Templeton, California SLO county LF people to play with

been stuck playing online and im finally getting fed up with it, if there is anyone or group that wants to play locally please shoot me a message on here or my email. i play SSF4AE, and UMvC3 mainly but i do have other fighting games as well.

The SLO county thread is here San Luis Obispo - SSFIV:AE, MvC3, 3sOE, MK9 and more; Local Community & Tournaments

yo yo man my krew is from santa maria but we meet up in nipomo to play your welcome anytime here is my cell 805-720-1171 in 3 weeks we are hitting the training hard because we have evo tournament seeding coming up so we wanna make a good appearance.

my gamertag is Mongolorobokop and my name is Cesar peace