Ten more years?


Another next gen 2D game is coming out after a month and several days. I hear this ten more years thinking that I would be surprised if this game last 7 years. Now my thoughts are, there was never really any competition lately and for the most part the new gen games were often released years apart. How many people will end up playing MK9 more later on or drop MvC3 all together?

Is MvC3 a house made of hay, sticks, or bricks?


Depends. If the DLC chars offer deep gameplay and spectator mode is added there wouldnt be anything to stop it.
also with a high possibility for a super MvC3 they also got some ways to add more content if its needed to keep people interested.


I’m not really interested in MK9. I might get it, but I plan to mainly stick with SSF4 and MvC3.


I’ll just keep it with SSFIV and MvC3, I have faith in this game, nevertheless…It’s just too early to tell, maybe we’ll see in a year or two.


Already been confirmed that the contract is for this game only. They don’t have the rights to put another game out, and that would take too much time. They’d rather just accomplish the same with DLC.


It’ll be the gaming engine itself that will offer depth to the gameplay, no plethora of dlc characters will be able to change that. As it stands, we’re barely at the surface. Yet, with these high outputting combos -yet nearly rudimentary- into hypers netting well over 700k in damage without x-factor canceling, even with the possibility of new more advanced setups/combos/semi-infintes the former will suffice. Unless of course a patch covering the much needed spectator mode includes some sort of damage scaling buffs intertwined with the dynamic combo system and used intermittently where needed IMO. Alot remains to be seen though, it’s very early and alot will transpire, for better or for worse.

With that aside, I’ll most definitely be buying MK9, afterall it was MKII and UMK3 that at the ripe age of 11 had me at the arcades every weekend, much to my parents displeasure (course later the arcade ban was put in effect here, sigh) Though for me, MVC3 will remain an exceptionally fun and addicting -no matter how it eventually turns out- fighter, I’ll continue playing it along side MK9 equally.

Anemone: All I remember was the development team stating there would be no “super” edition of the third installment. How did they lose the rights to marvel when they reacquired them for mvc3 ? Was it soley for one game ? Got some link for verification ?


While I do not have a link, Seth stated that it was only for one game, and only for the characters they got permission to. Perhaps one of the many link masters can hit us up.


The game is good but it might not have the long thriving lives of the classics. Damage is too high for very little effort and that is it’s biggest problem, there’s no real incentive to work on combos. It’ll turn in to a setup fest, which might not be bad at all. But it’s all in the future and I don’t have my crystal ball beside me.


I really doubt execution barriers is what makes games last. When was the last time a new major combo was developed in MvC2, Third Strike, Guilty Gear: XX Accent Core, or SFII? It’s been a long time. They have long sense hit the execution high mark on all of those games, but they kept playing them. It is only within the short term of a few years that execution barriers help to stand a community.


Lol mk9 …


I’m sorry, not excited about the new version of a fighting game that got old when I grew past the age of thinking blood and gore made a game ridiculously good.


UMK3 was my fav. so ill get mk9 and try it out.

In the meantime i play mvc3


Unless MK9 turns out to be really, really good some how I’ll just stick with MVC3. However you never know.


I plan to give MK9 a shot, though MVC3 looks like it will be my main game this year.


I’m not sure if MvC3 is the game of the ages, but I don’t plan on playing MK9.


I’ll get MK9 for nostalgic reason and might play it online a few times if it’s any good, but I’ll definitely be playing MVC3 for a longer time, at least till TTT2 or SFxT comes out on console.


lol @ MK9 being a threat to MvC3. Come on now…

I doubt MvC3 will last 10 years. We’ll see MvC4 before then. Who cares anyway? Most of you didn’t play MvC2 for the full 10 years anyway.


not interested in MK9 at all. it might be good by MK standards but that still won’t be very good.


To think this game will last 10 years is to assume it has the same depth as MvC2. Unless people start discovering some crazy stuff… I don’t think so.


Jesus, another hate-thread in the making. It’s seriously a circle jerk at this point.

“Game’s not deep.”
“Not not deep as MvC2” (LOL)
“Game’s cheap.”
“Sent this…”
“Lvl3 XF that…”

Mods should make a thread called “I Dislike MvC3 Because…” to funnel the comments and let it ride from there. This is still an MvC3 forums for people who enjoy the game enough to remain on it and learn it. What is the *point *of stirring the pot?