Temp's Av Gallery & Request Hotline

NEW REQ! : If someone could take this pic, and recolor it to match her E color

, that would be super swell. I need just her top half for the Av, mostly, of course. =p

I decided I was gonna lump all my Av’s into one place, just to show em off, and give the people that made em some recognition. Also, if I need another Av, I’m just gonna post up in here, and one of you fine people could fill my request for me, nest’pas?

I’m not really much of an artist, I just admire artwork and wish I could do it half as well as some people can. If you see something that’s yours, let me know and I’ll label it for you, I forgot to for a lot of them and forgot who half of these belong to.

I actually made this one, yay.

These too.

Master Chibi






Kid Zero

Psycho Squall




Annd, I forgot on all these…

hrm i had ps open

:u: Dopesauce.


New thread makeover! buh bam!

i made this one

if i remember i think mixah made this one

I thought so, but I didn’t wanna give credit to the wrong people. =p

Nice collection! :tup:

Hey, there’s mine when I was in my SCANLINE phase. :smiley:

Yessir. =p

I have more, but they’re on my old hard drive, which is kinda… kaput, for now.

Bumping new Petra request.

I don’t remember doing this one.
I think someone else did it. Maybe Tat guy…

I’m pretty sure it was you. It was one of the few I actually labeled when I got it. =p

Really!? Wow, I so don’t remember making that one. :looney: :lol:

idk it looks more like worthlesses work

Someone make me my Petra av, pweeease?