Template for ps3 hori fs3?


can anyone please direct me to a template for it?? thanks in advance!!!



haha, what a douche move but thanks!! never seen that before!! lol


i love these type of answers, lol


If you’re searching like that, be sure that you spell it either “Hori Fighting Stick 3” or just “HSF3.” The term “FightStick” is specifically for Mad Catz’ SF4 line.

As far as I know, the HSF3 template should be identical to the ones for the following models as well:

  • Hori Fighting Stick Wii… search for that I guess, or “Hori FS Wii”
  • Hori Soul Calibur IV limited edition stick (PS3 version only, not the 360 one)… search for something like “Hori SC4”


nice, well the link gaveme an awesome thread of hfs3 templates!!


There’s a template for the Wii Fight Stick on this site –


Believe, I tried searching on SRK and couldn’t find a blank Wii Fight Stick Template here!

Yes, the Wii Fight Stick may technically be the same case as the Hori FS3 but the button labels sure are different!

Generic Google outside of SRK is sometimes the best way to search.

That’s how I found blank templates for the T5 and HRAP 2/3.

It’s nice that people like to share their art but sometimes what people really want are blanks to build their art upon…

P.S. – That said, I still snagged the art template for Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom with Ken the Eagle, Casshern, Chun-Li and Ryu on it!

I might be adding a Wii to my console nest early next year…