Temporal Thunder

Alright, before any of you fools say “Temporal Thunder (sucks, useless, is impractical, is a scrubby
super art…)” Keep in mind that this is a character specific strategy thread and I wish to contribute some stuff I know about this Super Art and hope that yall do the same.

So, anyways…


Jumping HP/HK, Crouching HP, EX Headbutt, HK Tackle xx Temporal Thunder.
Combo stuns Remy and Akuma. This is a pretty common one.

Jumping HP/HK. Crouching HP xx first hit to EX Headbutt, LP Headbutt, juggle with Temporal Thunder.
Works on certain characters. Stuns Remy.


Jumping HP/HK, Crouching HP, MK Tackle, Reset with standing strong xx Temporal.
Works best on Shotos.

Jumping HP/HK, Crouching HP, EX Tackle, MP Sphere, Reset with Towards MP
(or Towards MK on some characters), Temporal Thunder.
Doesn’t work on Hugo, Necro and Twelve.


Assuming that your opponent’s a few hits away from being stunned.

Jumping HP/HK, Crouching HP xx first hit to LP Headbutt, Juggle with Crouching LP xx HK Tackle xx Temporal Thunder.
So far works on Hugo and Urien.
You can throw in an MK Tackle after the HK Tackle
if your opponent’s close to the corner.


In the corner:
Jumping HP/HK, Crouching LP x2 xx EX Tackle * Temporal Thunder.
Timing’s kinda tight.

See? Tempura Thunder’s not a bad Super Art when properly used.

That’s all for now.



it’s pretty bad. sorry to burst your bubble. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s obvious that aegis reflector is Urien’s best super. I applaud you though in your efforts to play this interesting super art. I take the same flack for talking up Denjin Hadoken. There are way too many different setups, traps, pressure tactics, combos, etc. with aegis reflector. It’s as simple as that. But while I’m on the topic of simplicity I should say that is one of the high points of temporal thunder vs. aegis reflector. If you don’t feel like gettin’ too deep into that character (Urien) or too deep into the game temporal thunder is a good super art to play with. Better than tyrant slaughter IMO. It’s safer which is better for beginners as well. Don’t let peeps getcha down though. Fight the power! Play that super art proud. Make people notice it. There needs to be variety. It makes the game a whole lot more interesting. It’s possible to be different and still play good at the same time contrary to popular belief.

I just did a little research on temporal thunder. Anyone who says that hado burst is a playable super can’t really knock temporal thunder. Considering Sean’s other super arts vs. Urien’s other super arts I guess you can but hear me out. This is how temporal thunder “stacks up” against hado burst:

Both super meters are pretty much the same length (Urien’s being a splinter larger). Temporal thunder does a tad more damage than hado burst (about equal here too). The damage difference is bigger on a standing opponent than a ducking one. Hado burst can stock 3 supers where temporal thunder can only stock 2. Temporal thunder does a crap load more stun than hado burst. Temporal thunder is “safer” and has better invincibility. Temporal thunder combos better (which isn’t saying much about the super really but rather the character’s ability to combo). Hado burst does the same damage, stun, etc. no matter the distance or the way it hits whereas temporal thunder’s damage, stun, etc. is affected by how it hits and/or distance from the enemy. Hado burst is faster than temporal thunder. Temporal thunder does better block damage and is better against jump-ins than hado burst. All in all I think it’s easy to see that temporal thunder is still better than (what some would say) some other “playable” super arts.

Hadou Burst is good because it adds something to the character that he was previously sorely lacking: namely, a decent projectile and/or combos that are worth a damn.

Hadou is used to make Sean a viable character in general. Without a super, you’re doing a lot of roll into throw. A LOT. When you get a punishable opening, you can do strong-roundhouse chain or fierce-jab uppercut, and that’s about it. The main virtue of Hadou Burst is that the bar i so small that you almost always have meter, which lets you suitably damage the opponent.

Temporal Thunder doesn’t really add much to Urien that he didn’t have already. It doesn’t stun nearly enough (in my opinion) to be worth lugging around when he has two GREAT other supers to use. Tyrant Slaughter does fabulous damage that you don’t need to charge for, which is great in a clinch when you get an unexpected parry. It is also guaranteed off of a blocked shoto roundhouse sweep (write that down, kids.)

