CPT’s request.


It’s simple, and not exactly mindblowing – but it’s slightly retro. There are still details to be worked out, but regardless of what is added/removed – that’s the base :smiley:

Details like signatures/logos/stylized button holes are up to the patron.

Hey, I have a request for a stick art. Gonna send you the pics! Thanks!

Count me in

hi, as u can see im new to the forums and while i have been leeching your precious information (trying to make and mod a stick) i think now its time to give back… im majored at Graphic Design too, and i will offer my services free of charge (while donations are highly appreciated its up to you only if you like my work) if you have a request just PM me…

if you have an artwork that seems impossible to get at higher resolution just let me know, i can trace it at vector and we all win, since ill upload it as a source file…

I am looking for a Gouken Madcatz SE stick design. Would like something really unique. I have a guy working on one for me (I think, haven’t heard from him in a few days) but its always good to have options. Also interested in an Afro Samurai layout.

Sent a pm!