Tenden Renki

Does anyone know any Tenden Renki Set-Ups? Other than Karakusa, slap, into a special? I once saw a combo video of Makoto’s SAIII, the guy used it to dodge other specials or fireballs, which I think was pretty pointless. KO Makoto did it once. But it was lucky as heck too. So yeah, just wondering about SAIII, I’m getting bored of using her other supers

I’ll bet there’s something out there. I always want to use SAIII when I play Denjin Ryus, because you can hit it on wakeup when he pops his super, and the invincibility frames will make it sail right through you.

Against a poor Denjin Ryu maybe -_-;

2 setups I use:

-When they jump at me at the right distance you can activate while they’re in the air and Jab.Hayate (anti-air) -> Fierce.Hayate.
-When they jump for a cross-over you can activate and Jab/Fierce.Fukiage -> SJC -> Fierce or that Roundhouse.Axe Kick.

Just remember to jump a lot and master parrying -_-; You don’t want to get caught on the ground by some wicked combo.

i’m pretty sure there was a thread started about makoto sa3

There is.