Ten craziest characters in a fighting game

Gamedaily.com has an article that they feel are the ten craziest characters in a fighting game.


The Hornet - Fighters Megamix.
I agree with this, this was a strange addition to Sega’s attempt to cross their fighting games into one. Sure they had people from VF, FV, and Virtual Cop… but the car from Daytona?

Amingo - Marvel vs Capcom 2
Pass… never liked him in MvC2 anyway.

Norimaro - Marvel Superheros vs Streetfighter

Gon - Tekken 3

Choi Bounge - King of Fighters

Tron Bonne - Marvel vs Capcom 2

Shun Di - Virtual Fighter 2/3/4.
I don’t agree with this one, sure he uses the drunken monkey stlye, this doesn’t classify as crazy… in a fighter anyway.

Mokujin - Tekken

Doctor Boskonovich - Tekken

Dan Hibiki - Street Fighter Alpha
I agree 100% on this. Dan… geez.

What do you all think? Who else should be included?? Who should not be on this list? Odd that noone in either melty blood, Guilty Gear or Fist of the North Star were even mentioned.

fucking FAUST!!!

How could anyone making that list overlook Guilty Gear’s Faust to put in names like Mokujin, Dan, and Shun-Di. FUCKING FAUST FTW.

Hell, speaking of Guilty Gear characters who should be on that list, might as well put Zappa on the list too.

Also, the strange shit from 3rd Strike. I’m talkin’ Q, Necro, and Oro. Necro sort of reminds me of Marilyn Manson (and vice versa), Q is just seriously fucking strange, and Oro looks like something that came out of a Dr. Seuss book.

AND WHO THE FUCK COULD FORGET TAFFY AND BLOB FROM CLAY FIGHTER?!? AND EVEN BETTER, N BOSS FROM CLAY FIGHTER? Those were the trippiest fucking characters in history, especially N Boss.

My honorable mentions are Chang Koehan (KOF), and Xavier Pendragon from Eternal Champions. now that’s old-sk00l.

lol, there’s not one guilty gear character mentioned. not even zappa.

Where the hell is Faust!?

Faust MORE than deserves a spot on there.

My list…

10.Otane(power instinct series)
9.Yamazaki(FF,KOF series)
8.Mukuro(lb series)
7.Jack(world heroes)

MOTHER FUCKING DEVO AKA D’BO from JoJo’s Bizarre adventure no wait also put DIO in that list as well.:rofl:

this list is totally not a valid sample considering the entire cast of GG is a bunch of weirdos

also needs more Robo-Ky.

My crazy I thought they meant “broken” and if that were the case I’d say Toki from the Hakuto No Ken fighting game takes the cake.

Do find it a bit odd that no Guilty Gear character made it to the list. Faust? Testament? Zappa? LEOPALDON???


There’s no Faust. This list is retarded.

Shingo Yabuki
King of Fighters series (SNK)

Introduced in the later part of the series, Shingo is desperately serious about becoming one of the fighting arts, so much to the fact that he pesters series regular Ryo to train him. When he finally succumbs to his demands, Ryo learns that Shingo is very detailed in his learnings, jotting down notes and constantly looking to them to make sure things come off right. Shingo does have a good fighting style, complete with effective supers, but his taunt, showing him stumbling through a notebook, shows that he still has some tears on the edges, and that rookie-ism results in an unpredictability with his fighting.

:rofl: they mention ryo several times, and i am pretty sure its kyo thats training shingo not Ryo:rofl: those guys are clueless

  1. Shuma-Gorath
  2. Busuzima
  3. Jill Valentine
  4. Ai
  5. The Sumo Girl from KOF (whats her name?)
  6. Anita
  7. Faust
  8. Zappa
  9. Servbot
  10. Voldo

Perhaps not in that order. Just my 2 pennies.

faust owns your soul in this category lol!

pretty retarded list indeed. all the above mentioned characters should’ve been there. But why is everybody skipping the Darkstalkers? Those are some pretty insane characters.

BB Hood (Red Riding hood with an Uzi wtf?) should never be forgotten about :smiley:
Q-bee, an anthropomorphic Bee as a fighter… pretty crazy to me
Anakaris should be in too, not so much because a fighting mummy isn’t crazy enough, but his attacks are fucking crazy.
And how about Rikuo?

And I don’t know about you guys, but I think that an Hindi who can randomly extend his limbs is pretty crazy too, so Dhalsim should be in that list too.

The full cast from the power instinct series also qualifies for fucking crazy. I think if you’d have to make a top something, you should definitely make it bigger than 10, or restrain yourself in the amount of fighters, because there’s just too many crazy characters out there.

He’s been around for so long at this point that he probably seems commonplace, but I think people forget just how crazy of a character Blanka is. Come on: you’re a Russian pro-wrestler, fighting sumo guys, army guys, karate guys… then suddenly, this huge guy with green skin and wild orange hair barrels out of nowhere and starts nibbling on your head and electrocuting you with his skin. What the hell is going on?

Anyway, Amingo rightfully belongs on the list. He’s a lot of fun.

maybe they just never played guilty gear…
Na-na-na-nani ga Deru Ka Na!

Tam Tam acts really crazy
And that giant red demon monster thing from Samurai Spirits is WTF worthy

Chaos from Toshinden 2…nigga’s nuts!!

I completely agree that some Guilty Gear character need to be on this list. At the very least, I think that Zappa should have been on it. I also agree that Oro should’ve been on the list. He just looks straight up weird.

The Palm Tree, the Daytona Racer, and the T-Bone Steak from Fighters Megamix would be my choices.

EDIT: And I don’t know if it counts as a crazy character but the WORST character ever was RonRon in Battle Arena Toshinden URA.