Temporary main until SSFIV [Adon/Dudley related]

Well, hullo. I’ve been an on-and-off-again player of SF for a while now. My preferred game is SF3:3S and I main Dudley in it. I’m decent with him, but far from good. I’m one of those crazy hopefuls that pray he’ll be added into the game. I find myself doubting he’ll keep his entire feel, and sincerely doubt he’ll keep his half-circle motions, so I am looking for a char in SFIV that’ll semi-prepare me for him in Super.

I also find myself appealed by Adon, but have never played Alpha games so have no clue how he plays. So for him I’d like a suggestion as to which char to tempo-main to prepare for Super.

Preferably I’d get one main suggestion for both of them, but still.

I currently play Balrog as a main, and Rufus on the side (yes yes, I know, easy wins and all that). Tried my hand at Viper, but… Yeah, it’s Viper. /frustration.

So, if any of you would like to share thine wisdom, feel perfectly free to.

Dudley won’t play like 3s Dudley. If you have no clue about Adon then don’t over think it. If whats being said is true Adon will be harder to play than Viper. So /frustration will continue.

OMG…Dudley has been confirmed for SSF4?
By Capcom themselves?

“I’m one of those crazy hopefuls that pray he’ll be added into the game.”

So go fuck yourself.


Mhmm, but the thing is I actually like Adon’s character design, so that’ll help a bit.

Maybe I’ll just go with Ryu to mash everything better into my muscle memory.

mash muscle memory you say??


Wouldn’t a shoto be more appropriate though, given the respective inputs?

I don’t know if you’re being serious about mashing… Ryu combo’s although not hard are much harder to get into or set up than Chun. EX SBK is a great anti jump in and pretty much as reliable as a dp. Although DP you don’t need EX necessarily.

Low forward fireball is basic. Try setting up cr.strong x2 low forward fireball… Get’s a lot harder. Or cr.strong x2 to cr. roundhouse. I think those are the combos at least. I’m sorry I don’t play Ryu.

Ya I don’t know why people don’t get that on their own. The SF4 mechanics don’t support how Dudley plays at all.

With mashing into muscle memory, I meant moreso repeating motions to get them down as muscle-memory, haha. My bad of my choice of words reflected poorly on my intention. Chun is charge, isn’t she?

Thus me doubting he’ll retain his entire feel. He’s still mad-stylish though, my main reason for playing him.

It’ll be interesting to see how they hand’e Makoto’s advancing game against fireball opponents without parry

SSF4 is going to be so different. No char in SF4 will play like Dudley or Adon. You might wanna just pick Ryu and try to get as good at the game as possible, learn fundamentals, etc