If Tempura did about twice as much non-scalable stun, it would be a great Super. However, as it stands, you might as well just use an EX-Headbutt for the same thing.

N - Keep trying, you’ll find it.


I’m not a serious Sean player, but when I do play, it’s with Hadou Burst. It tries to give sean back the one ability he’s lacking, punish/poking power. SA2 won’t combo from far away, and SA3 does too little damage for the size of the bar and you only get one. What can sean do without hadou burst? Not much, his only other punish options are low forward, short hurricane( I know that’s not the name, sue me :stuck_out_tongue: ), or low forwad, EX hurricane. His most damaging combo is close fierce, fierce uppercut, but you have to be RIGHT next to them for it to even combo.

Comparing Temporal Thunder to Hadou Burst is apples to oranges. Hadou burst is much faster and combo friendly, and Temporal Thunder’s main goal is stun. You’re comparing Urien’s worst super against Sean’s (arguably) best. At any rate it’s pointless to argue with locust, seeing as how everybody in the dejin thread disagreed with him, but he aparantly didn’t care and posted his crap anyway. It’s one thing to argue with one person on the boards, but when EVERYBODY tells you that you’re wrong, there’s a very good chance that you are indeed wrong.

With Tyrant Slaughter, you dominate the ground. (parry -> super, jab jab super, ex crush -> super, UOH -> super, block a high recovery move -> super…)

With Aegis Reflector, you dominate everything.

With Temporal Thunder, you dominate nothing.
You NEED to use it off a low fierce. No links into super, no jab jab super, no high speed retaliation…And how many low fierces are you gonna get against a good player???

Temporal Thunder is not THAT bad, but it’s still a pretty shitty super. I hate when ppl say this, but I gotta concur with them in this case: “Why use SA2 when SA1/3 kick its ass?”

Anyway, for my supers, I either like them to be safe, or have invincibility/speed. Temporal Thunder has neither. It’s safe against SOME characters (read: Hugo :lol:) cause it pushes them back, but it depends on the location (if you do it to him while he’s in his corner, you’re toast). It doesn’t have any invincibility that’s I’ve noticed (I’ve been beat by shorts/jabs, UOH’s, other supers that don’t have invincibility, throws, etc.). And it’s slow as hell.

Btw, I have to get this out of my system. If you wanna use a super fireball super that has PRIORITY (it’s speed makes a big difference), use Remy’s SA1. I luv that super so god damn much. I’ve traded with Ken’s SA3 on wakeup, I’ve beat throws, beat meaty c. shorts, etc. That shit shouldn’t have so much priority. It’s too cheap. :lol: Anyway, now that that’s out of the way.

nevertheless, good job Rustblade. Very interesting stuff.

Do people read? Look what I said about Aegis reflector and about Hado Burst. I said what people are saying now just before they did. I don’t understand ya’ll scrubs. I said and I quote, “Anyone who says that hado burst is a playable super can’t really knock temporal thunder. Considering Sean’s other super arts vs. Urien’s other super arts I guess you can but hear me out”. Key words being-I guess you can(knock it, with “it” being temporal thunder)-referring to the fact that I know hado burst is good for the reason that Sean’s other supers aren’t exactly great. They do have there uses though.

I mean come on guys, do I have to spell it out for ya’ll? Look, Uriens normal attacks are better than Sean’s right? Yes. Urien’s specials are better than Sean’s right? A resounding YES!!! His dash and movement are just as good as Sean’s right? Yes. So if you’re willing to play with Sean who is worse than Urien on all fronts then you should be able to play with temporal thunder right? Yes! It’s not about playing the best possible person with the best possible super. If that wuz the case you’d never see people playing with Twelve, Sean, Q, and a ton of other characters. It’s about having fun and playing the game. Because if you think a great Urien player with aegis reflector can’t beat a great Urien player with temporal thunder you’re just stupid. And that’s on top of the fact that aegis reflector can reflect temporal thunder. So, what!?!

Don’t knock folks for playing temporal thunder (or any super art for that matter) b/c you might find yourself in a tournament gettin’ your @$$ kicked by it. Then what’s your excuse?

