Temporary ST Wiki Thread: No Payday Loans Here


pick me pick me? well, put djfrijoles, he has been for a very long time in the ST forums


Both N and O Cammy frame data are on the wiki now. I gathered it during the last 4 days.
I also have put up a hooligan cancel/throw window table.


The only differences (frame wise) from O.Cammy and N.Cammy are the close fierce (O.Cammy has faster recovery by 2 frames, can combo into another fierce very easy) and the spin knuckle (the punch special no one uses), the rest is the same.
O.Cammy has better priority on most aerial normals and on some ground normals though.

Now, only O/N Claw’s Normals and N/O.DJ’s MGUs are left for the wiki to be complete regarding frame data (!). Plus, it’s the most precise frame data available anywhere.
I know i’m not counting akuma, he will be added at some point, but he is very low priority on my list.


man above all the ftroam data i would consider match up knowldege more huiehger


I clicked on the O.Cammy link above, but it says there’s no content on the page. Is that right?



Nice! Current Wiki state post updated.

Sort of, read below!

Clicking on the link leads you to “http:confused:/wiki.shoryuken.com/O._Cammy” instead of “http://wiki.shoryuken.com/O.Cammy(ST)”.

Yep. Do you think you could give ideas on the Ken and Hawk pages? Hawk has no matchup advice against shotos, Chun and Guile, for instance. Gief can always use new tech, also.


oh wtf, the forum fucked up with the links

Sure i agree with you djf, matchup knowledge > frame data

But all the expert players dont give a damn about the wiki, so…


The experts don’t care about the wiki, but the new players sure do. I’ve got a couple of buddies who are trying out the TRUST system, reading up on the SRK ST wiki, along with the hit box viewer, and it really helps them understand the game and why certain moves work the way they do. Personally, I’ve love to see more information on the ‘normals, specials, supers’ section, as well as matchup/strategy details.


Oh sorry, i wasnt clear enough. What i meant was: if the actually good players dont care about the wiki, then who will contribute with decent matchup knowledge? i dont even dare to write much on the gief mathcup section because im sure other players know stuff i dont…


oh man i apologize if i came off like i was knocking your frame data work. I really appreciate all the hard work brazil has put into the wiki. What i was really trying to get across was how the matchups section needs to be filled in haha. My bad.


I don’t think that the good player don’t want to fill in the wiki, but the wiki makes it so difficult to contribute that most people give up.
How many people have a wiki account?
To get one there is no automated system, you have to track down the email address and send in a request.
Right there it stopped 90% of the people who will want to contribute.
Why not let everyone who has a forum account in?

Also they configured the wiki so restrictive that no external images or videos can be embedded.

I really applaud your effort to upload the images to the wiki server and then link them one by one.
It’s just way too much work for anyone that is not super dedicated.

We should be proud that the ST wiki is the best among all games.
Even when srk commissioned the MvC3 wiki project, it took them many people 6 months of work to have something presentable.
iirc when UMvC3 comes out I don’t think they ever go back and make that level of coverage for the additions and changes.

TLDR; I don’t think srk cared much or they would have make it easier for people to contribute.
The for profit websites like eventhubs have better coverage for others games for example.


Well, if thats the main problem then people can submit stuff here or send it via PM for me and ill put it myself in the wiki (with proper credits of course).


Great work B2SPD, thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

For those who want to contribute to the ST Wiki (strategy, matchups, anything, etc), it’s really not that hard to get your own Wiki account. Just click on “Log in” at the top right of the main ST page, and then click on “To obtain a user account, you must request one.”

It shouldn’t take more than a week to get your account (mine took a couple of days). And you don’t have to be a tech wiz or programmer to use the Wiki (I’m not), and it can seem difficult at first but it’s really not much harder than using the SRK forums. If someone insists I can create a beginner’s guide to posting in the Wiki (but SRK already has a bunch of tutorials already, you just have to look for them).

If enough people get accounts and update the ST Wiki, then it will truly be one of the best, most comprehensive Wikis out there.


N/O DJ MGU’s frame data on the wiki.

Will get claws normals frame data as soon as possible.

OK, both claws normals frame data are now on the wiki. It happens that their normals are identical, at least frame wise.

The ST wiki is now complete regarding frame data afaik.


It would be nice if someone updated some of the matchup information. For Guile I think there’s a grand total of 2 and some of the other characters have even less.


As much as I relied on NKIs content on the wiki when I started out, I recall that many of the key points I use in various matchups aren’t there… I’ll double check tonight. And will submit a wiki account request if I feel I Gan contribute.


Wow. There is a LOT I can contribute…and a lot of the matchups are completely empty.

(Chun v Cammy 6-4?? More like 7-3 that’s probably outdated. I can explain that matchup too. I notice many chuns (even very experienced ones) playing it wrong. (Damn autocorrect. Chun came out “chino” and “then”)


Thats supposed to be Nakamura’s/Otochun’s opinion man, not saying your not good, but I think their opinion is probably the right one, unless something changed so drastically in that mathcup over the years?
Anyway, your right, there’s so much stuff left. Please share all your knowledge! (I’ve done the same on the gief page!)


Well, I checked the wikinagain and I saw your source (I skimmed the page earlier and I missed it). Thought it was NKI’s opinion. Either way that chart was from 2008 so I’d say that’s out of date anyway especially now we have that 2013 ranking chart (and their opinions did change slightly) it’s 6.5-3.5 now. And its probably not because the matchup changed, just their opinion of it. Also culturally the Japanese favor rating conservatively rather than in the extremes. So for an american judgment and Casual conversation 7-3 is probably accurate. Although if I were to make a change I would state 6.5-3.5

Yeah I’ll request an account now. And get editing as soon as I’m registered


hmmm, lets ft10 in chun li mirror, old vs new