Ten2Gaming Presents Battle of the new year! Venice CA 1/16/2010 is moved to 1/23/2010


There are 2 events going on during Jan 16:
LA Riots 2
House of Cicada 3v3

Date change


Aw fuck again…Looks like I will have to change the date…


You keep raising the venue fee, why don’t you increase the pot instead?


You know I’ll be there.


la riots are for selective people and cicada is at 9pm…

make it the same day but earlier like at 2pm…


I’m gonna be at la riots so im definitely fine with the date change


You will get a lower turnout if you do this.

People are committing to drive to Moval much earlier than 9PM.


well date changed…


Is this the biggest tournament of 1/23/2010? It’s going to be my birthday and I’ll be in Socal… Dunno if I want to make it to a tournament or celebrate it somewhere else…


I would HIGHLY recommend downtown fullerton or downtown long beach.

Or Knott’s Berry Farm!


I usually think 10bucks for the pot is good. If you guys are okay with putting in more for the next tournament then I’ll raise the entry pot fee. But for now, its staying at 10bucks.

I really don’t like holding tournaments on the same days as others. That’s the reason for the date change.

As far as your birthday man, hang out with your girl (If you have one) and friends. Do something fun. “Knott’s Berry Farm!” - LuLu Smacks, That is a good idea too.


Lulu Smacks is ALWAYS right.


eh, purely should be on how old he is or turning.!! haha and what your scene is.DTLB and DTF are both good segguestions tho.



register at disneyland.com and go on your birthday for FREEEEEEE:party:


i just said that :frowning:


Go to california adventure, drink beer, and throw up on the rides (Don’t go to California Adventure, drink beer, and throw up on the rides.)


Can we get back on Topic here please? lol. But early happy b-day. And Back to SF4!


nobody listens to you so im helping you out… your welcome…:lovin:


its true nobody listens to me :frowning: hahah thanks!

and ok ok , last off topic post from me i swear!


its true nobody listens to me :frowning: hahah thanks!

and ok ok , last off topic post from me i swear!