Temple Tournaments (Philly Area)


For those in the Philly area, I have been running weekly fighting game tournaments at Temple University on Fridays for the past several years. Since Temple’s fall semester has begun, I will be running these tournaments again every Friday starting tomorrow, 9/5/14. There will be a tournament for USF4, UMVC3, and a random game side tournament. The sign-up pages for its respective games are below.

USF4: http://mistafoo.challonge.com/tournaments/signup/z7Zhg11SBd
UMVC3: http://mistafoo.challonge.com/tournaments/signup/Kixh8WAaIS
LL: http://mistafoo.challonge.com/tournaments/signup/GDfAMY6BB8

Each tournament will be $2 to enter and will start at around 7PM. USF4 and UMVC3 will be played on 360 (maybe PC as well for USF4). Double elimination. 2 out of 3 matches for USF4 and the random game side tournament up until finals, which will then be 3 out of 5 matches. UMVC3 will be 3 out of 5 matches throughout the whole tournament.

The Temple Tournaments will be located at the Temple Student Center Game Room lounge near the intersection of 13th Street and Cecil B. Moore. Just look for a building nearby with a big Temple logo and the words “Student Center” below it.

The Temple Tournaments will be streamed from my personal Twitch account at www.twitch.tv/mistafoo. I will be there at around 5PM to set up. Also, if you have your own setups (system AND monitor) and could help me run these tournaments more quickly, that would be GREATLY appreciated.

If you have Facebook, feel free to join our group “Philly FGC” to stay in the know of upcoming Philly events.

Hope to see you tomorrow!


Bumped with updated sign-up links for tomorrow’s (9/12/14) tournament.


Come to Siren Records in Doyelstown PA and play Third Strike on a H2H Japanese arcade cabinet. No entry fee, no need to bring a stick…just show up and play, tonight @‌ 6ish


Bumped with updated sign-up links for tomorrow’s (9/19/14) tournament. The side tournament for this week is Lethal League!