Ten2Gaming Presents Battle of the new year! Venice CA 1/16/2010 is moved to 1/23/2010


Ten2gaming is at it again! More SF4 tournaments!!!

This will be Double Elimination played on Xbox 360’s. There a $10pre-register Entry Fee to the tournament. And a venue fee of $4.
pre-sign ups for only $10. Cut off day for pre-sign ups is January 21st.after the cut off day for registration it will be $15 and a $5 venue fee person entering the tournament after December 14th.

CONSOLE : Xbox360


Saturday, January 23rd 2010.


Sign-ups start at 4pm, Tournament will start at 6pm


316 Lincoln Blvd Venice, CA 90291
(310) 310-8994


$10 Entry Fee per person entering the tournament before January 21st
$15 Entry Fee per person entering the tournament after January 21st
$4 venue fee person entering the tournament before January 21st
$5 venue fee person entering the tournament after January 21st

Games to be played on Xbox 360’s
2/3 Rounds
2/3 Games
99 Seconds
Double Elimination
Default Health and Handicap
Loser Final and Winner Final will be 3/5 Rounds and 2/3 Games


-Pay out will be 70/20/10 percent of the pot.

  • This is BYOC (Bring your own controller) or Bring your own stick. We will provide controllers and sticks to those who need them. Wired controllers and sticks only!
  • $10 Tournament Fee before January 21st
    -$15 tournament fee after January 21st
    -$4 venue fee person entering the tournament before January 21st
    -$5 venue fee person entering the tournament after January 21st
  • No characters are banned
  • All stations will be Xbox 360, it is the players responsibility to bring the appropriate adapters
  • Winner must keep the same character, loser may change
  • Players may agree on stage select, if not, it goes to random select
  • Double Blind pick will be available if requested
  • Any type of threats or violence in the store will not be tolerated and security will remove you
  • Game pausing will be dealt with on a per instance basis…ultimately I have the final decision
  • Hardware macros, turbo, or other hardware assisted mechanisms are strictly forbidden
  • I will be supervising the tournament and running the bracket, but, the winning player should also report to me the outcome of the match
  • You may change button configuration however you like, but, LP,MP,HP & LK,MK,HK will be the only button binding allowed.
  • Violating any of these rules may result in a DQ depending on the circumstance, please, read the rules so everyone is clear

You can Message me here on the SRK site via PM or AIM: Theunrequitedone
Can’t message me that way? shoot me a email EPIC-BOSS@HOTMAIL.COM


hugo101 and DJ Vest please thanks for the pre reg…


the 14th or the 16th? i hope i dont play djvest first match wtf.


Put me on the pre reg list.


Its the 16th which makes it’s a Saturday.


Sign ups:

Dj Vest
Hugo 101
LuLu SmacKs
jchensor- james


ill be there. this time ill have a ride :slight_smile:


LOL!!! Is gasoer coming aswell?


make sure you have a ride back, sonny, because i’ll be sending you home early


fighting words… gaoser so salty lol…


hahah ! ! ! i love it


Hopefully that chun is this one. So I can reclaim some dignity after chokin so hard.

Who wants to hit up Alibi room afterwards?


what is “alibi room”


Oh no’s! the fighting is already starting. Lets about 20 people to show up for this tournament. I also should be setting up a Paypal soon. That way, everyone can pay in advance.


i pay up front…fuck paypal


Its a bar where they sell kogi, but more importantly it is a bar.






/to the top!