Ya’ll forget that the super art system was put in the game for certain supers to be played against certain other characters, supers, styles, etc. No one ever tries to pick their super art strategically anymore. They just pick the one they like best. It’s a dead art. I think it is interesting to see but I also understand why people don’t do it. Yeah temporal thunder ain’t that great but under the right circumstances it can own Akuma whereas his teleport gives him options against Aegis reflector. Now tell me I’m wrong. Anybody, please. Come look like a fool cuz you know I’m right.

Can akuma not teleport out of temporal thunder? Maybe I mis-understood. Please don’t go into a tirade about the man dragging you down. Don’t explain anything, just answer “yes, he can” or “no, he can’t,” please.

of topic…are you living in Athen GA now and is there anywhere in Athens to play 3S anymore…last time I was down the only place that had it was the crappy namco arcade in GA Square .

Now …on topic…

I think Locustcheese means that Akuma can teleport out of Aegis corner traps which helps him considerably in a way no one else can do . In reference to can he teleport out of temporal thunder the question is yes and no…yes he can teleport through a non-combo Temp.Thr. but the point of Temp.Thr is to use it as a combo ender . Temp.Thr. has no poking ability and was meant to super cancel off of a Shoulder crush so then the answer to that is NO he can’t teleport out of a temp.Thr.

Now if everyone will notice rustblades original statement…

-Alright, before any of you fools say “Temporal Thunder (sucks, useless, is impractical, is a scrubby
super art…)” Keep in mind that this is a character specific strategy thread and I wish to contribute some stuff I know about this Super Art and hope that yall do the same-

…you’ll see that he never claimed temp.Thr. to be abusable beyond Aegis’ possible uses but he was in fact contributing to this characters possible uses which might actually be benficial to some players . in fact it makes a good read to a guy who plays with us regularly who makes a point to play non-standard characters and super arts (like picking Elena regularly and using Ryu with Shin-Shoryu)…he doesn’t play in tournaments nor is heavilly competitive but he does enjoy various character uses and likes going beyond the norm. so this post would be quite beneficial to him…maybe .


Sean has shoto normals and movement. Can’t beat that with a bat. Even a Tempura one.


Yeah they’re the same normals, but they aren’t nearly as useful. Let me explain.

c. rh: ARK all have crazy options after a knockdown. Sean has what? He has nothing comparable.

c. forward: ARK all have crazy combos after a connected c. forward. Sean has what? He only has 2 combos off a max range c. forward, both of them involving supers I and III.

c. shorts: I’ll give Sean some credit here. He does have the short x 3, dash throw bullshit which works as well as ever. This is due to the Shoto dash, not their normals, though. But since you mentioned normals/movement, it’s fine.

j. fierce/rh: Yeah, once against I’ll give Sean credit. Shoto jumping fierce/rh kicks ass. Anti-air applications, as well as get-the-fuck-off-me-jump-back-roundhouse applications.

c. strong: Ken can link his SA3. Ryu can link Shin Sho. Sean can link…Hado Burst for a whopping 20% damage. Ok ok, so I’m hating on Sean. It’s not the normals fault, it’s Sean’s lack of any scary options which make this move shitty.

Basically, yeah he has the normals, but he doesn’t have the follow-ups.

It’s kinda weird you didn’t mention the NON-Shoto normals, which IMO, are his BEST.

close s. rh: This move has so much blockstun, that close s. rh xx jab Sean Tackle, throw should be outlawed. It’s that good. Huge hit stun also, great damage, and is a GREAT meaty (which also links into his supers)

s. forward: Another great move. Keep pressure on by abusing these close-up. They have good recovery, and beat a lot of stuff. It’s also very fast.

far s. fierce: I don’t use this move a lot, I’ll admit, but it’s a very quick and high priority stuffer sort of normal.

strong, rh chain: Great little chain here. Good anti-air, good pressure move. It pushes back enough to not get bullshitted by a random throw, but is close enough to keep the mindgames/throws going.

>+fierce: Again, good little move which is a great meaty (it make sup for it’s “obviousness” by having to parry 2 hits…:rolleyes: ) Still a good move, especially since it chains from his close s. fierce. Looks pretty cool too! :lol:


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